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Found 35 results

  1. volcom426

    Rims To Small For Tires?

    Hi Everyone, I just purchased my first class A motor home. I have been going through everything on it and realized that the prior owner has put 295/75 (22.5) tires on the coach. They are a year old Toyo M177. The coach originally came with 275/80 front and 275/70 rears. So I though to myself no biggie they are about an inch bigger and wider, who cares. So the coach came with accuride rims which need some polishing (i have the attention span of a gnat and polishing drives me insane). I have a background in trucking and have seen Alcoa make leaps in bounds in coating technologies for there wheels. I thought maybe i should just get a new set of wheels and never worry about having to polish them for a while. So I started looking what a set of new Alcoa's would cost. This is when I found an issue. The rims on the coach are 22.5x7.5 stud pilot. Alcoa doesn't make that wheels size with stud pilot? Everything they make is 22.5x8.25 SP (i could be mistaking) or bigger. So I started looking more into it and then realized that the tires on my coach are suppose to have 8.25-9.00 wide wheels. I am now a concerned that i could possibly have a tire failure because of this. Also my polishing the old rims option just flew out the window. I have an extensive background in automotive/truck performance and repair but never really took much time learning tire theory. I have plenty of clearance between the duals. The only issue that could possibly arise is side wall problems. Knowing what i have seen sidewalls go through on truck tires I think I might be overthinking it a little. If anyone has any experience with this or knowledge and advice would be much appreciated. PS: I already thought about calling Toyo, but being a product manger myself currently anything involving safety we are trained to say NO you cant do that
  2. F475810

    Tire Savings Benefits. Buy smart!

    I just bought new steer tires for my rig, and along with it came a learning opportunity. After weeks of on-line work comparing the tires offered under both the Continental Choice and Michelin Advantage program, I settled on the higher priced Michelin tires. Next came the dealer locator tool, and confirmation they had my tire and were enrolled to administer the FMCA sponsored tire program. I provided them with the quote I received from the FMCA Michelin Advantage plan web site to verify price and tires sizes. I followed up as instructed and registered my credit card, made the install appointment, and thought I was on the way to great savings...………………… But wait, there's more to the story! On the install day at the dealer, in this case Tire Factory in Pasco Washington, I was enthusiastically greeted by the manager Eddy who showed me the tires, confirmed the manufacturers date, and then said he had some news for me on the price that we needed to talk about. I thought, oh boy, here it comes, another hit to the wallet! But Eddy surprised me by showing me the everyday price on the tires was $30 less per tire than the FMCA benefit price promised by Michelin! The FMCA benefit price was supposed to have saved me a total of $170 over the regular price. But the Tire Factory every day price beat that, and went on to save me a total of $230!!! So the moral of my story is two fold: 1) Shop smart! Make sure you not only ask if the dealer participates in the program, but get confirmation on actual costs and savings! 2) FMCA needs to do a little more work on these benefit packages to make sure they actually are benefits. I hope this helps you! Mark Ribich F475810
  3. In the 2001 movie, Rat Race, Kathy Bates tries to sell a squirrel to Whoopi Goldberg and her daughter. They defer but ask Kathy Bates for directions. Being a race, they are traveling at breakneck speed down one road after another following the directions. Finally at one point, hurtling down a gravel road with dust billowing behind they pass a sign: "You Should Have Bought a Squirrel." That is followed by a scene of them going over a cliff, landing on a pile of rusted and wrecked cars. It is one of our favorite moments in a favorite movie. It is also a quote we use frequently as we travel, not only on the road but through life. One or the other of us will turn to the other and say, "We should have bought a squirrel." Our travels this spring have brought back that saying frequently. It starts with a problem that I've been trying to get fixed all winter. Repeated visits to repair shops still yields no solution. We have no taillights. The turn signals and brake lights work. The emergency flashers work. We still have no taillights. So we are restricting our travel to daylight only. For the most part, that isn't a problem since I have avoided night travel for the last several years. Given that condition, we departed early on the morning of April 18 to attend the Lone Star Chapter of FMCA rally in Johnson City, TX. Arriving there just after noon, we parked. I went to step out of the coach and found that the electric step hadn't opened fully. After stepping out of the coach carefully, I examined the step to find that a link from the motor to the step was missing. Not broken, it was gone! I carry a separate step for those days when the front of the coach is raised well above the ground. So we used that step for the rally. I used zip ties to fasten the disabled step in the retracted position for travel to our next destination, Austin. Monday I had an appointment to get two new Michelin tires mounted on the coach. I have adopted the practice of replacing the front tires every two years and then moving the used front tires to the rear, both tires replace the oldest pair of rear dual tires. In this case, the coach wasn't in a shop, the work was done outside the shop so I had complete access to the coach and could talk with the workers. An aside, I have yet to find a tire tech who knows how to properly torque a lug nut. As they were mounting the tires on the rims, I inspected the brake rotors and gave the underside of the front of the coach a good looking-over. Peering into the area behind the drivers-side tire I noticed something strange. There was a large object dangling there in the center of the coach. I recognized this as the supplementary air compressor which is part of the HWH air leveling system. It maintains our level position when we are parked and it was still working. The pump and it's mounting plate weighed at least 30 pounds and they were hanging by the air hoses (2) and the electrical supply and control wires. Had this dropped off en-route, who knows what would have been destroyed in the process. After bouncing along under the coach, it would have encountered our GMC Acadia! I considered myself very lucky, fortunate to have found this dangerous condition. I found a large C-clamp in my tools and was able to clamp the remaining mounting plate to the frame. I've added a second clamp to help secure the assembly just to be sure. I have an appointment at the factory service center to get this properly remounted but we will travel at least 1500 miles before that happens. I'm not going to turn over welding on the frame to just anyone. What had happened to the original mounting plate? It had cracked, all the way across a 3/8" steel plate that was about 10" wide. Apparently 170,000 miles of highway travel had vibrated it to the point that it broke! The piece that was welded to the frame is still there and it matches the piece that broke off. Metal fatigue had nearly done us in. I ordered a rebuild kit for the Kwikee Step, new motor, linkage, control center, it was all different since our step was new. I was able to successfully install that at home before we left for the summer on May 5. Our second day out we stopped at an RV park in eastern Louisiana. The next morning, Louise cranked the engine to air up in preparation for bringing our slides in before departure. She turned the key, the engine answered, "Uggg." I stopped my disconnecting process to go inside and jump the engine battery with the house batteries. Successful, I went back outside to finish getting us road ready. Before leaving we decided to run the generator but the house batteries didn't have the umph to crank the generator! So with the engine now running I jumped the house batteries with the engine battery. The generator started. Now with everything running, I got on the computer and then the phone to call a RV shop along our route. With luck, I called Billy Thibodeauxs Premier RV Inc. near Lafayette, Louisiana. Finding the shop was an adventure, if you decide to follow in our footsteps, check their website for the best route to get there. Ashley was very friendly and efficient. By the time we arrived just before noon I was informed that the batteries would be delivered to the shop by 1:30 p.m. and they would install them as soon as they arrived. Believe it or not, we were back on the road by 3:00 p.m., $1900 lighter but with good batteries. Leaving I-10 for I-59, we left the heavy traffic behind and pulled into a truck parking area just before sunset (remember our coach turns to a pumpkin after sunset). Our final adventure for the initial trip occurred in Chattanooga, TN. Passing through town on I-59/I-24 to get to I-75, we were in the center lane of rush hour traffic. Coming down a hill I applied the brakes as traffic came to a stop. The fuel in the fuel tank sloshed to the front and the engine stopped! Yes, I knew we were low on fuel, a station was just up the road on I-75 and we planned to make that stop our night stay at Walmart. I tried to restart the engine, no luck. Whoever was behind us on the right side must have realized our situation because they stopped to allow us to coast down the hill through the right hand lane to the shoulder. I came to a stop just before an overpass but on level ground. Now on the level, the engine started. I wondered how long that would last but pulled back onto the highway and we continued on. Now I stayed in the right lane. Looking for the Walmart and the accompanying Murphy station, we came up empty. It wasn't where the GPS led us. I had established several years before that Murphy isn't a subsidiary of Walmart and there are stations that are located at separate locations. It turned out the station was there but Walmart wasn't. As we passed it later, I looked and it would have been a difficult in and out for us. Passing the location, we noticed a small station on the opposite side of the street. They had diesel and at the same price as Murphy. We frequently patronize small stations but I do approach them with extreme caution. The canopy has high enough, the in and out route was do-able so we looped through a large parking lot and returned to that station. Louise got out to scout for the diesel pump as I idled on the road in position to pull up to the diesel pump wherever it was. She signaled a location and I pulled in. I put 109 gallons of diesel in a 127 gallon tank. I had to laugh when I retrieved my credit card and got the fuel receipt from the clerk in the Citgo station. We had refueled at the "Save a Ton #2" in Chattanooga! I thought, "That little station saved us a lot more than a ton!" By the way, I think I made the foreign clerk's (owner?) day when he handed me my card and receipt for $291.34. What a big smile. And no, he didn't furnish his house with my credit card. Good people are everywhere! I love it when trust is rewarded. During the winter we had the coach in the shop several times. The Aladdin system monitors our fuel very accurately but this time it was off by more than normally expected. We had run the generator quite a bit, that might account for some of the difference. So maybe I should have bought a squirrel.
  4. markapittman

    Tire Sound Diagnosis

    Have a 2017 190 in wheelbase MH with factory 19.5 Goodyear G670 tires with 7000 miles. Since it was new, at speed I hear a "wup wup" or thumping sound coming from the rear. In addition, I feel through the seat a vibration/shaking anywhere btwn 55 - 75 mph. Also a slight pull to the right. I've played with tire pressures ranging from 85 to 100 psi. (max on these tires is 110) with no change to the noise/vibration. Alignment was checked when new. Added a steering stabilizer that is properly centered. I observed that only 1 of the six rims has a balance weight on it. I am most concerned with the noise and, given the history of problems with G670s, am wondering if that sound is a sign of belt separation and/or out of round tires. I do plan to take it in to a truck tire shop but was wondering if anyone else experienced this condition.
  5. AndyShane

    Another Goodyear Tire Failure Saga

    I specifically requested Goodyear tires on a car-hauler trailer custom-built for me last year. It arrived with Goodyear Wrangler II LT tires, late 2014 manufacture dates. I shrugged off the age of the tires, and accepted the unit. My practice is to inflate to sidewall placard pressure, as we've discussed extensively at FMCA and iRV2. Additionally, I scan both tire and bearing temps during safety stops on a progressive schedule underway: first, third, sixth hour. With a year of use, and about 5,000 miles -- there was no visible tread wear -- my trailer tires began failing internally during a recent trip. Thankfully, the first two were caught during slow deflation by the TPMS; the third exploded and did some fender damage. To help users, I'll include a photo of the second tire failure, caught in progress. That way, you can spot what to look for. This particular tire was checked an hour prior to the incident and was running at 116F on a warm summer day in Georgia, inflated to 80PSI at 70F. There was no bearing or brake drag to increase wear/temperature. The combined weight of the car, trailer and misc contents divided by four barely exceeded 50% of the tire's load rating. In the case of this tire, I initally thought it was a false alarm from the TPMS: I entered a nearby rest area and parked on the end with the alarmed tires curbside for safety, soap-tested the still-inflated tire. No leakage was noted, so I tightened the TPMS transmitter, reinflated the tire and noted the pressure, fixed myself lunch. A half-hour later, I noted the pressure. The tire had lost something like 40PSI, so I removed it from the trailer and found these fissures between the treads. Research showed a pattern of failure in earlier Wrangler II LTs, some 200 injuries and 15 deaths have been associated with the model. However, Goodyear has paid claims and not recalled the tires. Three of these tires failed internally in three successive days of driving; so, I was at the Goodyear store in Marion, Mississippi, when it opened the morning after my third loss. The helpful salesman confirmed that Goodyear had not recalled that series, and explained that he'd have to order replacements. Since a Toyo dealer was nearly next door to our RV park, I went to them, next. Imagine my delight, discovering that the owner is a fellow Class A owner! He had indeed gotten the proverbial memo about Goodyear's quality/safety problems, and steered me to Toyo. We rummaged through his inventory, and he had me grab various sidewalls to assess their strength, an important characteristic of trailer tires. I noted that the light truck tires actually seemed to have beefier sidewalls than those designated for trailer use. His crew immediately swapped out all four of my tires. Counting the generic Chinese spare I'd bought in the wake of the first tire failure, I'd spent about $1,000. I reported the failures to the trailer manufacturer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and to Goodyear. Goodyear contacted me quickly, their representative stated that I'd been assigned a claim number. I submitted a debrief and receipts to them upon request and was just notified yesterday that they intend to give me a $267 rebate on a future Goodyear purchase. Given my experience with their product, I'm not sure if that option will be exercised, frankly. Consumers beware.
  6. Recently came across the Michelin RV Tire Guide which contains a lot of useful information in the form of recommended practices for the use, care, maintenance and storage of RV tires. If this has been previously shared, please excuse otherwise, I hope it is helpful to others. https://www.michelinrvtires.com/reference-materials/tire-guide-warranties-and-bulletins/
  7. djcarlson1

    RV Tire Recommendation

    I'm looking for a recommendation for replacement RV tires. I currently have 6 Toyo M147, 11R22.5, 146/143L tires mounted on my 2004 Alpine Coach. Although the tires are in good shape and ride great, they're now 8 years old and starting to show some uneven wear on the front tire edges and a slight bit of early weather checking on one of the dually sidewalls. I have always maintained the correct pressures and alignment. I checked with Toyo and they say that my current tires are no longer available and they do not manufacture tires specifically for RVs. They referred me to a local truck tire center. I checked online with the FMCA Tire Program and came up with a list of over 30 different 11R22.5 tires manufactured by General, Continental and Michelin with prices ranging from $367 to $652 per tire. I've seen tires for under $300 online. I'd appreciate a sanity check before I shell out over $3 grand on tires.
  8. jraffler

    Tire Pressure Recommendation

    Have Clas "A" 2003 Fleetwood Southwind R35. Just purchased new tires (6) Uniroyal RS20 size 245/70R19.5. Recommended psi cold is 110. I keep hearing from other Motorhome owners that I shouldn't inflate to maximum recommended psi. Current psi on all my 6 tires is 100. Does anyone one know a safe rule of thumb of what psi is allowable below manufacturers recomended air pressure. Appreciate any assistance. Cheers, John
  9. wrmfazio

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Good morning everyone, first time RV owners (rented before) purchased a 2014 TiffIn Allegro Red and we are thrilled having brought it home yesterday. Starting to dive into all the little details of RV ownership. Former owner (a wonderful person which made the purchase that much more fantastic) had a tire pressure monitoring system which he transferred to his new coach. Question, are these systems worth the price/used by many owners? Thanks for helping us newbies!
  10. Does anyone know how wide I can go from a 9R 22.5 tire as I'm having problems find this size. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!
  11. Grampdog

    XRV Tires?

    I'm looking to replace the six 235/80R22.5 XRV tires on our motorhome. The dealer I just contacted in New York said they aren't currently available. Is anyone else having luck finding these tires?
  12. Recently someone advised me to change my tires every six years for safety.... tread looked OK, but, I changed them anyway....you don't want a blowout in a 10 foot tall Sprinter... Does anyone else follow this advice? Also, changed my vehicle starter battery and two house 6volts.. after the vehicle wouldn't start recently... Figured might as well so it doesn't fail on the road.. Had Centennial 224 deep cycle batteries installed....has anyone had positive experience with these?
  13. toyotamike

    Tire Search

    I'm in the market for tires for my Providence... anyone have any experience with Hankook Tires? Hankook is a Korean manufacturer, # 7 in the world and the tires I'm considering (275/70R22.5) are built in Akron, Ohio. Just saw that Hankook is the OEM supplier for Daimler Trucks and Freightliner Trucks as well. Have Goodyears on it now, considering Michelin's because of the FMCA program but Hankook's are looking good at $2,900. for 6 mounted and balanced. Anybody running them currently or have any feedback?
  14. youngcs52

    Tire Age At Installation

    I just had two new steer tires installed. Used the michelin advantage program. Both are 2016, one the 28th week and one the 47. Given the focus on DOT date, is the age unreasonable?
  15. NanMWright

    Tires for the Alcan Highway

    I'm heading up the Alcan Highway from WA State to Homer AK and it's been suggested that I need husky tires for my 26ft Class C Forest River. The tires I find on the Continental and Michelin Advantage through FMCA look to me like ordinary road tires, but I need some advice on the best tires for my trip and whether I can find them through the FMCA program. Size: 225/75R16. Thanks, Nan
  16. BillCox

    Tucson Tire Dealer Review

    Recently my RV dealer indicated that I needed to change out (1) tire due to weather checking. This tire was only 4 years old. I went to the Michelin Advantage site and found that Purcell's was the closest dealer. I asked my dealer to take the RV over to Purcell's and have them call me. I was called by the Manager, Mark, and told that all my tires needed to be replaced due to dry-rotting. This came as quite a surprise as I keep my RV in storage with the tires on wood. I contacted Michelin and discussed the situation with them. They recommended that I take my RV to another Michelin Advantage dealer, TCI Tires in Tucson, where they examined the tires and found only (1) needed replacing. There was some minor weather checking on the front drivers side which they recommended be moved to the rear. I decided to replace both tires in question. TCI worked directly with Michelin and were able to get me 90% warranty on both tires. Michelin asked that both tires be sent to them for further inspection. When I called Mark, at Purcell's, and explained that no one agreed with his recommendation, he insisted that he was right and everyone else was wrong. In closing I would suggest to all members to not react to the first recommendation but get at least one more. For all those in the Tucson area, I would strongly recommend visiting TCI Tires for Michelin Advantage needs.
  17. guizmo

    Tyron Tire Run Flat Bands

    Has anyone had any experience with Tyron tire bands on their RV? Are they worth it?
  18. jbrunson

    Super Singles

    http://www.landlinemag.com/Magazine/2005/Oct/BottomLine/two-or-one.aspx anybody tried this yet??? claims of more weight capacity, better ride, higher rollover speeds, and less rolling resistance.......... snake oil?
  19. pjhannon

    Tire Wear

    I have a question about my new to me Class A. The outer edges of all 4 rear tires are wearing enough to lose their tread marks. The coach says to run 80lbs and these are inflated to 95lbs. What do you think? The tires say maximum pressure 125lbs. They are a low time looking matched set of Chinese tires. My gut feeling is to raise the pressure to stop the outer edge wear. However we are way over the coach placard pressure of 80 lbs. This is a new coach to us and we are figuring things out.
  20. mmarxsr

    XRV 55301

    The Michelin XRV 55301 is not available nationwide and should not be listed on FMCA's PDF of available tires. Furthermore, it is a DTO, which means Dual Tire Only, so if it was available, it could not be mounted on the front of an RV. The available tire is No. 59634, which is invoiced for about $166 more than the 55301.
  21. jamierosenthal

    Puzzling Problem

    Hi, I am new to the FMCA and am looking forward to being part of the community. I own a 1996 Freedom Wide LTV on the dodge Ram 3500 Van. It has been a bit of a challenge due to suspension problems over my almost 6 yr years of ownership but really a fun coach, very manoeuvrable and a great little camper. I'll soon be ready to move to my second but for now I'm a bit stymied with my current RV. To delay the purchase of a new motorhome I decided to do some sprucing up, the entire story is too long to post here but it's been almost 2 months with more than a few bad mechanics and other troubles. My current situation which I find puzzling is tires! Actually upgrading to new tires (and new bilstein) shocks seems to have instigated difficulties. Here are some details, perhaps someone else has a motorhome like this one and shed some light on this for me:. Single rear tires, LT 225/75R-16 E GVW is 8,510 on the door is pounds. Fully loaded I weighed it at 7,800 pounds. I installed 4 new Michelin LTX M/S 2 tires.. I loved them as they gave my rig a wonderful ride, however the tires introduced a bad road wander making it almost impossible for me to navigate freeway speeds and the normal winds in my area. The worn tires I'd removed were Open County, I did not much like them but I waited until they worn out before replacing them with the Michelins. I had my vehicle inspected believing it needed alignment and was told that the problem was the tires, the owner of the shop believed that the tire sidewalls were causing the rear tires to bulge and therefore causing the front end to sway back and forth. I'd previously installed rear wheel spacers and both a front and rear stabilizer / steering damper and had replaced the ball joints. I called Henderson's Line Up in Oregon for advice and they recommended I replace the M/S 2's with XPS Ribs. I did this and it was somewhat improved but not enough. I wound up seeking service at several other shops and eventually installing a new steering gearbox, a new front steering damper and a new steering gearbox stabilizer. during this time it was found there was also a brake pull which was corrected with a complete front end brake service. After careful study and several mechanics it was determined that the steering will now continue to improve (I hope), It's been aligned several times and the front end has had several detailed inspections. It seems the new steering gearbox will require driving time, to help it settle in along with the other new parts. My dilema is now the tires, I've found I intensely dislike the rough and jarring ride from the XPS Ribs. The Ribs have negated my satisfaction with the bilsteins. I am in the process now of lowering the tire pressure, it helps a little but the best explanation was offered by an RV tire shop in Fullerton who explained that the Ribs are better intended for a heavier vehicle, like a plumbers truck and not intended to give a nice ride to a little motorhome like mine. His suggestion, the LTX M/S 2!!!!! After checking with many shops, I can find no consensus on a good (better) tire for my Freedom Wide but I remain eager to swap the Ribs for something else so I can enjoy all the recent work and upgrades to my motorhome. . My current shop is researching what tires would be best fit, they have suggested the Michelin M/S tire but I am worried with all the differing suggestions and would very much like feedback on this problem. My RV is an older one but other than this last issue it's ready for fun. I will add that I might tough out the rough tires but I travel with dogs and they react very badly to the rough ride. Thank you. Jamie
  22. AMREST

    Michelin XRV To XZE

    Michelin dealer suggesting I change from XRV to XZE. Anyone have any experience with this?
  23. Fmca-fleetwood

    Tire Recommendations

    2005 Fleetwood Excursion with Cat C7 turbo Should I replace 11 year old Goodyear tires even though only 40k miles, they've been covered and stored with coach on levelers but not off the ground. Great tread, no cracks but dot code is 3704. Everything I read and word from others is replace no later than ten years old regardless of visual inspection results. What do you think about replacing front tires this year and replace rears in future years? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and replace them Amal at once. I plan to put 11k miles on the tires in 2016. If I do replace them what do you think about going with a larger diameter tire for better mileage at a lower sustained engine rpm? Current tires are Goodyear G670 RV, 275/70R22.5, load range H. Tread 5 plies steel cord, sidewall 1 ply steel cord. Its been suggested to go with a 305 tire. I have a Cat C7 turbo. At 60-65 mph I'm running at ~2100 rpm getting 7.5 to 8.5mpg. Mpg should improve if I can do 60-65mph @1800 rpm. What gotchas should I consider? Any recommendations for tires to consider? A relative owns a large number of semi tractors and trailers. He recommends Michllan, he is not a fan of Goodyear tires. I will appreciate any input on any or all my questions. This is my first year with this beast and looking forward to having a great time.
  24. BarCliff

    Firestone RV Tires

    Has anyone replaced their RV tires, with Firestone? I need of new tires now. Michelins are not available.
  25. While doing some research yesterday on brakes and drums to install on our coach we purchased last year at a dealer I discovered that the dealer installed tires that are too light of a weight rating on our coach prior to us purchasing it and the wrong size. The coach calls for a 295/80R22.5 in all positions with a H rating on the steer axle, (14600lbs steer axle, 23000 drive axle) The dealer installed 295/75R22.5 with a G rating (Firestone FS591 rated at 6175lbs each), when you do the math I am 2250lbs short on the steer axle (by rating, actually overloaded by 1200lbs). So I did the next thing....I had it weighed. fully loaded steer axle is 13550 Drive is 20800 lbs while I can run the G rated on the drive axle I need to do something about the steer tires.This all started when I became suspicious that the wrong brakes were installed by the previous owner since the coach does a poor attempt at stopping then the brakes are applied. After speaking to Monaco, Bendix and Webb companies I am going to install Transit bus brakes with vented louvered drums, and replace the steer tires with the Michelin XZA2. Do you think I should install the correct tire size on the steer or match the drives the current tires are 1" lower and .4" narrower that what is the correct size for the coach. Michelin does not feel it will be noticeable while driving. Once it is time to change the drive tires out I will put the correct size back on. Anyone have any experience with the Louvered severe duty brake drums?