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  1. My HWH slide mechanism is much older than yours, my owners manual says no lubrication necessary. It has Nylon wear/guide blocks instead.
  2. This was at the Shipshewanna flea market. Made in Canada.
  3. Nope, that guy's been tailgating me for miles.
  4. rayin

    22.5 tires

    Ask questions before purchasing from the program; that webpage used to have a statement advising to check pricing before buying, as sometimes a tire dealer could sell for less than the program costs.
  5. Since we've already completely hyjacked HMCSW's thread; our MH requires 2½ G including the drains. Sorry I took so long responding, we were at an Indiana state recreation area (Raccoon lake CG)for 5 days and they don't have WiFi or reliable (1 bar) cell service there. Ross come on down to Bloomington Menards to get the $2.69/G price.
  6. Speaking of winterizing; today I bought a case of RV antifreeze (-50°F) for $2.69/G.
  7. rayin

    OTA Antennas

    Winegard antenna parts: https://www.amazon.com/winegard-antenna-parts/s?k=winegard+antenna+parts
  8. rayin

    OTA Antennas

    It's had to believe, however, your Winegard bat-wing antenna receives signals from further away than any other OTA antenna according to this website. https://www.rvweb.net/best-tv-antenna-for-rv-reviewed/ The King 8300 Jack is the best omni-directional antenna on that website, but it must still be cranked up for use. My DW is 5'1", I bought a folding step-stool for her to reach the ceiling cabinets and the antenna crank and direction disk. This reminds me I haven't lubed my antenna moving parts since this pandemic shut things down. I use a pure silicone spray, and can reach my roof antenna from a ladder to spray the gearing. At 78 my DW has also nixed me on the MH roof. Have you a young neighbor you might ask to lube your antenna gearing?
  9. Contact Rome Truck Parts and ask for help timing your wipers. None of the wiper parts are made by Newmar or Freightliner. They are off-the-shelf HDT or bus parts.
  10. I edited my previous post to include links to CALTRANS concerning speed limits when running chains. Those links state for heavy-duty vehicles actual link chains are required.
  11. rayin

    Needing New Tires

    Tire "zippering" is caused by running tires underinflated according to Michelin. re: new tires. This time(2017) I bought 275/70R22.5 LR H Sailun truck tires. They ride well and grip the road well. Best part IMO; I bought 6, had them mounted and balanced. The total bill was $,1380 including taxes.
  12. Does liquids drain OK? If liquids do drain OK, use a back-flush attachment to try to dislodge solids.
  13. No, not IMO. what you did is no different than having the battery replaced, and that might only require redoing the radio pre-sets. I suspect the new switches are faulty.
  14. Now I can't get that mental picture out of my head; especially if you reverse the drill.
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