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  1. Planning same trip from Tampa in May/June. I’m using RV Trip Wizard which was recommended by friends.
  2. We are planning trip from Florida out west this summer. Part of trip will be from Williams Az to Arches National Park. The only two roads are either US89 or US191 from Az through Utah. Can anyone suggest which road is more RV friendly? Have 32’ Winnebago. Either road offer wide roads and less switchbacks? I’m not much for hanging over the side of drop offs.
  3. tcisodar

    Gas or Diesel

    Bill, thanks for input. The Tampa RV is exactly why we are thinking of upgrading. Lol. Got real close but backed out at last second on buying new. Everything I have read, heard from others is don’t buy new. Thanks
  4. tcisodar

    Gas or Diesel

    Have Winnebago Sunstar 2016 for 2,years. Never had it in mountain. Has V10
  5. tcisodar

    Gas or Diesel

    I know this has been a topic previously but trying to get fresh input. We are considering buying new class a. The main issue is to buy gas or diesel? I have seen articles of you don’t use diesel a lot you have problems. We are not full timers but want to take trip(s) out west occasionally. Any comments?
  6. Bill, St Petersburg Fl. Thought about golf cart but I need 4 and don't have that much room. Original set up was 2 12V and starter battery. First RV so new experience.
  7. I'm in process of changing out original batteries that can with 2016 Sunstar we recently purchased/used. Winnebago install 2 Dual Purpose batteries for house. Everything I have read recommends using True Deep Cycle batteries for house. Trying to convince RV shops of this is surprising. They all recommend Marine/RV Deep Cycle. Anyone have any recommendations? I understand after changing batteries I must reset the Invertor? Trying find directions to do that. Shops want over $150 to just change out the batteries.
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