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  1. The plug in my 8KW was so tight, I had to use a long breaker bar to break it loose. Onan used a pipe plug and what I think was lock tite. It was not easy to break loose so get a good socket fit on the plug and a long breaker bar. Make sure you are using the righty tighty, lefty loosey on the plug. Once you get it out, don't put in so tight or replace it with a Futomoto valve. https://www.fumotousa.com/
  2. You will not receive anything for your current year of membership. If you have paid for years in advance, those will be refunded to you. If you are going to continue traveling either by plane, auto, etc., you can still remain a member as an associate and still receive full benefits, most importantly is the FMCAssist.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Yes, Kiley Mold is a legit company. They used to supply the goose egg which is now done by another company. You could do it the way I did it using a piece of aluminum strap and a couple of U bolts.
  4. Good place to be Wayne. Good cheese, good meats,and good restaurants. We would like to get back there one day. I'm stuck at home catching crab.
  5. Welcome to the forum. To answer your question, no FMCA will not recommend residency. As Jim said, there are a number of variables you need to consider and a huge one is health care and those decisions are ones that only you can make
  6. The new category was just voted on in Gillette. I'm sure the new format is being developed as we speak. The IT guys were in Gillette so give them some time. The new "P" category will get everything a regular member will get except they will not get a goose egg and will receive the digital magazine only. I have no idea if any have joined but I'm sure if it goes over, it will be broadcast to the membership.
  7. The governing board voted to institute a new member category called "Pathfinder". These are people that do not own an RV but are in the discovery stages. They will have full benefits as a a family member, FMCAssist included. They will pay the same dues as everyone else. This is supposed to generate a bunch of $$ which is desperately needed. A few years ago, the FMCA forum was open to the public but there was a lot of BS going on. The decision was made to limit it to FMCA members only.Hard to compete with the number of other forums that have brand specific topics and paid sponsors. Ideas welcome.
  8. You called at night? What number did you call and what was the persons name you talked to? Sounds like you were needing the emergency roadside assistance which like said before is a totally different number plus the fact that roadside is not included in your membership. Only FMCAssist is included in your membership
  9. Most likely your ignition switch is a GM product. I would remove it and take it to your local auto parts store and match it up. I have found that in my area, NAPA is the go to store
  10. Thanks Bill. After a whiz bang back from Gillette, we are headed out tomorrow to catch a few Dungeness crabs for dinner
  11. Welcome to the forum BROTY but we are going to need a little more info. What type of coach do you have? What do you mean it is "shorting"? It could be that there is a load on the wire and when you try to connect it, it will spark.
  12. Today at the Governing Board meeting the following were elected. President : Gary Milner SrVP : Paul Mitchel Secretary: Pamela Richard Treasurer: Barbra Smith
  13. Might be awhile as they are in Gillette until Saturday
  14. Have you reset the breaker on the inverter or converter, which ever one you have?
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