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  1. I searched Google groups, there is no diesel club there yet, still on Yahoo best I found. Speaking of diesel motorhomes, anyone want one of these: https://camillc.com/terrawind/ Or, this motorhome may be your choice: https://luxurylaunches.com/travel/a-luxury-rv-of-your-dreams-it-comes-with-a-helicopter-hot-tub-wine-fridge-and-a-lot-more.php
  2. There are many great utube videos to help with the learning curve. I suggest these to begin: How to drive a motorhome, then hand signals for backing. There are a multitude of these videos however there is no substitute for experience, find a large vacant parking lot for practice turning sharp corners around cones and backing between lines.
  3. I have ordinary 2 pin sockets, replaced them with LED, great improvement.
  4. Yes, the plastic ones are merely dust caps, metal ones are designed to hold truck tire air pressure if the valve core fails. I have witnessed tire changers throw used cores on the same table with new ones.
  5. Actully there is very little that can be done to increase torque and HP without severely shortening the original lifespan of the engine. The Cummins reply said it all. Allison RV transmission specs.
  6. rayin


    Herman my surgeon visited my room after I got out of ICU after my quad and gave me his advice; "I fixed the plumbing, the rest is up to you". That's why I commented on doing rehab like your life depends on it. Welcome to the zipper club!
  7. So when I sign in to The Diesel Club it will automatically be in Google groups instead of Yahoo? Cool.
  8. Duh, thanks for reminding me, I forgot to include the link to the pdf.
  9. FWIW there is no way to lug a diesel engine coupled with an Allison transmission. When the engine RPM falls below maximum torque the Allison will downshift to regain maximum torque.That is the way the power package is designed.
  10. This NTSB pdf was created in 2014 so there may be more current data. It has a slide/chart (near bottom) showing tire company death and injury claims. I found it interesting Continental consistently did better than Michelin.
  11. So if The Diesel Club goes to facebook for their discussion fourm, how will that work?
  12. Question; what will happen to the Yahoo groups content Dec. 15 when Yahoo discontinues this function? I'm thinking of chapter websites like The Diesel Club. I emailed Mr. Ball, he said it is up to each chapter.
  13. That white powder is oxidation where the coating is gone, just as you said. One solution requires removing the wheels from the RV and using Aluminum Jelly to remove the oxidation. Next is smoothing the rim surface and applying a clear coat type finish or whatever was used on your rims. One reason for this condition can be inadequately torqued lug nuts which allow the rim to move under them. The other is simply old age and road debris destroying the coating.
  14. I had to email Mr. Ball and request a temporary password to sign-in. When I went to change that temporary password I discovered my old one was there, so simply reverted to that one.
  15. You might consider either buying or borrowing a high-quality code reader and leaving it hooked up while driving in hopes of capturing any generated codes when this event happens. When you buy from Amazon you generally have at least one month to return the item.
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