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  1. I wish it was on a slide. Thats on my bucket list for our next rv. As far as starter removal. I found on an alfa forum that it can be replaced without removing generator from rv. Jack it up slightly after removing bolts to slide generator forward enough to open trap door. Access to starter. Thanks for the link on manual.
  2. Hello, Has anyone here replaced the starter on the guardian quiet pac 75 d generator without removing generator from rv?
  3. Thank you for your help. I think whatnis confusing is Instead of a battery bank where they are all together like your diagram, I have 3 on each side of generator and cant see the cables clearly with all the isulation aroundnthosecables. So, I made a diagram and will connect new batteries just like I see these. Thank you again for your response. Have. A great one.
  4. Hello, I have a 2005 Alfa see ya. Batteries are bad and need to?replace. Im gonna do it myself. I have 6 6 volt batteries in series. I created a diagram to know how to reconnect when I get new batteries. Also want to add solar charger when done. cabling is confusion. Which is main negative and main positive? 3 on each side of generator but cant see all cable. Any help would he apreciated. Thanks
  5. Mainly a deterant is good enough. Not boondocking. Always in a pretty safe area. People that see the camera usually will be better behaved
  6. Yes. We performed a full level 3 service . All is good now.
  7. Hello; I am considering buying a security camera for my class A. I have read that the ring doorbell camera is pretty good. Can anyone tell me their opinion on if that is the best recommendation or should I keep looking?
  8. Problem solved. Ended up removing generator from rv. Did complete belt and hose change as well as well as thermostat and complete service. Reinstalled. Tested. All ok now. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  9. Can anybody tell me where to get a service manual for my 2005 alfa see ya?
  10. Has anybody taken out to perform repairs or full service on it?
  11. Thank you for the responses. I tried but could not get entjre side off and dont have room to get un there. Im gonna take it to our shop and have other gen techs help me. Were gonna pull it out and do a complete level 3 service on it. Thanks again
  12. Gonna change belt on my generac 7500 watt on my 2005 Alfa founder. Unit does not slide out. Any helpful hints would be apreciated regarding access.etc
  13. It was the light fixture after all. Fuses good,wiring good. Thanks for the help. Led light fixture
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