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  1. I agree if I would have had the spare belt the mechanic could still have come on Christmas Day (he would not have had to wait for the parts house to open the next day) and we would have been in San Diego, instead of Sentinel AZ with the Border Patrol.
  2. Yes sometimes it seems the noise is high up in that corner and other times it seems around the mirror, this weekend I start the process of elimination.
  3. dcduhe


    On Christmas Day we where traveling down I-8 around noon by exit 87 Sentinel AZ (the middle of the town of nowhere) we broke a inner fan belt and I had no spare, we use GS and they got a service provider to contact me but they could not get the part until the next day (it was christmas day) the next morning they had the service man come from Buckeye AZ some 180 miles away with the belt and we where on our way. On Christmas they seemed determined to tow us to Yuma some 90 miles away, I told them we where in no danger we had the border patrol close by and they where watching out for us so just send the mechanic not the tow truck, it took a lot of talking but it seemed smarter to just replace the belt than risk damaging the coach from towing it 90 miles We only paid the cost of the part and labor to install $125 the travel time had to be almost $300 and GS paid for that. David Duhe
  4. I have a 2007 fleetwood excursion that has a traditional water heater, is it possible to retrofit a aqua hot unit on the coach?
  5. Thanks for all the advice, it seems that I have a lot of places to begin looking, one other stupid question could the open trumpet horns make this noise?
  6. We just completed a 4,000-mile journey, and besides a fan belt failure, we have developed a loud whistling or howling noise that seems to be coming from around the right mirror. It seems to be speed-related because most of the time it begins around 65 mph or if the wind is really blowing hard, especially a crosswind. Any ideas will be appreciated. David Duhe
  7. We have the dirt devil built in and it works great the only short fall is that the carpet attachment does not have a beater brush to really get after the carpet.
  8. My tires or marked load range H and after weighting the coach I’m well within range. The reason I am considering changing the tires are from uneven tire wear, because the coach only has 30,000 miles on it with plenty of tread left, and just minor to no cracking. The former owner drove it a while with a thrust alignment problem and the front end under inflated. Since I have gotten it all those problems have been corrected by my Freight Liner dealer (especially since we run a trucking company). Our big trucks run both Goodyear and Michelin tires with equal success, but I did not know if there was a better specialty tire for RV use. I could probably just change the steer axle, because it drives great now that all of the alignment issues or corrected, and the rear tires are not that bad.
  9. I am trying to decide what tire brand to buy for my motorhome, and if better tires are available. I currently I have G670 275/70r22.5 on a 2007 Fleetwood Excursion. Any opinions on brands and models would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I ordered them the other day and Iam looking forward to them coming in. David
  11. I need a litle help. I am trying to decide what brand and type of sunscreen to put on our coach. We have an '06 Excrusion, and live in the south (with global warming; opps, sorry, climate change) and also would be intrested in mounting suggestions. Thanks.
  12. dcduhe

    Grand Canyon

    We are about to pick up our new coach in Las Vegas we have not been out west and we are driving back to Louisiana, we would like to stop and see the grand canyon, can anyone suggest a nice place to stay, we will not have a tow vehicle on this trip so it has to be simple.
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