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  1. I took my wife to witness this event while we spent the 2008 winter in Donna, TX. She still talks about it today. Full story here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/texas-only-home-for-matadors-is-on-brink-of-closing-11579689001 If anyone has never attended a bullfight, this may be your last chance in Texas.
  2. DW has a Hank Williams 33 1/3 album titled "Mr. and Mrs. Hank Williams" singing duets. I haven't copied it onto a CD yet though, nor another album titled "the four Hanks" Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Hank Locklin, Hank Thompson. Edit, DW won't allow me to play my Red Sovine album while driving the MH, she's afraid I'll get "into the moment" as she says.
  3. mike, docj's comments got me to thinking. Winnebago has all their schematics and diagrams for each model MH online. Hopefully your MH mfgr. does too. There are multiple check valves in both the brake and suspension air systems. Perhaps there are one or more leaking backwards. My MH has developed the same hidden air pressure loss, and I am ignorant of how to find a leaking check valve; I too have spent several hours with a spray bottle filled with children's bubble soap underneath my MH and only discovered two very slow air leaks, like one- three bubbles a minute.
  4. It would be a lot of heat inside, it would melt the finish right off the cabinetry. As to ventilation, I purposely left the metal siding ridges open at the bottom and at the top of the walls. I was more interested in natural convection during our hot muggy summer months than retaining heat in winter. DW says she may move my bed out there since I spend so many days there in warm weather. I have more work on the MH in the near future. I ordered a new WW motor and crank arm today. My research to find the right motor revealed it is a universal 55Nm wiper motor used by many bus and MH builders. Wiperparts.com is my source(recommended by Winnebago) for motor and crank arm, I did have an email extended conversation to insure I would order the correct crank arm.
  5. The Eagles! The guitar work by Don Felder and Glenn Frey is amazing. After a few hours, DW nixes them and switches on the 10 CD changer that's loaded with golden oldies CW legends, and a CD copy of Glenn Miller's original 33 1/3 album (big band at its finest IMO).
  6. Six days have passed, wonder what was Mike's resolution?
  7. Kerosene and diesel fuel, when burned, produce very little Co2. Be kinda hard to deplete O2 in a 36,000 cubic feet pole barn/garage that is not air-tight. Thank you for the consideration though.
  8. OK, I see the chart stating 13.5v. This means I must review my settings to insure they are all correct. Every voltage displayed on the remote appears 1V higher than what should be normal, except for actual battery voltage. Thank you for reading the manual and pointing out the float voltage,I looked, guess I was too tired to be reading. The nearest Xantrex repair center to me is in White House, TN; I'll call them tomorrow and have a conversation about my unit. Ya, outdoor temperature yesterday was 38°, garage is unheated unless I'm working there. The battery temp sender indicated 51° yesterday when I installed them and turned on Xantrex, 18° this afternoon. A side note, DW said this afternoon, she wants to spend next winter in FL. (fingers crossed!)
  9. Tightening clamp screws in the breaker panels and the ATS is part of my annual checklist. These rolling earthquakes will shake things loose as they traverse our wonderfully smooth roads.
  10. I don't remember what float charge(update-none listed) is listed in the manual. I do know the Exide website listed 14.8 as maximum float voltage. That IMO was 1 full volt too high, but Exide must know their products. The Xantrex RS2000 owners manual, on pg 3-19 only discusses what is user configurable charger settings: http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Discontinued-Products/RS2000_Sine_Wave_Inverter-Charger_Operation_Guide(975-0125-01-01_Rev-A).pdf Another section states settings not discussed may only be changed by a dealer, or Xantrex technician. My only way to affect those settings is by reducing the total AH of all batteries, 5 in my case, 2 start, 3 house. I have the charger setting at 300AH(this does not include the start battery AH. This means the charge rate is divided by 5, ie: maximum 60A charge rate. BTW, when I first turned the inverter/charger after installing new batteries, the readout said; voltage 12.2, then bulk charging at 15V @39A. That slowly lowered to absorption rate, then off=not charging. I'm wondering if the old dead batteries have affected the inverter/charger, if that is the case I'll buy a new Xantrex SW3012 =3,000w inverter @ 12V, 150A charger.
  11. Since purchase I've left the setting for 3-stage charging; bulk, absorption, float. That set of 3 Exide deep-cycle 12V batteries lasted 4 yrs 7 mos. After re-reading my owners manual I changed the setting to 2-stage, bulk, absorption, the float is replaced by off. The Xantrex charger senses when the batteries require charging and turn on the charging process. I'll see how this set of new batteries last. BTW, the float is 14.1V@ 51° by battery temp sensor. Float setting can only be changed by Xantrex technician per the online manual. Am I being naive to think this way?
  12. Well, depends upon your outlook, 26°F, wind gusts to 30 MPH. This coming Monday morning forecast 11°, clear sky - light wind. A week ago we were warmer than Houston_. I have a 150,000 btu kerosene torpedo heater in the RV garage, so let the wind howl. I work well when temps are 40-50° as long as there is no wind.
  13. No pictures of anything. I used Last Glue to repair the camera antenna and reinstalled it this morning. I must order the shield from WinnebagoParts.com Monday.If they cannot supply one, I'll have to resort to finding someone with a 3-D printer. That was one time thing, that bird will never have the guts to dive bomb a MH again. Shoot, forgot to clean off the dried blood while I had the ladder in position; there is always tomorrow though.
  14. I think your assessment is correct. Usually there is a backflow prevention device/check valve in the hot water outlet from the heater, another in the cold water inlet to prevent how water from expanding and pushing back into the cold water line. I can see my hot water check valve if I lay down and look up just right, to get to it I'd have to remove everything blocking access, water pump, automatic winterizing antifreeze tank, accumulator tank, and all associated water lines and solenoids. Do a 20 minute job, then reverse the access work. An all-day job all told for this 77 yr old. Some are all plastic BTW.
  15. There is a long thread about this occurrence, on irv2.com. That person got oil in the regulator and low-pressure lines. From that thread I learned Ethyl Mercaptan contains no oil. When I was a firefighter I was taught it was an oily substance, now I know that was not true. nj.gov/health/eoh/rtkweb/documents/fs/0894.pdf This explains in detail what Brett talked about: https://www.tarantin.com/blog/propane-101/oil-from-the-vaporizer
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