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  1. I use https://weatherspark.com/ to learn what the historical weather is for a location. I use https://preview.weather.gov/edd/ to see what the weather will be along my driving route. Wayne, it looks like we will not be going anywhere this summer, and perhaps fall. The body shop and ins. company seem to be in no rush to repair or total our MH, no decision on that yet. The body shop is searching for used front caps though, so they say.
  2. The FMCA Michelin tire program webpage used to state; compare the program pricing to local dealers, who sometimes have better pricing. Something like that.
  3. rayin


    Does this look like yours? https://www.intellitec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/53-00362-100.pdf and this how it works pdf, https://www.intellitec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/53-01000-000.pdf
  4. Lack of regular use and improper care seems to be the cause of sidewall cracks with Michelin tires. They address the issue here: https://michelinb2b.com/wps/b2bcontent/PDF/RV_Tires_Brochure.pdf - pg 8 Most tire dressings contain silicone or petroleum products.
  5. Believe it or not, today the Army is again working on designing new vehicles for travel in the antarctic. It will replace arctic vehicles made in the 1960's and the present stryker wheeled vehicles.
  6. Is there a pressure regulator ON the grill too?
  7. An older battery will drag down the new battery, both are charged at the same rate but the new battery is over-charged because the old battery will not accept the same amount of charging. The old battery is still trying to reach full charge while the new one is being over-charged. Now if the older batter is less than 6 months old and passes a full-load test, it may be retained with a new battery. As to battery type, you have room for 2 batteries; if you were to install 2 6V batteries and one goes bad you are SOL, but with 2 12V batteries you still have one to supply voltage to your coach by simply disconnecting the bad battery. This means you may disconnect your bad battery now and still use your MH.
  8. I suspect this is another instance of signing a contract without reading the fine print first.
  9. I agree Joe. many tire owners simply do not/cannot follow directions. For example, if a tire owner follows directions and registers their tires with the mfgr., owners will be notified by mail of all recalls pertaining to the tires - by USDOT number. An example of tire recalls, this one is for Continental and Goodyear Tires: https://recallinfo.ustires.org/TireRecallSearch/ListRecalls/12 I wonder how many FMCA members who bought tires through the program bothered to register their new tires?
  10. Just got a phone call today asking if I'm OK with the MH being totaled, I said yes if the money is close to matching todays market value. I'm sad about that, I've put a lot of money into ensuring everything was properly maintained and repaired. I wouldn't hesitate to begin a circuit around the U.S.A. tomorrow - if I could afford the fuel. I'm going to start window-shopping this week JIC.
  11. I pointed him to the sales brochure, the Ford chassis came with 19.5" tires, the Workhorse chassis, which came with 22.5" tires, was not available for the 37PCT model.
  12. Well wouldn't ya know it; I delivered our MH to the body shop today, then at 17:50 hrs REMC power went off. It's 91° this evening and over 50% humidity- HOT. Had the MH been here I'd have cranked up the genset, turned on the A/C and been comfortable for the 2 hrs I was without power. Body shop owner said "I haven't a clue when you'll get your MH back, we are so very busy since the hailstorm 2 weeks ago. He also said the repair bill will be close to $35K since my damaged parts are in such bad condition. Both windshields will have to be removed too, I wasn't figuring on that.
  13. That's what he is asking for, the original tire size, which will be listed on the Federal Tire Placard in the vehicle.
  14. Concerning tire pressure; check pressure before you start the engine each morning (assuming you've been parked at least 4 hrs., set to the federal tire placard if you do not have corner weights. That is good for the days travel, regardless of outside temperature. reference: https://www.rvtiresafety.net/
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