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  1. Q is a place you have to experience at least once. In '99 was our first time and the wife said no more. Since then, we have missed 2 years. I'm a ham radio guy so we go south to MP99 where the ham guys hand out.
  2. Carl, I used a piece of plywood, cut to shape and then some felt glued on. Nothing real expensive and not high tech
  3. Carl, make you one of these to keep the French doors closed.
  4. Been using a Roadmaster bar of various models since '99 and never a problem with any of them.
  5. Carl, Just so you know, after all these years of FMCA being member owned, FMCA is now "Member Driven" whatever that means
  6. Ross, have you checked your profile? From what I'm getting from LarryP. , when they changed over to Protec, everyone was opted out of having their name in the directory. Check your member profile.
  7. dons2346


    Herman, I hear you are going in for a triple on Friday. Hope things go well, hoping for the best
  8. Do you have the battery temp module installed? That has given some problems in the past but for sure a pregnant battery isn't a good thing. Also, the air units do not go thru the inverter
  9. There is a new product, sorry I don't remember the name. What sold me on it was the tech taking a piece of scotch brite pad and scuffing it up leaving it with scratches. Ran some hot water over it and the scratches disappeared. Had it installed at Oregon Motorcoach. Warranted for 10 years
  10. Sorry Carl, but I found out about the "partnership" the same time everyone else did.
  11. Oh, come on Ross, you know that is a bunch of BS. The treasurer suggested to drop AVP travel to actual fuel plus 7 cents a mile! Can you run your coach on 7 cents a mile? I seriously doubt it. We didn't just "vote" to change the budget to put money in our pockets. I really don't know where you get the idea that money flows down to the areas. The area gets a whopping $2000 for education related expenses. The areas used to get some "free" stuff but that has changed and now the area gets charged for pretty much everything done in the Cincinnati office. The areas now have to pay for the liability insurance for area rally's. You might not be suggesting that areas support national but they already do by their members paying dues. Lots of grumbling about the Assist program costing to much but the cost isn't known yet for the upcoming policy term so why pass a budget without knowing all the facts. In a time like this, how many companies are giving raises? The treasurer proposed a 3% cost of living plus a 5% 401K match. Should we have gone for that? The treasurer proposed setting aside $161,000 for education? Do we need to do that? So, we drop dues to $50 and have nothing to separate us from Good Sam. Maybe we can get the red guy with the halo To the poster who says he has SkyMed and doesn't need Assist. I was in Mexico this winter when a gentleman appeared to have a stroke. He has SkyMed so the wife thought all was well however SkyMed would not transport him out of Mexico and after he was back in the US, they would not arrange transportation to a medical facility. They would however reimburse the family for out of pocket expenses after the fact. SkyMed told the family that it would be 6-8 weeks before they could arrange to get his motorhome back to the states. I asked the president that assuming we drop dues back to $50 and drop Assist, what would I get for my money. He told me that I would be getting a magazine and the tire program! I can actually get a better deal for tires on my own. Rolling the dues back to $50 from $75 will result in a loss of $100,000 for every $5 drop according to the CEO FMCA must have something going for it judging by the number of people joining. Loosing members sure but why dwell on those, lets look at the new members.
  12. A muffler shop would be a place to start. There is nothing special about a muffler supplied by Onan other than a higher price. Take the measurements of the muffler and go shopping
  13. I think that is a good idea. If it could be promoted on the FMCA website would be good also
  14. dons2346


    Study harder
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