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  1. That's very neat looking, sir! We'll be working on uncle's newly acquired 2008 Damon Tuscany after the tires from 4Wheelonline got installed. Bet he'll like the idea of nice floor like that.
  2. Sounds like the perfect time & place to get the good stuff.
  3. My uncle recently acquired this 2017 Reatta and the previous owner mentioned his youngest son messed the house batteries when trying to fix the no charging issue. Hope it's just the sensor. We'll take a closer look at it after we finished installing the new set of tires and dually truck wheels on the current F350 project.
  4. He lived in Hinesville, GA. He was a loving but a very strict grand father.
  5. Great story there, sir! Grown up with grandpa here.
  6. Manholt, sorry my bad for not noticing the year.
  7. Welcome! You surely have lots of stories to share. Enjoy
  8. Howdy! Curious about the RV you got.
  9. Yeah, should be good enough. I'm getting lots of good info around here.
  10. Thank you for the welcome, Herman and Bill. We have F350 diesel to pull it.
  11. Not an official member yet but we're looking at a Big Country 3596RE. Pretty excited to take a closer and bring her home. Learning lots of tips from around here already.
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