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  1. re: that cost differential. The ins. co. should pay all but deductible. In my MH policy there is a clause permitting the policy holder to invoke a 3rd party appraisal. This is very similar to arbitration, you hire an independent appraiser, the ins. co. is required to do the same. If your independent appraisal amount and the ins. co. independent appraisal amount cannot be agreed upon by them, then it goes to an independent umpire who has the final say in the matter. This takes the appraisal out of the hands of the ins. co. entirely. There is a downside, each party must pay their own expenses during this, with the umpire cost split evenly. I saw a post on a different RVing forum about a new theft prevention device for CAT protection.https://www.catstrap.net/ If a determined thief wants something they will get it. Our best protection is to make the theft consume so much time the thief will move along to an easier target with less chance of getting caught.
  2. Exactly! If a MH mfgr. had every part special-made the MH would be outrageously expensive. Even Prevost is a bus chassis. Joe, you just need to know who made your chassis, but the numbers on the seal is the correct ID for any parts store.
  3. Welcome to the "I don't know either" group. Everyone/everything has an acronym today and I can't keep up with them. Reminds me of Army acronyms; COB = Close of Business. One time a new private in our computer division got a paper from the General saying reply by COB. Well, be didn't get it done in time that day, so he wrote on the top of the paper, I will reply at SOB tomorrow. He thought it meant Start of Business, the general was not happy.😀
  4. It was stored inside until last month when they got in a new class C that had been broadsided and had a big hole in the starboard side. The shop owner said he had to pull mine outside so he could store the class C inside. Yep, winterized it 2 weeks ago. I had forgotten how, since this is the first time I've had to winterize in in about 8 years. After I got started it came back to me though.
  5. I spoke with the regional manager of Progressive appraisers last month, he said no they will not total the MH because their totaled (agreed value) in the policy for it is $47K, and no estimate is near that amount. So, everything hinges on the results of this 3rd party appraisal clause. I'm calling the body shop owner tomorrow for a sitrep, he was out of the shop today. The body shop owner told me, had I not had an agreed value in my policy I would have effectively lost my MH at whatever value they wished.
  6. With the new laws and restrictions put in place last fall, I suspect the market for stolen CATS, and their construction materials is drying up rather quickly. I spoke with the manager of a local scrap yard last month, he said now his company requires a photo ID and state-issued registration/license to sell CATS or derived materials to a salvage yard.
  7. Bill, no progress; still awaiting the results of the 3rd party appraisal referee. The 3rd party appraisal was nearly $5k more than the body shop estimate, and ~$16K more than the Progressive initial estimate. This reminds me, I should call in the morning for a sitrep; update for civilians. Wayne, I completely understand;
  8. I suggest: https://www.allstays.com/ for one website, there are many more. https://www.campendium.com/ is another website that might be useful. If you like boondocking: https://publiclands.org/pages/recreationmap?=WY just type in the state name to view maps.
  9. RV park prices are relative to location IMO. While RV parks in Ft. Myers Beach were charging $1,300/month, area motels were charging $200/night minimum, and Harlingen TX RV parks were charging $550/ month. The big difference between FL and TX was; FL permanent residents were somewhat cool to snowbirds. TX permanent residents always seemed to welcome "winter Texans", and even published a newspaper especially to welcome them to the RGV.
  10. This is from weatherspark.com "In Texas City, the summers are long, hot, and oppressive; the winters are short, cool, and windy; and it is wet and partly cloudy year round." However the graphs do not reflect that statement. That is a vast improvement over Bloomington IN. You have me thinking_.
  11. Try disconnecting the chassis battery's for an hour or more then reattach. This should reset the computers, but any codes may also be erased, so write them down first.
  12. I looked at the average winter weather in Fredericksburg TX and it isn't much different than SW. Indiana hill country, a bit windier, just as well stay home. I don't do military hospitals or clinics, nor do I do VA facilities (although registered). Between Medicare and TFL I don't have medical or hospital bills, and prescription drugs are $12 for 3 months supply for each script. Thanks for the thought anyway.
  13. No MH to travel, still at body shop, since April__. The only reason we wintered in FL was to be near my cousin anyway. I think we've spent our last winter in FL., prices were already getting ridiculously high; $1,300/month + living expenses. Those affected business's will either have to recoup their losses or close the doors. We can stay near Harlingen TX for 1/3 the cost of FL and the beach is a day-trip away.
  14. It's going to be a long trying recovery, I hope someone tells him the entire FMCA family is rooting for him.
  15. Well leastways I got my full deposit back. I wouldn't go near Ft. Myers Beach for the next 2 years at least. My cousin has a permanent place there, she said there is nothing to do, see, or visit. No restaurants are open, no stores open, if you need groceries or anything you must drive outside the flooding zones Virtually all the RV parks that could open are full of temporary workers now, even if we could travel. To complicate the cleanup, Lee County FL has a mandatory recycling program, so everything must be sorted somewhere during the cleanup efforts. We did make plans to winter in Harlingen TX if we got our MH back in time, but Progressive Ins. is still dragging their feet about the supplement, saying they will not pay more than the original Progressive adjusters estimate, the arbitration process is ongoing.
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