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  1. To follow up: I installed a wireless camera in the back window of my coachmen beyond 22c ford transit awd. The camera came with a little L bracket to be mounted on a flat surface. I moved the bracket from the bottom to the top for of the camera. I mounted it to the top inside corner of the frame around the rear door window looking out from inside the window. Ran the power wire under the back door panel down to a wire hot with running lights on. Very clean installation. I can now see directly behind me that was obscured by the post between the two rear doors windows. The monitor sits on the dash plugged into the cigarette lighter hot with ignition on. $120.00 and 45 minutes labor of a slow old man. Just as clear as the outside cameras.
  2. Since you brought it up. What do you use to clean off greasy love bugs? Haven’t been that area in for about 8 years, but plan to go ASAP. Been spending time around NM & CO trout fishing. I’m ready to go after some red fish & snook plus eat some good BBQ on the way.
  3. Thanks Bill I had a big flap on the back of my last big pusher and it did help hold down some of the rock damage. I didn’t pay any attention to the dirt on the back, I didn’t have a rear window so it wasn’t a problem. I didn’t know if the vortex pulling the dust and road spray on to the back was coming more from the air slipping off the top or rolling up from the bottom? Or an uncontrollable combo of both? This question is the product of a slow cold day here in Texas, 3 straight nights 14 to 20 degrees trying to keep new coach from freezing without full winterizing. Terrell
  4. The back of my coach get a dirty mist from wet or damp roads. Will a rear skirt help this?
  5. Just added a wireless rear view system to my new Beyond 22c. It has a factory backup camera. I wanted full time rear view. Bought a wireless camera & monitor on Amazon $120.00. I mounted the camera inside the Coach viewing out the rear window. The little monitor sits on the dash & plugs in the power port (cigarette lighter). Does a great job seeing behind me around the pillar in the middle formed by the 2 rear doors. It views through the glass as clear as being outside. The camera came with an L shaped bracket to mount on top of coach. I put the bracket on top of the camera, used high quality double stick tape and stuck it to top inside frame on one of the rear door windows. Ran wire inside door cover to conduit connecting door to body then down to hot wire for cameras power. This works great for me. Buy whatever size & price unit that will suit your needs. It’s an easy installation. Have fun. tp#10
  6. Thanks, that’s what I was hoping to hear.
  7. Trying to get as much lined up ahead for our new B coach due in as soon as they can get enough parts together to get it out of the factory and to the dealer. My last several A coaches had rear view cameras. I really depended on them to see someone on my tail or if I was clear to change lanes. My new B has the standard backup camera but no full time rear view. I have installed a couple of the (rear view safety) hard wired cameras on A’s but they had lots of open space to work with. I’m thinking of using one of the wireless cameras and mount it inside flush against the rear window. This would mean no drilled mount holes or little floppy antenna on the rear roof. I’m just concerned that the camera may have a problem looking through the window. Anyone have experience or thoughts about this application. I have emailed the camera folks but having a little trouble getting a response. Thanks, Terry
  8. Thanks a lot. I haven’t seen that before. Looks good. I’ll look it up. Terry
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. I really don’t want to hassle with a cover. Although, I’m little concerned about hail damage. This is my 1st sheet metal coach, except for an older Wanderlodge but it was like a tank. I’m a little south east of Dallas and we only get a couple of hard freeze a year usually with a power outage. I’ll just have to see how this unit is plumed. Hopefully just drain a couple of low lines and some pink stuff. Thanks again and have a safe and happy thanksgiving. Terry
  10. If you don’t winterize, do you store inside or just keep heat on inside? Terry
  11. The hitch mount box sticks out further than I want. While researching B’s I saw a B video review that gave a glimpse of a Ford Transit with what looked like a roof cargo carrier mounted vertically using the factory bike rack mounts. I have not been able to find the video again. Does anyone have any info on this kind of rigging. I would like to to keep the added length to about 12 to 16”. Also, any info on safe load weight for that rear door?
  12. Thinking of putting a cover on 22ft long 10ft high B. Anyone have experience doing this. Can it be done without climbing a ladder? If so, how and what to look for when buying?
  13. The coach is on order due in a couple of weeks. The spec’s say: 600amps of lithium batteries, don’t know if it’s 6x 100 or 3x 200, with battery management + xantrex 3000 watt inverter charger. No generator. Will charge from shore power or under hood alternator generator or roof top solar panels (not sure of solar watts). From what I understand the controller will allow one or combined to charge lithium’s. I’m sure it will take several class room hours for me to learn the control panel. It is the coachmen li3 lithium system if interested can go to Coachmen website look at class B 22c under options. No real details pretty much list components of li3 system. Thanks for the replies Terry. Also, the AC is a 12v pro20 that runs of all 12v sources, vehicle alternator and batteries or house lithium’s.
  14. Herman: Thanks for the fact check, durn it. This is my first try at a forum so keep me in line if I drift off track. This computer stuff is tuff. I had just got used to my Macintosh now I’m stumbling on this iPad. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your reply’s I’m getting the feeling there’s not a lot of B owners in FMCA, I guess there a little tight on space for family camping. manholt: We are planning a BBQ tour down through your neck of the woods on our maiden voyage. I’m told it’s (“Barn et, darn’it”).
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