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  1. Problem solved. Ended up removing generator from rv. Did complete belt and hose change as well as well as thermostat and complete service. Reinstalled. Tested. All ok now. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. Can anybody tell me where to get a service manual for my 2005 alfa see ya?
  3. Has anybody taken out to perform repairs or full service on it?
  4. Thank you for the responses. I tried but could not get entjre side off and dont have room to get un there. Im gonna take it to our shop and have other gen techs help me. Were gonna pull it out and do a complete level 3 service on it. Thanks again
  5. Gonna change belt on my generac 7500 watt on my 2005 Alfa founder. Unit does not slide out. Any helpful hints would be apreciated regarding access.etc
  6. It was the light fixture after all. Fuses good,wiring good. Thanks for the help. Led light fixture
  7. I will check for fuses. Thanks
  8. It has led lights that look like circuit boards. I changed them with another fixture and they work
  9. Can anyone tell me if interior lights on my alfa founder are controlled by fuses. My bathroom lite does not work. Led lights are good but light will not come on. All other lights work though?
  10. Thanks. Im looking for 4wd automatic. Rv has hitch and tow bar already. Dont know if tow bar is ok to use for jeep when I get it. I will have to check into it.
  11. Im considering buying a jeep wrangler to flat tow behind my 2005 alfa .any recommendations on. Models to get or stay away from? Also,what do I need to get for towing. My alfa already has a hitch.
  12. Kirkland toilet paper says its safe for rv. Is that true ?
  13. The table fits on cleats. Only problem is past owners never wanted it as additional sleeping area. So I need to put hinge on wall that connects to table and put new one or two legs on end with folding hinges. I tried Rockler but no luck. Found on amazon that look correct.
  14. I was just hlock for responding to a reply and dont know why
  15. Thank you all.? Here is what it looks like. I have seen the hinge that mounts to wall and table that stays connected andnlowers down to the ledges by cushion but I havent seen one dor leg. You are probably right. I might just have to takenit off or replace it with a folding leg set up.
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