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  1. The table fits on cleats. Only problem is past owners never wanted it as additional sleeping area. So I need to put hinge on wall that connects to table and put new one or two legs on end with folding hinges. I tried Rockler but no luck. Found on amazon that look correct.
  2. I was just hlock for responding to a reply and dont know why
  3. Thank you all.? Here is what it looks like. I have seen the hinge that mounts to wall and table that stays connected andnlowers down to the ledges by cushion but I havent seen one dor leg. You are probably right. I might just have to takenit off or replace it with a folding leg set up.
  4. I have a 2005 alfa founder we just bought. It has dinette table that turns into a bed. Past owners never used it for that and does not have all the folding hinges needed for table to wall or folding up leg. Does anyone know if there is a kit for table and leg?
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