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  1. Interesting subject for us. Been riding motorcycles for close to 40 years. Always dreamed and planned for the day we could retire in an RV and take the motorcycle with us, and last year it happened. 38 ft gasser pulling a 14 ft enclosed trailer. Works great, but, back when we were planning and dreaming about this we didn't think about being 64 years old and only having a MC for transportation. So.....After doing a ton of online searching and thankfully realizing that I'm not crazy, since a lot of other people were trying to do the same thing, I've figured out what we're going to do. I've ordered a "deck over dolly" trailer and purchased a small Ford Fiesta to dolly. All together it will weigh around 44 to 4500 lbs. Still waiting on the trailer to be delivered. This would not be my first choice, but given that budget and weight restrictions were an issue, this was our answer. Anxious to hit the road. Heading to Lajitas/Big Bend in February but the trailer won't be here yet so MC only for this trip.
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