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  1. Wildbill, your cat quote reminded me. COVID-19 has been found in cats: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52204534 Carl, my county has no recorded COVID-19 cases_yet.
  2. My IRA(mutual funds) is high-growth rated. Initially the decrease was in 5 figures in Feb., it has regained about 1/2 of that decrease as of today. My personal prediction is 20 years(POTUS says 12-14) until a full financial recovery for the country. My kids may see that, along with my IRA. Wildbill, I read that a couple days ago, IMO a sound decision for multiple reasons.
  3. RayIN

    Unusual tire wear

    When alignment was checked, hopefully they did a total alignment check.(commonly known as dog-tracking). Usually if the rear axle is out of alignment(thrust angle) your steering wheel is not level when driving straight ahead,
  4. 18 years is the maximum when i was buying an ESC through Good Sam/Camping World. I read somewhere it has been shortened to 15 by some companies.The first 3 yr contract repaired everything that failed/broke, subsequent contract had only 2 claims filed. MH was 18 then so no more ESC allowed. An easy way to find out for sure is phone wholesalewarranties.com and ask, I think they have a 15 yrs limit too.
  5. Only you can say if an Extended Service Contract is worth the money for your circumstances. We bought an ESC when we bought our 2000 MH because it had been parked in a barn for 8 years prior to our purchase. IMO that first contract was well worth the expense, it more than paid for itself + deductibles, fuel for delivery trips, etc. The next 3 yr contract was a straight loss, no covered claims were made. This is like buying health insurance, it is not an investment, but rather, buying financial protection. IMO the best independent broker is wholesalewarranties.com Some companies sell directly to the public, but I can't remember names.
  6. A fellow veteran hailed me in Kroger 2 weeks ago. He said I don't shake hands now and stuck out his elbow. I asked him is that was the elbow he sneezed/coughed into, as i backed away. Rude, probably; but I'm in the high risk group for serious complications, he'll have to get over it. My second great-grandson is enroute, and I wanna be there this summer to welcome him to the world. addition:, here are the latest statistics: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1101932/coronavirus-covid19-cases-and-deaths-number-us-americans/ My calculations say that is a 2.55% death rate; this is higher: https://coronavirusbellcurve.com/
  7. Two days ago I read a preliminary study showing a sneeze produces up to a 100 mph puff of air movement. Sensitive equipment measured traces of that puff between 23'-27' from the person who sneezed.
  8. Since I developed chronic bronchitis & COPD(industrial accident) any type mask restricts my breathing enough to make me wheeze. I've been searching the web for suitable masks, There ain't none available! I have a stack of bandanas and neckerchiefs in the closet, that''s gonna have to do. When I was on the Fire Dept., we were trained that anyone with a beard must coat it with Vaseline before donning SCBA. All it took was one training session and the guys with beards shaved.
  9. Herman, I have my ration book from WW II. Mom gave it to me 2 decades ago. This virus is officially SARS-CoV-2. Preliminary study shows some evidence cats and dogs can contract the virus.
  10. That's the video proven bad advice/over-the-top, see the link Wayne posted.
  11. Skin is not the only thing EverClear burns_. Thanks for the grocery wiping down myth link! DW was about to freak-out.
  12. All this about sitting stuff outside for 24 hrs, wiping everything off/sanitizing, suggests to me the authorities now suspect this virus has became airborne. It that turns out accurate, the worst is yet to come, especially for densely populated areas. ref: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/339887436_2020_COVID-19_Coronavirus_Ultraviolet_Susceptibility Right now I'm considering ordering a far UV light unit, seems to be the most effective way to sanitize everything we bring into the house. ref: http://www.columbia.edu/~djb3/Far UVC.html Turns out I'm premature on the far UV light devices, they are not in production yet: https://sterilray.com/ I'll put my name on their waiting list.
  13. That will do it Joe! Having some beer with that might increase the persuasion.
  14. Keeping this in perspective is difficult, so much conflicting information and statistics. Statistics and percentages lose their meaning when a family member contracts the virus. Guidelines have changed every day, hard to keep up. Now if you buy groceries, we are told to leave them sitting outside for 24 hours, as COVID19 will survive on cardboard and paper that long, hard surfaces 2-3 days.(it's on TV) A niece is an LPN supervising an Alzheimer care company. Tuesday she was admitted to the hospital with COVID19, today she was put on a ventilator, not doing well. My 97 yr old mother has dementia, knows about her granddaughter, and I suspect she's about to give up. I try to call her every day now in hopes I can lift her spirits some, and mine too. Can't visit her in person, bad for both her and my ailing DW and me. Now our military is affected, the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt is docked at Guam, mission interrupted after docking at Vietnam where the virus was brought aboard. Personally, cabin fever is putting up a good fight. I've about worn-out one chain saw in the past 3 weeks. The upside, I feel better than I have for a long time, exercise is a cure for a lot of things.
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