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  1. dbeck

    Winter travels

    It's New Year's Day and the coach is loaded and ready to head out with Scottsdale, Az being our first stop. From there we will go to Las Vegas to attend a trade show. At the conclusion of the show we will make our way to Florida for the balance of the winter. We will not be using the most direct route from northwestern Ohio to Florida but it should be an interesting trip. I will attempt to post regular updates to inform family and friends of our progress.
  2. Beginning to plan for a trip to Alaska in 2015 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Am looking for opinions on whether to go it alone or join a caravan. Also, if the answer is caravan, opinions on Fantasy tours vs Adventure Caravans.
  3. Looking for imput on driving from the Soo locks to Yellowstone traveling through Canada and down through Montana. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. We are planning a trip with one of our major poi's being historic rt 66. Where are the best sections of the rt located that keeping in mind we will be traveling in a 43' motor coach coming from Ohio.
  5. I am planning on buying a supplemental braking system at Bowling Green. I have done my research and I am leaning toward the BRAKEMASTER by Roadmaster. I have read all the posts in this thread and see that M&G and US Gear are the most talked about. What I am looking for is if anyone has any reasons why I should not purchase the BRAKEMASTER system.
  6. We just returned from a trip to the west coast and traveled rt 2 from Glacier thru Mt and N Dak. The road was the smoothest we were on the entire trip. It is a wide, straight, two lane road with a 75 mph speed limit (if you are in a hurry). There is a short stretch at the state line between Mt and N Dak that is under construction (adding two lanes for 10-15 miles) but other than that no problems. I told the DW that I would be ready to travel that rte anytime. There is not much to see other than sky, ranch land, and small cow towns. If I was leaving for Glacier today this is the rte I would take. I did not travel rt 2 in Minn and Wisc so I can not tell you anything about that section.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I have never had a dealer. I bought the coach at the Buffalo, NY FMCA rally. I am close to Elkart In and always took it to the Monoco service center for warrenty work. Since it has been closed I have been having a local Winnabago dealer do the maintenance on the coach that is too much for me. The closest dealer listed in the dealer search on the Beacer web site is in Canada 250 miles from where I live. As for the headlight, I thought if I could find a source for it I could have a local service center install it. Again, thanks for the responses.
  8. On our last trip I hit a wild turkey in the high country of Wyoming and ever since the right headlight points down about 6 feet in front of the coach. There is no visable damage to either the light or the fiberglass so I am thinking something inside the headlight assembly is broken or knocked completely out of alignment. My question is; where is a good place to find a replacement light assembly for a 2003 Beaver Monterey or at the very least get the damaged one rebuilt?
  9. Try MapQuest and click on the gas price button at the top of the page. They have prices listed by zip codes. I belive all local stations that report their prices are listed. Gas, Diesel, and alternate fuel prices are available. It also has addresses and maps for each station.
  10. I am interested in anyone's experience with the upgrade to Pac-Brale model PRXB. Is the improvement worth the cost? All I have read on the subject says the upgrade will result in increased slowing at lower RPM. Please post your opinions and/or personal experience. thanks
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