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  1. Chiefneon - did you get the Tmobile sim yet? How is it working with the m2000?
  2. My INSEEGO m2000 will connect to Sprints 5G where I am at on the FMCA plan. But the 5G is about the same if not slower than the 4G where I am. If I take my mifi about 2 miles down the road it will get a stronger 5G signal and will go Much faster. I know the plan says 4G but not sure why I can use the Sprints 5G..
  3. I just got my INSEEGO m2000 5G about 7 weeks ago. It is 5G on Sprint network.
  4. Do we know how and/or when the INSEEGO m2000 5G is going to work when migrated to T-Mobile? The sign up page now has T-Mobile as the service provider with 4G speeds and the FAQ says the T-Mobile plan does not support 5G. Are the Sprint INSEEGO m2000 devices going to be converted to T-Mobile? Will it be limited to 4G?
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