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  1. alv, would $74.95 for a new electrical cable be more palatable? If possible could you please post a picture of this faulty electrical cable?
  2. One day we were watching the reversing river, and two guys were surfing the incoming waves, wearing wet suits of course. The high tide is amazing. I tracked inland more to miss DC and NYC areas. Seems like it was I 95 S, to I 84 E, to I 80, to I 71 S, to I 70 W, was the route we drove to home-base. I would discourage driving I 70 through Indiana, rough interstate. Indiana is building the North end of the new section of I 69 at Indianapolis. I 465 on the East side of Indy is shut down this month. We were there in DW's Jeep Wed.; at the junction of I 70 and I 65, traffic was backed-up for over 3-4 miles in all 4 directions since that is the only way E or W to get though Indy this summer. The only way around Indy is the West side of I 465 from I 74 on the NE side to I 65 on the South side , unless you feel up to fighting the traffic jamb at I 65 and I 70 junction. I would advise staying far away from Indy if possible, you may stay up-to-date by using : https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/trafficinfo/index.htm and http://oss.weathershare.org/?Center=42.18529516716987,-122.097248046875&Zoom=8&Layers=CCTV,traffic This website is mainly for weather and road conditions, however it also has road work information.
  3. This is extremely odd, Blue Ox is rated as the best tow bar in the industry. Who have you discussed this with at Blue Ox customer service, and what was their response? FWIW, When you attend an FMCA rally, Blue Ox is usually there with rebuild kits, new cables, umbilical cords, anything associated with their tow bars. A friend told me Blue Ox rebuilt his for practically nothing at a rally.
  4. Coolant level and temperature may also shut off the engine. The temperature sensor is time-consuming to replace. As Jleamont said, check error codes first.
  5. An aside to this topic; A few weeks ago I contacted Cummins Technical Support asking about the normal operating temperature for my engine, here is the email reply in copy N paste: The man said he must have my engine serial# in order to locate the exact specs, as each engine can differ from others of the same displacement, HP and torque. " Ray, According to the curves and data sheet the engine should not go past 212 degrees. If it is getting 220 degrees you need to bring it into a shop so they can check it out. Have a great day. Brent Cummins Care Representative SR#: 1-103373773861 If you have additional questions please feel free to respond to our support staff by e-mailing care@cummins.com or by calling 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467) within the U.S. Additional calling options for outside the U.S. are provided on our website. When contacting us, please refer to the SR (1-103373773861) number listed above, if applicable. Visit us at www.cummins.com or www.cumminsengines.com -------Original Message------- From: fowlerr@hotmail.com To: TSRTechnicalSupport@cummins.com Cc: Subject: Re: email response \ SR#: 1-103373773861 External Sender re: my ISC engine is in a 40' motorhome; the CPL is 2695, serial # 45902455. I tow a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado K1500, that weighs close to 5,600lbs. The coolant temperature will reach 220° pulling long mountain grades on hot days, but returns to just below 200° after cresting the mountain. Is there a maximum time for the engine to stay at 220° I was told it will harm a diesel engine to reach 220°, thought I should ask the experts who build the engines.
  6. The first, and primary consideration is the maximum tow rating for your MH, and hitch capacity. I suspect your hitch rating is 5,000#, which should also have a 500# weight rating. This would mean the loaded trailer could weigh no more than the rating, even less if your MH is already at maximum weight. A special weight distributing hitch may also be required, depending upon rear axle rating and actual weight on the rear axle. This online travel trailer weight calculator will be of immense help when matching your MH with a trailer it will safely tow. Substitute your MH weights for the tow vehicle blocks. Please note, this calculator requires actual weights in many blocks, it even offers the 20% safety factor many full-timers go by to insure longevity of the tow vehicle.
  7. Did I miss where that shop cleaned the radiators "sandwich" of debris and oil buildup? This is external, flushing is internal.
  8. When you remove fuel filters, look for any black in fuel. If you see black signs in fuel or filters, that indicates there is water in fuel, which allowed bacteria to grow. Biobor fuel treatment is a solution, however it may take replacing the filters several times to catch all the sludge. BTW, one filter will have a water drain on its bottom. That should be tested for water occasionally by draining out an ounce or two of liquid. If there is water, it will be plainly visible. ref: http://criticalfueltech.com/faq.html
  9. Rising Sun is about 1.5 hrs from my house by car. re: transponder, I decided to just pay the ticket when it arrives in the mail after crossing the toll bridges between IN and KY on I 65. It's not worth the effort of maintaining a transponder acct to me.
  10. Tide in, tide out. That was a rough walk for me, I had torn a calf muscle a week prior to leaving home.
  11. That is exactly what the RV water tank freshener sold at Camping World and other stores contains, baking soda.
  12. That plate is really odd and out of place IMO. I've viewed perhaps hundreds of RV furnace outlet/inlet grills, that's a first for me.
  13. May I relate my experience with my Rand McNally RVND 7730 GPS unit?(BTW, the branded Good Sam 7735 is the exact same unit) I bought it in May 2013 for $379(I think). When I finally got it properly set-up it was very accurate, and complied with my settings preferences. In 2017 it would not download a new issue of map updates, I had to phone RM, talk with a technician and explain the issue. He took control of my computer-with my permission, and forced a map update/download. That is the last update it has ever received or even notified me one was available for download. I called RM technical support last week about the lack of a map update and was told if one was available the RM Dock software would notify me of such, which it hasn't during the past 2 years. He then had the gall to ask me how long I think I should receive lifetime map updates; to which I replied "as long as the GPS unit lives". He said "after all, it is going on 7 yrs old, how long do you think it should last?" I replied, "my old Garmin was 12 yrs old and worked fine, downloaded lifetime map update too - until I dropped and broke it". This will be my last Rand McNally Gps. I now use TruckerPath phone app, it does the same thing, height,weight, length, except no RV stuff, specifically heavy duty OTR truck mapping. It is free, which works fine for my usage, a paid-version has many more features.
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