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  1. I have a 2015 Dynamax DX3, it is on a Freightliner M2 chassis. 350 HP Cummins. 20,000 lb towing capacity. Does anyone know information on max tongue weight? Does anyone have knowledge of use of a Tow Tower behind the DX3?
  2. We have a 2015 Dynamax DX3. It is a good quality rig but Forest River has been very poor providing service. Renegade is a step up in quality but worth it.
  3. If you enrolled in the FEDVIP Dental and Vision plans via the BENEFEDS system prior to December 31 2018 and were a previous civil service employee (in addition to being a military retiree) verify that your enrollments are active. I am a Navy retiree who worked as a civil service employee up till May 2018, I enrolled in the FEDVIP dental and vision plans in November 2018. I had need to check my coverage in March of 2019 and found that I was not enrolled. The BENEFEDS system had re-enrolled me as a federal employee and since I was no longer a civil service employee, the system had inactivated my enrollments.
  4. Insurance was initially a big problem but that has been settled with the collision repair ship. Now the problem is the lack of parts from the subcontractors of Forrest River. Unfortunately there is little legally that can be done. The subcontractors don't have spare parts in warehouses to use in cases like ours and there is no legal requirement for them to have parts on hand.
  5. We were hit on the I-5 in Tacoma. Had to bungee stuff together to get on home. It has been sitting since June 27 and there are NO PARTS here yet. Forest River is still not moving. We are wondering about taking legal recourse.
  6. We have a Dynamax RV. Dynamax is a subdivision of Forrest River Inc. Our RV has been in a collision repair shop since mid-June 2018, it is now November 6th and Forrest River has not been able to provider parts to repair our RV. It appears that Forrest River is only interested in making RV sales. A representative of Forrest River told us that parts were not available because of a big RV show that occurred in September. I consider this a lame excuse at best.
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