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  1. RayIN

    Ford Transmission Shudder in Overdrive

    In my humble opinion the torque converter is slipping. I suggest NOT using overdrive until it is repaired ASAP, as every time it slips, tiny metal particles can be introduced into the trans oil, which are then pumped throughout the transmission valve body if/when the tranny filter does not capture every bit of metal.
  2. RayIN

    2500 Allison and no full throttle downshift - at times

    Start with the lowest cost items to replace, I would replace the ignition switch before diving into expensive diagnostic tests. I know I need to replace mine(I can remove the key in any position), once a year the gauges will swing from operational to pegged to the max., and the engine stops for perhaps 1 second the resumes running. I pull over, turn of the key and wait a minute, restart the engine and everything is normal again for many months.
  3. RayIN

    Windshield washer not working

    A missing or poor ground accounts for over 80% of all 12V problems. To check, temporarily run a 14G wire directly from the chassis neg battery post to the washer frame/mount. Have you double-checked to insure 12V is actually getting to the motor? That may be accomplished with a probe-equipped 12V tester when the washer switch is activated.
  4. RayIN

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    I was thinking about hot/burned galvanizing (zinc coating); it produces toxic fumes when heated beyond a certain degree F. Nope never heard of anyone using a stock tank for a firepit before.
  5. RayIN

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    I've seen several people using these, most are tubs from top-loading washing machines; many are made from SST, the enameled ones do not work well for fire pits.
  6. RayIN

    Towing: 2018 Lincoln MKX FWD

    Our AWD 2014 MKX sedan with twin-turbo V6 towed easily. The 2WD was not approved for flat-towing. DW decided it had too much power, so "we" traded it for a Jeep GC limited.
  7. RayIN

    Debris Damage to Toads

    I arrived home from a short TDY trip to Ft, Dix NJ one year (driving our customized 1T Chevy van). Next day I was cleaning the van and noticed something in a mud flap, an 8" screwdriver! I had unknowingly ran over it somewhere. The mud flap and a slight divot in the RR tire was the only damage; but I did have another good screwdriver.😉
  8. RayIN

    Tyron Bands

    Your explanation matches what the narrator in the video explains. Watch and listen to it again. The recommendation to briefly press the accelerator further states little speed increase will be noticed, which is about the same as your CC maintaining speed for those few seconds it took you to turn it off. BTW, I always drive with both hands on the wheel, whether it's our MH, pickup, DW's Jeep or my farm tractors JIC the unexpected happens.
  9. RayIN

    Tyron Bands

    That's why I said "I suspect". Five had his CC on, I was speculating it did the same thing as the video saying briefly accelerate. No, never had a flat or tire failure on a MH. Had a steer tire blow on the 10T dump truck I was driving,(manual steering) hauling block Brazil coal, which offers a clue as to how long ago it was. No seat belts back then either, it took everything I had to hold the wheel straight.
  10. RayIN

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    re: fan cover lids. If you have Fantastic Fans 800-521-0298, the cover lid has a lifetime warranty. I had one that cracked, phoned them to buy a replacement, the woman who answered told me about the warranty, took my shipping info, model and serial #, and said she would have one shipped to me. Fed Ex cost was $16 and I received it 2 days later. Gotta call again, another lid has now cracked.
  11. Historic Route 66/Will Rogers Highway is in our plans for a wide loop of the U.S.A. this coming summer. This is in my opinion the most complete website for Historic Route 66 I've found on the web. We have driven portions of 66 in AZ, Gallup, Holbrook, Winslow, etc., but never the entire remaining roads.
  12. RayIN

    Tyron Bands

    FIVE, I suspect your cruise control accomplished what the Michelin video tries to get across when they say to accelerate when we detect a tire failure; to keep the driver from applying the brakes. This short amount of time accelerating(not very fast when driving a brick) allows the driver to maintain control before suddenly applying the brakes and losing control from to the sudden side pull due to the flat tires added rolling resistance then adding brake pull. The Michelin video seemingly is not concerned with Vehicle damage, only maintaining control.
  13. RayIN

    Efficient Navigation

    Depending on your individual settings, the RV GPS should not route you where there are weight limits, heights, widths, lengths that your RV will exceed.
  14. Check out RV salvage and surplus yards, by state. Cowlaw in MO says they are the largest RV salvage yard in the U.S.A. FWIW, my captains chairs have the 3-point system built into the seats.