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  1. 4500lb max. And that means nothing carted around in the towed vehicle. Seems smarter to find a lightweight tow vehicle so you can offload some of the junk from your 11,030lb limit in the MBSprinter. Many Sprinters are driven overweight because their OCCC is so limited - a tow vehicle can help, but not if it's a 4500lb Jeep. Good luck!
  2. Using my Netgear MR1100 from previous AT&T service (their 100GB plan just doubled in price). Swapped the SIM, Tech+Connect reconfigured SIM to see the Netgear, and it's working as advertised. I paid $5 more/mo for the 25mb "guarantee" (though I look at that as an "up to 25mb" limit - it saves lots of disappointment, btw). Streams, Zooms, and generally meets my expectations. I can't complain. But yes, I am using a better/more expensive hotspot than the Moxee.
  3. Streaming is fine HBO, Bally Sports, Hulu, Amazon Prime. Haven't yet tried Netflix … it can be flaky. But all the other streaming sites we use have worked fine. Not necessarily the way I want to gobble up 75GB, though, so I'll keep those streams on Starlink. Redundancy helps here. Paid the extra $5/mo for 25Mb. DL/UL speed is as advertised – only 2 bars AT&T – I can't complain.
  4. It's necessary to contact DataConnect support to make the change in equipment IMEI, but it works fine after that. I sent them the new IMEI and the SIM number (though I suspect they had the SIM number in their records). Both the Moxee and MR1100 use the same size SIM, so that was seamless.
  5. A challenge with any routing solution will be the connections. If you don't want to "cut the cord" so to speak, you'll have to be constantly pulling the the connectors in and out. If you do cut the cord to make a clean connection between the inside and outside of the RV, you'll need to know what you're doing. For now, we're passing the cable through the driver side window and 'sealing' that tiny space with pipe insulation (cut a slit in the insulation and hang it over the glass) when we're stopped. While removing the connector from the Starlink router is fairly straightforward and relatively safe, there is ample evidence to suggest that the Dishy connection should remain in place at all times to avoid bending or breaking that metal connector. The proprietary connector wasn't designed for frequent disconnections, and there are plenty or reports of Dishy being "disconnected" from the router because its connection becomes compromised by frequent connections and disconnections. So I'm aiming to just leave that connection (to Dishy) in place all the time. So far, so good, but it would be nice to not have to bring the wire in through the window. Alternatively, I think we could bring it in through the slide, but I am concerned about the wire getting crimped when the slide is fully extended. I've seen some installations where a RJ45 connector is used … it plugs into a port on the RV from Dishy and then inside it can be connected to the router. That way, you don't have to compromise either of the connections to Dishy or Router. You just have to be confident you can make the two RJ45 connections once you've cut the cord. Not in my limited IT skill set, though I suspect I should learn how …
  6. Waiting for the equipment to arrive for a SIM transplant from the Moxee to a Netgear Nighthawk M1; the card won't need a trim but will need a card holder to upsize the nano card to a micro card. Also wondering if the hotspot downloads a profile to the card, but I have IMEI and other info in case it doesn't.
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