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  1. RayIN

    New rear view camera

    Instead of trying to figure out how to replace the old obsolete Sony coax, I went with a wireless Voyager rear camera system. To power the wireless camera I re-purposed the Sony coax by making the center wire the 12V positive feed and the braided shield the negative/ground. It's worked well since 2013. Since I had the dash apart anyway to remove the obsolete Sony CRT it was easy.
  2. RayIN

    Spare Tire yes or no

    I do not carry a spare tire since my size is quite common, and I am not brand loyal. Some of the MH owners in the Alaska and Canadian Maritimes caravans do carry a spare because MH tires are quite expensive, especially away from home, and some sizes are hard to locate even here in the U.S.A. Some factors for installing just one new tire are dual tire applications. Just 5/16" diameter difference will rapidly wear both tires in a dual application. https://www.truckinginfo.com/154830/mismatching-dual-tires-a-sure-fire-way-to-kill-two-tires-at-once
  3. RayIN

    Using Rivets on Motorhome

    I suspect you meant to say I wouldn't recommend; and I completely agree.
  4. RayIN

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    Glad you have everything working properly! Thanks for giving us the final results.
  5. RayIN

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    That's where our caravan crossed, both directions, there were few others besides our caravan there during the time(I''d estimate 1 hr) it took our 17 rigs to pass security. Our staging RV park was Pumpkin Patch RV park prior to entering CA, and and also the caravan ending point. Calais was where a California couple learned it wasn't nice to lie about how much liquor you had onboard to CA border authorities. I had to go inside and pay taxes on 3 bottles myself.
  6. RayIN

    Error Code EX-1 ?????

    I just replied to 2 posts and everything worked normally. 👌
  7. RayIN

    Impact tool

    I really like that Kobalt torque wrench (can a man have too may tools?), sadly when I mentioned it to DW she reminded me I'm 76 and got no business trying to change a large tire.
  8. RayIN

    What gives?

    Thank you to those who provided the phone # to call direct. I'm getting weary of the GS price increases and " automatic upgrade" to a more costly service.
  9. RayIN

    Real ID Act of 2005

    Real ID act; state by state. All states must be compliant by Oct. 1, 2020. If your DL will expire before then take the required documentation with you to obtain the compliant DL. Border states with Canada began issuing compliant DL right after the Act became law because many worked in one country and worked in the other.
  10. RayIN

    Impact tool

    Before buying a new Kobalt battery, check with Interstate Battery for cost of rebuilding yours. They warranty their work. I had them rebuild 2 12V Sears battery packs for me 2 yrs ago, and they still work like new. I think the cost was $37 ea. That $74 was approx. the cost of 1 new Sears pack.
  11. RayIN

    Super Bowl

    Well, he peaked at the right time, although, no man is an island it's said.
  12. RayIN

    Impact tool

    All other online reviews I read confirm your assessment. Thanks!
  13. RayIN

    Lowering coach

    Works the same for my Spartan chassis air system. I really doubt it's the air system, but rather the steel rear suspension components. Here is the Holland rear suspension, it's clear how metal to metal contact may occur when dumping air pressure from the bag.
  14. RayIN

    Error Code EX-1 ?????

    Thanks for the progress update Larry and Jason! Finding a software problem is not easy or fast, if it was, anyone could do the job; or so my daughter told me. I suspect Apple agrees - now.
  15. This is exactly like your auto air conditioner, only larger- with 45' hoses. When mine didn't work, I bought a tall can of refrigerant+ sealant at WalMart that has a gauge to show when the charge is adequate. I re-filled the system per instructions and haven't had that problem since, that was in 2013. Now the Evans valve has decided to stop shutting off the flow to the heater coils when using the A/C; have to set it on MAX cooling to get cold air.