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  1. Howdy! Thank for the information. I’m in he same boat as you are. The new inseego hotshot hasn’t worked from the gitgo. I had great use of the previous 8000 hotspot using hundreds of GB’s a month. I just got off the phone with WeBoost as I have two boosters a Sleek which I used with the previous FMCA 8000 hotspot and also a 65 RV Connect. Neither will connect to the inseego. I guess we’ll both have to wait to talk to FMCA to get this worked out. ” Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  2. Howdy! I upgraded my FMCA Sprint/T-Mobile to the new inseego 5G hotspot. Since doing so I have little to no signal with the new hotspot. Before I upgraded I used the previous 8000 hotspot with a Sleek booster and received a good signal. The Sleek antenna booster doesn’t booster the signal on the inseego. I’m wondering now if the inseego is trying to connect to T-Mobile not Sprint as before or my Sleek does work with 5G. Before upgrading with the old hotspot we would use and excess of 500gb of data a month streaming everything. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  3. One: Gary Crenshaw Two: U.S. Army Three: 1972 - 1974 Four: Specialist E-4 Five: Engineers 44C20 Six: Ft Polk, LA / Ft Sam Houston, TX DVA 30%
  4. Howdy! I have been trying to place an order for a Sprint hotspot for a couple of months now. The online form keeps rejecting it. I’ve called benefits and they just state they haven’t started taking new orders. I waited until July and still the same. Just wondering if they are ever going to start anytime soon? ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
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