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  1. Nope. Took it to Premier RV in Junction City and they found the control board and cable connection to be corroded. Old thermostat works but went ahead and replaced it with the Easy_Start RV one that I had already purchased. Now I have a spare thermostat.
  2. Nope. Thinking it is the phone cable but it is wired backwards to what normal phone cabling is so I've got to get connectors reversed to try a new cable.
  3. No fuses in thermostat or near. Only in the AC units on roof, 3amp fuses and they are good.
  4. The heat does not come from the ceiling for the furnace, the controls are above the door for the living room and galley areas. There are 2 fan switches that push the air in the ducts at floor level depending on the speed set. These 2 do not work but the bedroom one does. My MODE is in FURNACE because the bedroom one kicks on and works. I can't see the display to confirm that but have no way of knowing for sure what MODE I am in or what t he temperature is or if I'm only controlling ZONE 2 which is the bedroom. ZONE 1 could be set different and that is why it won't work up front. Hurricane heater works. Fires up and puts heat in bedroom so I know that is not an issue. The issue lies with the thermostat and not being able to see what MODE each zone is in. Does not display on either old one or the new Micro air RV thermostat. Yes it is the correct replacement for the 5 button old one. I'm leaning to bad phone cable connection somewhere went bad. I've pulled the inside cover down in bedroom AC unit to see the phone cables and have unplugged and replugged them in several times as well as at the thermostat itself but have not tried the individual wires within the cables. I'm not sure which cable goes to/from thermostat and the AC unit. All fuses in AC units on roof are good. I did try the solder connections on the old thermostat with the phone cable plugged in like referenced above and got no voltage. So that tells me the thermostat itself is not getting power. I'm just not sure where to go from here. I may have to get it to a shop where someone with electronics troubleshooting can look into it. Thanks for all that are trying to help. Much appreciated. Mark
  5. Yes that is the diesel burner furnace. Newer models use Aquahot or similar. Mark
  6. I've got similar problem...thermostat not displaying. Checked fuses and all good. Ordered a replacement from Micro air and tried it and no display. I'll check my old thermostat solder connections on board when I get home to see if I have 12vdc. When I turn the thermostat on and try to run the hurricane heat, only the bedroom fan control works and puts out heat. The 2 over the door for the living room and galley don't run and no heat comes out vent. Not sure if this is related or not but this symptom showed up when the thermostat display died. Anything else I can try before i take it to a shop for troubleshooting? 2002 Country Coach Intrigue Dual penguin AC/heatpumps
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