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  1. Ok, just found it. I think it should be a little more visible and not stuck out in right field. Reported posts should go to the Mods and not IT. They are to busy to fool with the forum. That is why they were in favor of paying Wolfe $600 a month to monitor the forum. So far I don't see any problems with the current setup
  2. Herman is correct. The forum was opened up to anyone in the hopes that it would gain FMCA some new members. Maybe it did, probably not. Herman, I suggest that you talk to the powers on high and have them put a button under the names of those posting so that by pushing it, a new window will open so a member can notify a mod and then they can take a look at the questionable post . Could also put a button there so a member could easily send a PM to that particular poster
  3. dons2346

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    I used a piece of 1"x 1/8" aluminum long enough to mount the plate to and reach across the ladder rungs. I used some U bolts to attach it to the ladder.
  4. What kind of head liner is it, the old fashioned carpet type or the padded vinyl type? If the vinyl type, the foam backing could be coming apart. I would not think that moisture would be the problem if it is in the middle of the roof
  5. You will get to this: https://join.fmca.com/renew50/?fbclid=IwAR1D9se6qzUKqHBO6OlcJvqMtDO4scpsqENVTeZeTxmJZcUyk0-2nl_hyz8
  6. You can install a battery combiner such as this and it will take care of chassis battery charging. Magnum Battery Combiner Or install one of these and accomplish the same thing. Echo Charger My coach came with the Echo charger and it has worked fine for the past 20 years
  7. Dan Ball, FMCA employee, who every once in awhile looked at the forum, no longer works for FMCA. His replacement, Arron White probably has to much on his plate right now to monitor the feedback thread.Give him time to get adjusted
  8. Herman, I grew up in Denison. My parents cooked everything well done. When I got in the Navy we would have a cookout on the fantail. Cooks would start with a case of frozen steaks and throw them on the barbie. When the outside was burnt, they were done. On the plate, the inside had just thawed out so I learned to eat rare steak
  9. 12 minutes of cook time?!!!! Good Lord Carl, you burned that poor piece of cow to a crisp
  10. I mentioned Knob Creek as being good but the Woodford Reserve double oaked is at the top of my list. It is so good, I don't even share with friends and I limit myself to 2 fingers a week, neat.
  11. We stayed at Horse Farm. As far as to what distilleries to go to, there are a bunch. My favorite is Woodford, then Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark, Four Roses. Bulitt. Jim Beam is there also but after testing the first ones, this stuff is rot gut.
  12. Q is a place you have to experience at least once. In '99 was our first time and the wife said no more. Since then, we have missed 2 years. I'm a ham radio guy so we go south to MP99 where the ham guys hand out.
  13. Carl, I used a piece of plywood, cut to shape and then some felt glued on. Nothing real expensive and not high tech
  14. Carl, make you one of these to keep the French doors closed.
  15. Been using a Roadmaster bar of various models since '99 and never a problem with any of them.
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