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  1. We are trying to plan a trip from Fort Drum (Water town), NY to Fort Richardson (Anchorage), AK. I can not find a map on line that shows the RV parks and Diesel stations, much less will let me avoid things line low tunnels or bridges, and since it looks like all the roads are 2 lanes, it is a real pain especially since this is our firt trip like this. We need help
  2. I also did the FMCA routing, but that does not tell where we will be in 250 and what if any RV parks are in the area. The one I printed up from Water town had us going right into Canada then up and across, and looked like we were making a turn every few miles. Also there were NO notations of where we could get diesel along the route. I tried the good sam site, but they only show their parks and no truck stops in Canada. Guess I miss our inter-state freeways. We did drive from upper Michigan to Victoria with a 5th which was fun, but that was on one highway, trans Canada not too bad especially going through Bamff. I tot5ally agree with not going with a Caravan, but if I can find one of their travel maps they usually have mileage and parks listed on their program.any help would be appreciated. My email address is: elisowski@sbcglobal.net
  3. We are looking at a trip from upstate New York to Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage. Any info would be appreciated. I called FMCA and got nothing I could use, including their routing map, worthless. We try and travel 250 a day in the states, will that be possible in Canada on their 2 lane roads?
  4. One: Edward Lisowski Two: U.S. ARMY, TX AF Guard, USMC Reserve RETIRED ARMY HOOAH Three: 1961-2004 33 Years total service, 10 year brake. Four: Master Sergeant/Sergeant Major, Senior Enlisted DESC Americas, Houston, TX Five: Trained in field (split trail 105 & 8") and anti-air craft (M42 - Duster) artillery the Logistics, fuel and warehouse. Six: Served in Korea 62, Dong Ha, Da Nang, Phan Rang, Phan Tiat , Nue Ta Dam Vietnam 67-69, Wiesbaden,Germany 90, Berchco, Magiie, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Mostar, Labuski, Bosnia 91 (1 year with Army, 1 year with UN - Internatonal Police Task force) & Washington, DC 98-99, Houston, TX 00-04
  5. Need to make sure -- received info that Cal Highway Patrol is stopping every Class A to make sure the driver has the proper Drivers license from their state for the unit, like TX requires a Non-CDL for most Class As and if you do not you will get a ticket. I know California is going broke, but this is ridiculous. Any more info?????
  6. Had the same problem on a 2005 Honda CRV. It turned out to be the Brake Buddy. They replaced the unit with the type that is hydraulic and work fine. However it took 3 years and lot of calls. I had to replace all of my wheels because they were warped according to Honda. I now have transfered the same system to my 2010 Malibu and it is working fine.
  7. Like you, we are new FMCA members with a 2010 Phaeton. We are looking at putting in a small residential chest type freezer in the basement, but have no idea which type to use, and which type will work for RV travel. To make matters worse I have no idea how to set up a new blog. I'm a IBM selectric person.
  8. Esther and I have had heat pumps in our last 3 units and love them. The ones in our Class A automatically go to propane when the temp gets below 32 degrees which makes it nice. We save propane and it keeps the coach nice.
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