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  1. I was thinking about installing a shelf, the dryer weighs 55 pounds. Left to right is 32". Thoughts on a shelf design? I can secure a 2x4 or angle iron to the walls and set a piece of plywood on top. I will need to cut out for the washer drain and supply hoses. So probably will need a couple of supports to run side to side I like the storage under the shelf but won't have the clearance due to the location of the washer supply and drain location Thanks
  2. We have a GE washer and a dryer that sits on top. It is heavy so it might not move during travel.
  3. Stack washer and dryer, what would be the best way to secure the washing machine. The dryer sits directly on top of the washing machine. The door opening faces to the rear of the trailer. There's about 3 inches of clearance all around the washer to the walls. I also have a pan under the washer. Thanks
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