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  1. I've decided to switch to 4 down towing and purchased a new jeep Cherokee. I'm trying decide if the Ready brute system is good and simple breaking system is the best choice. we are planning to head west this spring so we will be in the mountains with a gas motor-home. does anybody hear using this tow bar and are they happy with it. also, should I use a mobile tech or take it to a motorhome dealer to have it installed.
  2. We have a Fleetwood flair and have dash shakes and when were driving the passenger side has air blowing into it while driving. To improve the shaking, we found bolts missing or loose holding the frame to the dash under the hood. I would replace it and a few hundred miles down the road it was gone again. my repair shop added a third bolt and later on I used loctight around the bolts to hold them in place.
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