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  1. Welcome! Maintain realistic expectations. This MH is built on a metal spring(truck) suspension, it will always ride harsher than a MH with air springs. Handling improvements are many, but you must choose carefully to get the best combination. I agree with wildbill's recommendations. IMO after new shocks, the next step is to have a total alignment performed on the chassis. This insures the rear axle is correctly aligned with the center-line of the frame(commonly called Thrust angle), then the front wheels are aligned. Now you have a correct beginning point for handling improvement. If any truck wheel alignment shop tells you rear axle alignment cannot be corrected, FIND ANOTHER SHOP! The alignment technician is lacking in education.. Example. My MH chassis is a Spartan, the rear axle thrust angle was out by 3/4". It might have been that way from the factory, hitting a curb or backing into a wheel stop hard with one side.
  2. Alas after spending 6 weeks in hospital, including 2 weeks in extended care facility I am now a tee-totaller. I underwent 9 Kidney dialysis treatments, the many reasons for which are immaterial. I'm off dialysis now, but with permanent kidney damage. I must change my lifestyle or stop having a life according to the 5 Dr.s that attended me in the hospital. I never want my wife to receive another call from a Dr. informing her that her husband is dying from multiple organ failures. Those 2 phone calls almost put her in the hospital too.
  3. Lee Greenwood is advertising a new bourbon, Soldier Valley being made in Nebraska.
  4. I agree, my temperature sensor was incorrectly installed by the last person who changed batteries. Xantrex specifies it should be mounted on a negative post under the cable terminals, ie: next to the battery.
  5. After walking through truck stop lots and observing steer tire brands I realized about15% were Sailun brand. I investigated online, Sailun truck tires are built the same as Michelin tires best I could determine, only in Vietnam. They are very popular in Canada and are becoming so in the U.S.A. In 2017 I had 6 Sailun 275/75R22.5, LR H installed, balanced with weights, these are all-position tires. The total bill was $1,380. These tires perform just as well as these previous Goodyear G670's they replaced, it they produce road noise I cannot detect it when driving.The warranty reads the same as Michelin.
  6. Any competent auto-body shop should be able to plastic-weld the pipe into the tank, IF you can clean all other sealants off the parts. You must know the type plastic of the tank.
  7. The HWH FAQ page is a wealth of information. The header links connect you to the service manuals for all systems. Stewarts RV is an authorized HWH service center, they are usually quicker to respond to customer questions. My guess is a leaking solenoid valve if you are sure the oil has not been allowed to drop below the add mark on the reservoir dipstick, with jacks up and slides retracted. If air is allowed into the system the best way to remove it is to top off the reservoir to full mark, operate all jacks and slides; repeat until you no longer need to add oil to the reservoir. (insure all 4 manual retract Tee valves are seated snugly)
  8. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums! All parts suppliers were forced to close for approx. 4-5 months due to the pandemic. This created a huge backlog in orders. Now suppliers, who are still forced into reduced production by worker protections. are hard-pressed to fulfill those orders and gain any ground because of the continual, and increased inflow of new orders.
  9. I have read that using the HOV lane through Atlanta is OK if you have the required occupants, however i would not be driving any speed that would be compatible with Atlanta's normal and usual speeds. I suspect a slower RV in the HOV lane would attract the attention of law enforcement more than a speeding vehicle.
  10. That was my point of the reply. Winnebago did not think running the refrigerator via the inverter was viable.
  11. Richard just for comparison sake my MH(W's top of the line-limited production) has a 2000W inverter/charger, the MH does has 1 120VAC receptacle near the Norcold refrigerator. The ice maker and refrigerator use the same AC cord to plug into that receptacle. It is the only receptacle in the MH not connected to the inverter.
  12. In 2005 the Dutchmen factory service center installed those SST plates on the slide in our new 5er, never had a problem with the slide rollers since the "fix".
  13. Think nothing of it Herman, the only way to find answers to questions is ask. For instance, a guy on irv2 mention living below the gnat line, I didn't have a clue until I asked the question.
  14. You direct attention to an important point; hospital bed occupancy percentage. If a hospital has more than one wing and the combined occupancy percentage falls below a certain point the hospital will close one wing to fill the other. This is logical from a financial and staffing perspective. Brings to mind an old saying; "figures don't lie but liars figure". Joe and I agree, being in as RV park is safer than a town apartment.
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