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  1. Sam's club membership discounts

    The Sam's Club card is still a good one. We don't have a Sam's near us but when we go south, we use it a lot. Diesel and gas is cheaper than a local station and I can make up the annual fee with just a few fill ups
  2. How do I put a name with a FMCA # ?

    If you find a short number such as 1234, you have to put enough leading zeros in front to make it a total of six digits like 001234. Also you have to use the "F"
  3. What is Wrong With This Picture?

    In addition to the problems noted, take a look at the position of the driver's hands. Anyone drive holding the steering wheel like that?
  4. In the May edition of our new Family RVing magazine, on pages 46-47 there is a picture of a family in the cab of a truck. Mommy,, daddy, two daughters, and the family dog. Can anyone see what is wrong with this picture?
  5. Fuel Filter/ Water Seperator

    Agree with the above, replace the ugly filter. As to draining the bowl, I have never seen any water in it to drain.
  6. Toads, Towed Behind

    Actually it is the word behind. In what location would you tow an object if it isn't behind the towing car, motorhome, truck, etc? Oh well.
  7. Toads, Towed Behind

    The thought here is how else would you tow something,, or anything unless it is behind the item providing the power to move the item. So, why do people say "tow behind my motorhome"? Is there another position to tow from?
  8. Toads, Towed Behind

    After reading your post, my head hurts too.
  9. Toads, Towed Behind

    But you are still "towing" behind just with your pickup not the coach. The front mounted receiver is pushing the trailer, not towing. But that brings up another question. Is the MH with the front mounted receiver now towing "in front" ?
  10. How else would you "tow" something if it isn't behind the motorhome ? Has anyone ever seen something towed in front of a motorhome? An inquiring mind would like to know.
  11. Inverter Recommendations

    This is written somewhere as I have read it. What this restriction will do is play havoc with the towables that do not have nor want a mounted generator. Is this a "shoot yourself in the foot" thing?
  12. Mail Forwarding Service

    Not sure why FMCA went away from Dakota Post. I have been with them since they bought Alternative Resources and have had zero problems with service. It is a PITA to change services if you are a full timer so I'll stay with Dakota Post for the immediate future
  13. Heading to Indio Wednesday

    Last night, it rained most of the night. Today it was overcast in the morning, cleared up a bit and then overcast this afternoon. The wind came up for a bit, gusts up to 35 but has now calmed down. For the rest of the week, temps are expected to be a low of 52 with highs of the high 60's to low 70's
  14. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    Bill, I find it interesting that according to you these checks are bad paint. Why would so many cases of "bad paint" be found on different brands of motorhomes? I would like to believe you are correct as it would save a bunch of people a bunch of money. The worst case I have ever seen was on a high end Travel Supreme. The checking couls be seen from 20 feet away.
  15. Paint Checking: 2005 Monaco Executive

    A friend of mine has checking on the rear cap of his Monaco. We were in Mexico and he inquired of the local body shop guy about repainting to get rid of the checking. Chuey told him that yes he could repaint but it would be back in a couple of years. Now, when you get a body shop guy in Mexico say he can't fix it....................... I had three different shops look at mine and all said it couldn't be fixed with just paint. So, with the Tiffin, it might take a year or two to see what happens.