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  1. While along the way, could you be on the lookout for our Jackalope?
  2. Garmin is your best bet, lots of models to choose from. I always say that a GPS should be used for amusement purposes only. Yes they can get you into sticky situations, you just have to be aware and not let it happen.
  3. Cummins put out a position paper concerning the genturi stack. In their opinion, these should not be used as they expel exhaust gasses above the roof line. The gasses are heavier than air therefore end up returning towards ground level. If you have an open window, those gasses could be brought into the coach which is not a good thing to do.
  4. " ..........FMCA BOD puffed out their chest when membership increased after allowing towables to join. Then PROMPTLY increased our annual dues. What BS!!! " Well, MisterDiggs, it is obvious that you do not know how FMCA works. FMCA is made up of areas of which there are 10 and each area has National Vice President . Those AVPs along with the elected national officers (president,sr. vice president,secretary, and treasurer)make up the Executive Board of FMCA and the BOD of FMC so there are only 15 of us. Within each area there are chapters. Each chapter has a representative known as a "National Director". The ND's of an area elect the AVP for their area. That director also comes to the annual governing board meeting and votes the wishes of their chapter. At that meeting the directors vote on items such as the operating budget of the association, policies and procedures which are the "rules and regulations" on how the association is run. Before the meeting, each delegate receives a booklet of everything that will be voted on at the meeting so that they can discuss everything with their chapter and get their input. The ND then votes the wishes of their chapter. Now, here is the important part. It is the chapter delegates (aka National Directors) who are the determining factor when it comes to the dues and not the BOD as you so claim. At the Minot Governing board meeting there was much discussion about the price of the FMCAssist program. A motion was made to raise the dues which was seconded. A discussion followed, question was called and a vote taken. A majority of the National Directors voted to raise dues to keep an important benefit to the membership. So there you have it, it wasn't the "BOD" as you claim that raised the dues. Now a couple of questions for you: Have you ever been to an area rally? Have you ever been to a national convention? Did you vote when the entire membership voted on allowing towables to join FMCA Do you belong to a chapter? If you are the Diggs listed as a member, are we going to see you at either the summer or winter national convention? If so, I would like to meet you.
  5. Well Ross, maybe the NVP should be notified that this "film" is available. This is the first I have heard about it. It was posted on uTube on the 14th of Nov and has had a total of 97 views and two of those are mine.
  6. On a rare occasion. Since my stroke, I'm a little leery about getting both feet off the ground at the same time plus as I get older I'm not the handsome daredevil I used to be.
  7. Did you go for a drive with the tech? If not, load up the tech and you as the driver go for a ride so you can explain exactly when the event occurs
  8. As a member of the Risk Management Committee, I can say that, yes, other options are being explored to keep the benefit. It is not an easy task so be patient
  9. This is the way I did mine on a ladder. I used a piece of 1" x1/8" aluminum strap long enough to support the egg and some U bolts. Pretty easy and it leaves all the rungs of the ladder usable.
  10. You can install a PSW inverter to run the refer but you don't have to. Contrary to popular belief, the refer doesn't need power 24/7 to keep things cold and frozen. I have gone over 20 hours without power to our 18cuft Samsung and the refer portion was still in the 30's and everything in the freezer was still frozen. If you do go new inverter, check the power requirement of your refer and scale accordingly. Usually a 700 watt unit will do. Install the inverter close to the battery bank and then run the 110VAC line to the refer rather that run a long length of DC cable to the inverter. There is less loss in the AC line than there is in the DC line. No change in alternator is necessary
  11. What I was alluding to is that the opportunity to vote was given to everyone, most chose to not do so. The "majority" that is mentioned is of those that voted and not the majority of the entire membership. No big deal to me, I still have a good time
  12. Not true at all. My question to the originator of this quote. Did you vote? Statistics say that you most likely did not vote on the subject of letting towbles to join FMCA. To change the structure of FMCA (aka the Constitution) requires a vote of the ENTIRE membership. Out of the entire membership, there was approximately 7-10% at most that took the time and effort to do so. Ross probably has the exact number, I don't. So don't complain if you didn't do your part and vote.
  13. Don't know if it is driveable or not. If so, a few pieces of plywood would work.
  14. Here is how I mounted my egg. A couple of "U" bolts large enough to go around ladder posts and a piece of 1" aluminum strap plus nuts and bolts to mount the egg.
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