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  1. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I had the RV armor installed on my 40ft coach 2 years ago at a cost of $5k. I was there during the whole install. Every question was answered and the tech even asked me questions along the way. It took 3 days to complete. After install, I was taken onto the roof to go over it in entirety from front to rear and side to side. Numerous pictures where taken of all the work from start to finish. Absolutely nothing was done extra without a change order right then and there. Until I signed off on the completion the job was not done and no money was exchanged. And the tech stood by a 1 year warranty of his work and left me with extra product. A day after completion and my approval, the company owner called to get a critique of my feelings towards the tech and the process. I was, and still am impressed. In comparison, I had a completely new TPO roof installed on my 40ft toy hauler by the dealer at the same time I had my coach done by RV Armor. Out the door final price of the TPO roof was over $12k and a months time. That’s over twice of what RV Armor charged and weeks saved. And the icing to the cake is that the TPO roof has no lifetime warranty and I’ll need to scape and seal every 3-5 years. Ugh! Never again. Only reason I didn’t RV Armor the toy hauler was due to an insurance claim. This puts my Approval on RV Armor. As for the roof vents, I did a diy on install of those Max Air covers, over my fantastic fans, after the RV Armor was installed. It was a snap after I had a learning curve on the proper way to mount the brackets. Still, no big deal, took 10 minutes extra to redo my error. Now, reflecting back, I don’t remember any seals that even came with the vents. Just brackets and bolts. But since the vents were removed for the gentleman’s Armor install, then the product no doubt was installed around the fantastic fans. I say this so that if water penetrates under the Max Air vent cover, it will still not have access to penetrate the fantastic fan vent. Maybe I’m missing something on this post. Anyhow, please remain seated until the ride comes to a full stop.
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