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  1. Welcome to the forum Welcome to the forum, sorry your first post had to be a complaint about a dealership.
  2. Welcome to the forum Mack. Are you now in a colder climate? It is possible that your intake grid heater is cycling on and off to adjust for the colder climate. It is also possible that the timer is failing. Doubt seriously that you have a failing alternator
  3. Just a thought here. I used to keep my hot spot on 24/7. I once got into an area where there was marginal signal. I was advised to power down the spot, wait a minute or two and power back up. Doing so restored a good signal. I asked a techie friend and he explained how all this stuff works and why you should power down every once in awhile. All Greek to me but it worked
  4. Welcome to the forum The extended warranty from a dealer is a cash cow for them, I do not recommend. As far as roadside assistance, why not take a look at what is offered with FMCA?
  5. In my travels, I have found that cell service is like real estate. It's location, location, location
  6. Welcome to FMCA and the forum. Like Ross said, look into finding a chapter in your area and become involved. There is where the fun is plus the area rally's and international conventions are a wealth of information. If you need any help, feel free to reach out here on the forum or on the FMCA website
  7. Ray, please post if you get a reply from the OP., else this post might go away. Hopefully the OP figured out the problem
  8. Welcome to the forum. Different chassis manufacturers have different criteria for maintenance. Yours being a Roadmaster chassis, I suggest finding a Monaco forum and pose the question there. If you haven't had any service in 60K miles, you are way over due. Most are in the 15K range but in my case, the driveline should be lubed every 5K miles.
  9. Cummins is very proud of their labor rates, parts, and diagnostics. I suggest finding a Cat shop and an independent for second and third opinions.
  10. Welcome to the forum Keith. Good luck with your purchase.
  11. Welcome to the forum Mikey. Good looking rig.
  12. Welcome to the forum Alex. I am a west coast guy so I really can't help you. Good luck with your search.
  13. Welcome to the forum and sorry for your misfortune.
  14. One thing to be concerned with is insurance coverage while the unit is setting on a consignment lot. Some companies will not insure an rv while it is under consignment
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