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  1. Thanks for the response, Just got off the line with brake buddy, and will be sending it in for a check up. Mark
  2. 2009 Jayco 36fs Bunkhouse, going on our 2nd year . Mark
  3. We have a 09 Jayco Seneca, super c,Duramax diesel, and just took a trip towing a Honda CRV. Brake Buddy auxiliary system, Blue Ox Aventa Lx towbar. We towed according to Honda specs in the owners manual, key position, cycling gears etc. The problem we had a few times was with the Honda locking the brakes up, even on the lowest sensitivity setting. We called Honda, and they recited what was written in the owners manual. Any answers as to have the brakes not lock up ?
  4. We have a Jayco Seneca 36fs, front end diesel. The motorhome is extemely easy to drive and manuver in the campground. The engine is noisier than a pusher when driving, and the generator is in the rear when sleeping. I think with a front engine , you might have more towing capacity with less wieght in the back.
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