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  1. Carl it adjoins the flea market on the North side of the park. There's even a gate in the fence for entry to the flea market. I'm getting the urge, we might head up there Sunday if I can get my field mowing completed. it's supposed to be 92° with near 80% humidity this weekend here in SW Indiana.
  2. Your F350 is a class 3 truck according to this chart. This website states it is classed as a medium-duty truck. Ask them to email you proof it is a heavy duty truck.(class 7 or 8)
  3. Wayne, just South of the RV park before you reach US 20 is a large Amish grocery store, everything is sold in bulk, quite interesting for me. You're approx. 300 mi. NNE of me.
  4. Evans Tempcon air conditioner parts Victory Climate Systems air conditioner parts ACME air conditioner parts
  5. I've never heard of steering diodes, and all my LED lights work fine, exterior and interior. I now have 120VAC LED bulbs replacing 12V florescent bulbs that work fine in the living room, they are kinda yellow=cast though.
  6. Some engines use a liquid-cooled air compressor, other brands use oil-cooled. I would first run a pressure check on your cooling system.
  7. Itasca models are also listed, at least back to 1990.
  8. FYI, Winnebago has all the schematics for wiring, plumbing, AV wiring, etc. by year and model on their website from present back to 1990-I think. Here are the updated links to Winnebago service and parts in post #5
  9. rayin

    DOT serial

    Great advice Roger! If I may add, I've read it's a good idea to register those numbers (when buying tires) with the tire mfgr. to help them contact owners of tires with defect notices or recalls. Some dealers do this as a matter of service.
  10. As Carl said, you are working with the 12V system when operating the slides and steps, it does not involve shore power for this discussion. You may safely re-install that manual switch. This does not solve the problem though, it's a work-around. Inspect the steps wiring diagram in that training manual for your model step backwards to the coach wiring to find your power source. My MH is likely totally different, but my step is directly wired to the chassis battery so it works even when the "salesman switch" is open.
  11. Kwikee steps constantly receive 12V positive and are switch via opening/ closing the ground connection by detecting increased amp-draw. Hopefully the Kwikee Product Service Training Manual will be useful.
  12. Right, so why did he mention his inverter? I just realized we're talking about different pictures, I'm looking at the last picture of the 3 battery bank. I think you are looking at the pictures in his next post of the isolater, that wiring appears correct.
  13. Most inverter/chargers are connected directly to the battery bank, I know mine is, through a 300A fuse. Are you telling me his Magnum inverter is not wired directly to the battery bank? All I see are the pos. neg. cables to the house 12V system; and that knife-blade disconnect doesn't appear stout enough to withstand 200A.
  14. The batteries are 2 different brands, the left one is 10 years old per the sticker, I cannot read the other 2 battery dates. Your battery bank is unbalanced and until load-tested you must assume they are bad.Add a new battery to a bank of older batteries and the old batteries will kill the new battery. The momentary battery combiner switch must be held closed manually for the connection solenoid to function, you cannot simply push n release for it to work. ON/OFF can mean different things than open/closed. When the connection is closed the circuit is solidly connected, when open there is no connection. I see only 1 small positive wire(should be same size as neg. cable) exiting the coach battery bank. I don't think that is correct, is that spliced wire the positive wire connecting to the inverter? The inverter should have both pos. and neg. cables connected to that battery bank sized and fused to safely carry the maximum draw from the inverter. This 12V side of life tutorial will help understand how and why everything works. http://manmrk.net/tutorials/RV/12voltSideofLifePart1.htm
  15. Whomever told you that tale really needs to self=educate. Caterpillars largest market has always been the construction industry then the trucking industry. CAT engines are more expensive to have repaired, however seem to run longer overall. That said, I'm pleased with the Cummins in our MH. I think you would be pleased with either engine.
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