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  1. RAYIN

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    You've been listening to George Jones.
  2. RAYIN

    Frozen Air Brake

    This article re-enforces what Brett stated: https://www.todaystrucking.com/air-dryers-avoiding-freezeups/
  3. RAYIN

    Tech Talk,

    Assuming the author really said what you highlighted in blue, IMO it's sloppy editing to re-print a picture with such a blaring error. I suppose he has forgotten the majority of magazine readers are well-versed on the proper way to setup a tow bar and base-plate for safe and efficient towing. Enough said on this topic, sounds like he is set in his ways from what you have posted.
  4. RAYIN

    Tech Talk,

    Page 41 if the Oct. 18 issue shows a picture of a white car attached to a MH with a tow bar. That tow bar appears to be outside the safe limits of operation. Ideally the tow bar should be level when they are attached, I understand the maximum out-of-level is 4". If the purpose of the magazine is education, the editor should choose pictures with this in mind IMO.
  5. RAYIN

    air bags deflated causing violent shaking left to right

    Bear with my dumb questions. Are you using a towed braking system? Is it working properly? The Roadmaster falcon tow bar is rated for 6,000#, during emergency/hard braking a 4,000# vehicle can exert more pressure that that against the locking pins.
  6. RAYIN

    Tire Monitoring Systems

    Now TST has an internal monitor system that works with all our tires, both coach and towed(replaces OEM sensors).
  7. RAYIN

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    The last time I was concerned about fuel price was driving in Canada to/from AK.. The average price was the equivalent of $6/G. US. I plan fuel stops for PFJ locations for the convenience. Fuel up, eat dinner, park overnight, eat breakfast and pull out on the super-slab again. If there is any loud noise there we never notice, we trained ourselves to sleep with a white-noise machine long ago.
  8. RAYIN

    Thinking of going to Alaska

    The best pricing for caravaning is with S.M.A.R.T. The requirement for joining is one must be active or former military. Their limit for number of units are between 13 and 20, and travel in groups of four; most of the time they fill up rather quickly.
  9. RAYIN

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    I was under the impression the red dye was eliminated, and now it's simply on- or off-road diesel fuel(no road tax charged), after LSD was banned.
  10. RAYIN

    How to exercise Onan Generator

    You are right of course, good catch. My basement air unit will not start for 2-3 minutes after switching in on, regardless if it hasn't been used in a week or 5 minutes.
  11. RAYIN

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    👍 The new part of I 69 in S. Indiana has 3 major bridges, at each end of those bridges the pavement sank about 4" after construction. Some folks pulling a TT hit it and nearly lost control, I was far enough behind to slow down (thanks whoever you were). So the state put signage saying "bump"???? some months later the blacktop pavement was leveled with the bridge concrete.. Here we are a year later and the pavement is again sinking in the same spots. Since you guys are talking about food; DW picked up some persimmons last week, ran them through the collander to separate the seeds, then made a persimmon pudding. Warm persimmon pudding topped with ice cream, is as good as it gets.
  12. RAYIN

    AC condensation running down window

    Newsprint contains soy-oil, which fills microscopic pits in glass and makes it appear new. It's not as good IMO as the newsprint used 40-50 + years ago though. Remember when reading a newspaper got your hands black? That was the best for cleaning windows.
  13. RAYIN


    Motorhome charge air coolers and custom radiators. I think replacing radiator caps is the first thing to do, have new one tested before leaving the parts store though. I have, in the past, bought new caps, got home and they also tested faulty. Mark a line(should already be a cold fill level anyway) on your expansion/overflow tank at liquid level- when cold. Recheck liquid level next morning before starting engine. If it's empty or quite low, inspect the transfer hose for leaks and overflow tank for cracks. Now the serious note, If no leaks are found, there is a possibility the head gasket is leaking into a cylinder on the intake stroke. The engine will vaporize any liquid and exhaust it away instead if it getting into the oil pan.
  14. RAYIN

    How to exercise Onan Generator

    Some air conditioners have a built-in delay to account for switching power sources, mine does, but I do as Carl stated anyway JIC. I have plenty of time, money_not so much.
  15. RAYIN

    Yuma AZ Winter RV Resorts

    I was in the same situation at the RV park and motel on the East end of Havre, MT. The main switchyard is on the other side of the fence.