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  1. Don't know if it is driveable or not. If so, a few pieces of plywood would work.
  2. Here is how I mounted my egg. A couple of "U" bolts large enough to go around ladder posts and a piece of 1" aluminum strap plus nuts and bolts to mount the egg.
  3. Been using Dakota Post before they were DP. It started out as Alternative Resources and when the owner retired it became DP. Been with them since '03, zero problems
  4. Load up a couple of apps. One called RV Parky and the other one called Park Advisor. You can follow your route and check campgrounds along the was. Both have reviews.
  5. I used a piece of aluminum bar strap and some U-bolts to attach the bar to the ladder. Then nuts & bolts to hold the egg
  6. I'll bet there will be someone at Perry that is a AGM dealer
  7. What connections are you measuring on the generator to determine that it isn't making power?
  8. Don't have experience with consignment lots but you might want to check with your insurance company to make sure the unit ,while under contract, sitting on a consignment lot is covered.
  9. What brand are they? If they are Lifelines, there is a conditioning (equalizing) program that you can do with your inverter. Try that before you say they are bad. My Lifelines went 10 years before I replaced them
  10. I don't think that a "discount"was offered. A lot of your premium is based on where you claim as residence, your coach, your toads, number of years driving the coach and probably the most important thing is your credit score.
  11. So, you are going to quit FMCA just because you got a high quote for insurance? I don't think you got "low balled", it's just the insurance game the companies play. Everyone should shop insurance every 5 years just to see what the market is doing.
  12. It all boils down to $$$. How much are you willing to pay?
  13. The Sam's Club card is still a good one. We don't have a Sam's near us but when we go south, we use it a lot. Diesel and gas is cheaper than a local station and I can make up the annual fee with just a few fill ups
  14. If you find a short number such as 1234, you have to put enough leading zeros in front to make it a total of six digits like 001234. Also you have to use the "F"
  15. In addition to the problems noted, take a look at the position of the driver's hands. Anyone drive holding the steering wheel like that?
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