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  1. I understand the help desk is down in staffing due to some illnesses and we wish them the best getting back to normal. In the mean time, I agree with Mkniz, just a little feedback would be helpful. For example, I’ve left 2 messages and put in 2 tickets, I have no idea if they are in a queue or what. In the mean time, AT&T has shut off my account and I have no service. They say only an authorized account holder can fix or something. Probably my fault why it happened but it’s been since Friday. I’m sure things will get better when the staff is back to full strength. Until then, patiently waiting…. Mark
  2. Well hopefully others can follow the thread or someone can update the FAQ, particularly around SIM cards, or they can start shipping with the universal SIM cards that are standard. Now I have to get off the fraud list and have them turn back on my service. 😀 I’ll also concur that Starlink is great when you have a huge clear sky. Really tough to get anything where there are lots of trees.
  3. I received my plan and moxie a few days ago. 1) I did Speedtest and was getting 25 down and that’s about as good as anything around here (2 wooded miles from tower). 2) The SIM card is a Micro Sim, not a resizable or Nano sim as most use. This is a problem for anyone wanting to swap to a more modern device. 3) So I figured I’d go to the AT&T store and have them swap out the SIM for a newer, variable size one. 2 hours later, I’m stuck because users are not authorized to change sim size, FMCA account master holders must do it. I tried to get someone on the phone while at the store to authorize to no avail. So, I put in a ticket to FMCA and hopefully they can send an updated SIM. 4) Evidently all that messing around at the AT&T store trying to swap a sim, has alerted the Fraud department and my SIM has been locked as it’ under investigation for fraud. I guess somehow they will call FMCA master account holders to see if I’m ok and turn it back on. So, lets see how this is going to work, hate to have something break on the road, can’t get anything done at an AT&T store, have to go back to Tech Connect and see if they can authorize someone to send something somewhere. A bit frustrated but not beaten. I’m still hopeful this will be worked out and the plan will prove valuable. Mark
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