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  1. The DW has been planning and plotting our round trip to Gillette and got sticker shock when making reservations. What was $35 last trip is now $75 and some are pushing over $80. Guess they are trying to make up for last year
  2. My suggestion to both of you is to contact the CEO, Chris Smith
  3. Reverse the power leads to the bulb that is dim
  4. I for sure would not remove a windshield. It could be broken on reinstall costing a few more bucks. If the doors are removed from a RF18 or 197, they can go in thru a window if the entire window, frame and all are removed. Much easier to seal up than a windshield. If worried about power usage, the refer can be turned off at night. We have gone almost two days without power to the refer because of a faulty transfer switch. Everythig was still frozen and the refer portion was still within safe temp limits
  5. I sent your post to a friend that is a Cat guy. His reply is not encouraging. His reply. "Well it could be injectors, broken oil rings, kind of a throw away motor because it doesn't have piston liners. Could be oil pump idle gear bad. Could be the HEUI pump system. Turbo could be bad dumping oil into the exhaust, just hard to say".
  6. Scott, If you have the smaller entry door like that of the Intrigue, a Samsung will not go thru the door. I had to remove all the doors off the refer and bring it in thru the window over the couch in the slide. The window, frame and all had to be removed but no issues doing so.
  7. The DEF junk came in on the '07 models.You might could find a later model that the chassis was purchased by the manufacturer before '07 and avoid the DEF. If it was my coach, I would keep it and figure out the wiring problem but I would not go for a band-aid fix of running new wiring for a "Joe Mudflaps" gauge. Find a shop that is RV experienced and not a truck shop. If you like your coach, keep your coach.
  8. Thermistors usually don't go bad unless they get damaged. Try adjusting before changing it out.
  9. It will be good to see you again Carl. Herman will look real purdy in that blue shirt
  10. Herman has to go so he can show off his new blue shirt
  11. Looks like the troll problem has been fixed or will be fixed today
  12. Ok, just found it. I think it should be a little more visible and not stuck out in right field. Reported posts should go to the Mods and not IT. They are to busy to fool with the forum. That is why they were in favor of paying Wolfe $600 a month to monitor the forum. So far I don't see any problems with the current setup
  13. Herman is correct. The forum was opened up to anyone in the hopes that it would gain FMCA some new members. Maybe it did, probably not. Herman, I suggest that you talk to the powers on high and have them put a button under the names of those posting so that by pushing it, a new window will open so a member can notify a mod and then they can take a look at the questionable post . Could also put a button there so a member could easily send a PM to that particular poster
  14. dons2346

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    I used a piece of 1"x 1/8" aluminum long enough to mount the plate to and reach across the ladder rungs. I used some U bolts to attach it to the ladder.
  15. What kind of head liner is it, the old fashioned carpet type or the padded vinyl type? If the vinyl type, the foam backing could be coming apart. I would not think that moisture would be the problem if it is in the middle of the roof
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