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  1. My dash A/C on Aria runs dash Temperature when I first Start up of 62 F . The condenser fan motor wont turn on to cool down condenser , so dash air temp will rise quickly . I can run a garden hose on condenser and it will cool dash A/C very quickly. I need to find out if there is a relay or fuse for condenser fan . A/C compressor and condenser are Freightliner (just out of warranty) Do not know about wiring and fuse or relay is Thor. Thor is hard to to get an answer from and Freightliner says it is a Thor issue. Anyone have a clue where the the fuse or relay would be or how to check for bad fan?
  2. I still didn't get an answer to whether you needed your passport crossing from Niagara Falls to Port Huron through Canada, and has anyone been to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan? Campgrounds seem scarce but would love to see Lake Superior without going much further into Wisconsin.
  3. Thank you for your response. A couple more questions. Where did you sightsee once you were in Port Huron? We are wanting to travel all 5 lakes but once you get there, we weren't sure where to stay or visit. We also thought about going on up to Sault Ste. Marie then we could see Superior as well. Otherwise there isn't much up there to go to unless you go clear across to Duluth. Camp grounds seemed scarce. Did you need your passport?
  4. Has anyone traveled in a Motor Home with a toad from Niagara Falls to Port Huron going through Canada? It looks like the routes would be 405, 403, 401, and 402. Not sure the rules and guidelines. Not sure about diesel stations and RV Parks to stay in. It's much faster then going back around the lake but wasn't sure what the border patrols are like. Nor the roads.
  5. Thank you very much for the information. That helps us a bunch. I had checked out the resort you mentioned, was hoping for something a little closer but understand. The ones I have found, don't seem to have very good reviews. All mentioned it was very pricey which I was not surprised, but was hoping since they are all in such a resort area, they would be nicer parks. Thank you again. Barb
  6. My husband and I are thinking about going to the Grand Tetons on our way back from Astoria Oregon. Our directions take us across Hwy 20 to Idaho Falls then down Hwy 26 and up through Jackson Wyo. Then up to the park. I have 2 questions: Has anyone taken that route, any thoughts? We have a 35 ft motor home and will be towing. Also, it is very limited in the RV Parks to choose from near the park. Most of them that I am finding are not rated very highly and comments are leaving little to be desired. Does anyone have any experience with the parks in that area? One would think as beautiful as the area is, there would be a number of decent campgrounds to choose from. Thank you, Barb
  7. Does anyone know of a C class that has a stackable washer dryer?
  8. The Thor Aria refrigerator is connected different than any I have ever seen. Not engineered to stay in wall very good .Connected at top and bottom but not good enough . You would have to see a Thor Aria to see what I mean. Thor needs to change this, they wont listen to me , just say there is not a problem, even when I told them I had talked to others with same problem.
  9. My 2018 Thor Aria 3401 refrigerator fell out of wall on first trip ,2 weeks old . Thor service in Elkhart put it back in . It is coming out again. Talk to 3 guys at Thor Diesel Rally ,Oct. 2017 that had same problem. Can anyone think of someway I could try and secure it myself ,since it is out of warranty? Any help on how to secure it myself would be appreciated. Robert.
  10. The engine cools as I keep on eye on temp. AC cools just fine also, but fins are bent pretty bad. Where can you find an ac shop. I am not doing work myself as my insurance , no deductible will pay for it. Could a Freightliner Dealer fix radiator? Robert.
  11. Does anyone know what kind of repair shop would fix hail damage on roof ac cooling fins and rear engine diesel radiator cooling fins. My insurance will cover cost ,no deductible. Can the ac cooling fins always be fixed, they are pretty smashed from hail. Any information would be helpful . I have a 2018 Thor ARIA 3401 Diesel pusher. Camping World would not do fix and could not recommend anyone. Does anyone know of any kind of hail protectors for roof ac units or some kind of protection for read engine diesel radiator?
  12. Mach 10 ,15k ac heat pump. 2018 Thor Aria Diesel Pusher. Still on road , have not called insurance Co . I have read there is a tool they use to straighten cooling fins . Unit is made by Coleman. Both units still fine in 98 Temp in St. Louis.
  13. How can cooling fins on class a motor home ac roof top units be fixed or straightened, not sure if they are called cooling fins. They got damaged in hail storm in Limon Colorado. Radiator cooling fins got damaged also ,not as bad as rooftop ac units. Robert
  14. How do gain access to tighten bolt or screw.
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