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  1. 2017 Newmar Ventana LE 3709 340hp Cummins 6.7 ISB. Never had it (turbo) serviced. I’ll call Cummins tomorrow and ask then about what PSI I should expect on, say, a 6% grade rolling at 65mph. Right now I drop to about 30 before getting over the mountain.
  2. On the waiting list to get it into Freightliner…. Was hoping someone here with the same engine can tell me their PSI…. I can’t find anything online with regards to a suitable range (ie. if typically it should be 30-35 and I’m running at 17, then I know I have a problem, but if 19-20 is typical, then it’s probably okay)… just trying to get feedback here if anyone knows.
  3. Curious those with the ISB 6.7 340hp Cummins what’s the maximum Turbo PSI they are receiving. My maximum is around 17, and Freightliner is telling me they feel that’s a little low. I’ve noticed recently that climbing mountains, I’m just not getting the power I used to have.
  4. I’ve not had the tires installed yet… next trip out is mid-March. Will have them installed by then. Will report back where I go.
  5. Correct, but the price between dealers in the program for the mounting/balancing/etc. varies… was just looking to see what people were paying. I pulled the trigger and purchased the tires under the program. Will have them installed within the next month before our next outing. Lowest price in the Houston area that I’ve found is around $400 for all things included (mounting, balancing, etc.).
  6. Thanks. I’ll give them a call…. For the record, I just learned that the Continental FMCA program expires on 2/14/2022 per one of the places I called. They said it might get renewed but prices would be going up.
  7. I searched the Forum looking for any recent comments on having tires installed purchased through the program, but didn't find any... what are people paying for Mounting, Balancing, Disposal, etc. per tire after getting tires through the program. I'm in the Houston area and am going with the Continental HSR2 (275/70R22.5), but am surprised at the swing in pricing for the labor-side of the equation... From as low as $70 at Love's and as high as $150 at Snyder PER TIRE. My problem is Love's doesn't have the tires and can't get them (even though they are a Continental dealer)... Anyone bought the tires from one dealer and had a different one install them? That's a $480 savings between those two companies above for six tires.
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