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  1. Thought I had a solution, but lug nut cover ordered was too tall. I believe a 1 3/8 lug nut would be correct, which may be a Phoenix PNF22LNT.
  2. Attached is the best pic I have available - this is the actual wheel cover - before one of the lug nut cover (and associated lug nut) fell off.
  3. A lug nut cover (along with the nut) fell off my Ford e450 Class C (Fleetwood Tioga 29V) motor home. I've tried researching Google, this forum, and others to see about a replacement part. Does anyone have a suggestion or perhaps a similar year Ford e450 that has had to replace one before? Thanks! Dimensions are 1 5/8 cover length, 1 3/8 cover diameter, 1 1/16 lug nut outer diameter, and 9/16 thread hole.
  4. Thanks. It’s for installation and tire purchase if the facility can do both.
  5. Can someone recommend a garage that has a lift for a 30’ class C motorhome in Greater Cincinnati? I live on the west side of town, but it is no problem to travel to the other side of town. Thanks!
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