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  1. I can tell you this - mine looked somewhat like yours does and it was NOT the transmission leaking at all. The hydraulic fan motor was leaking and spread oil all around the engine and transmission area making it look like they were leaking. Took a long time to figure out what was going on but after changing out the fan motor now everything is dry and nothing looks like it's leaking like yours does. So I know it's somewhat hard to get under the RV but I would look with a flashlight and see if any hoses and other areas look wet too. IF it's only the transmission that looks wet then maybe it is coming from there but if other areas are wet it might be something else. Put a old pan or plate or small bucket under the Transmission and see if it's indeed leaking and report back. I did all my own work as I couldn't afford the shop rates that most places charge. I see your from MI and now in FL - me too.
  2. I understand some people like State and National parks, But is that ALL your planning to stay at? There are a lot of other places that are really nice too. Some of those S & N Parks will be booked a year or more in advance so you may not be able to get in no matter what size RV you have. So staying at a campground just outside the park will likely be able to handle a 40' RV with a toad without any problem. I can tell you this, I have a 40' unit and I'm alone and wouldn't want anything smaller. The unit I have I bought from a couple that were going to buy a 45' RV so they could full time in. So my point is, get the bigger unit now. It will save you from having to upgrade again, if ever. A few things to think about are: Do you want a washer/dryer in the RV? These are more commonly found in the larger units since there is more room for them. Larger tanks on larger units is normal. There is a huge difference between 30amp and 50amp and most larger RV's will have the 50 but smaller one's (like 32 -34ft) might not and only have the 30amp setup. It's good you plan on talking to people at the FMCA rally - but if you have any parks near you - go visit them in your car and talk to campers that are there now (for advice) and see if there are any spots that could hold a 40' RV. Just remember if you only visit one park that won't tell you too much. Good luck with what ever you decide on. PLEASE post what you decided on and why so others can learn from you.
  3. Florida had snow in the panhandle today and there are freeze warning for Central FL for the next few nights. So most of the country must be pretty cold if it's cold in FL. Mother Nature must be laughing at us right now.
  4. Never seen one. Got any pics or links to images. In my case that probably wouldn't work too well as my fuel fill is in the front and a bike would have to be lowered to add any fuel. But I would still like to see a lift in the front.
  5. Thanks Herman. I was just interested in how many people carry, bring, or use a motorcycle while RV'ing. I do have a trailer as I have both my bikes with me - if one broke down, I wouldn't be totally stranded. Somewhat surprised that no one has answered the thread question - Do you have a motorcycle with you while RV'ing? I know it's the holiday season and many people are busy with getting ready to travel after the holidays are over. Oh well - I was just curious........
  6. I was just wondering how many of you have a motorcycle with you while RV'ing? In my case I ONLY have motorcycles (2) with me. No 4 wheel vehicles at all. And I'm not about to use the MH to go get groceries. There are a few people in the RV park I'm in that have motorcycles but one has a car and a motorcycle and the other has a truck and a motorcycle. So I wonder if I'm alone in only having motorcycles? But that is one of the main reasons I'm in FL now, is so I CAN ride during the Winter which I can't do back at home. But my question is - do you have a motorcycle with you - and if so, how did you transport it along with the RV you are in?
  7. If someone has a home Equity line of credit they can use it for whatever they want to buy. If they wanted to buy a 25 year old MH with 165,000 miles on it, no one is going to stop them as they have already been cleared up to what ever percentage of value their home is worth. No banker is really involved in what they spend their money on, as anyone that doesn't want to lose their home is going to repay the loan. That would be one way that someone could buy more than a 10 year old vehicle. Then again if someone had cash then there also would be no banker involved.
  8. I have to use blocks to raise the coach up high enough to get my 12 ton jack stands under the coach. I don't have a death wish and have worked in industry for 30 years which preached Safety Safety Safety so I know how to work safely. But thanks for your concern.
  9. You have more money then I (we) do as I can't afford to have anyone do it for me.
  10. I spent about $250 on 5 gallons of fluid and about $70 on the 2 filters - So about $320 to do it myself. Most time consuming part was the gasket removal using plastic scrapers instead of any metal to keep from marking up the aluminum covers that the filters attach to. Drained into a big tray and then refilled the gallon bottles with the used fluid and took it to a recycle center. It's not too bad of a job and I cleaned everything real good so I could tell if there where any leaks - none found.
  11. I used MOBIL DELVAC Synthetic ATF which is Allison TES-295 approved and on their list as OK to use and was more readily available at the time I was ready to do my fluid and filter change.
  12. I know this is the full timing section of the forum - but my question is for a Part Timer. I'm planning on snowbirding for about 4 month's in FL this Winter. Since this will be my very first time to do this in my MH I'm not sure what to expect yet. I have heard that if I use USPS to forward mail it is hard to stop them forwarding it when I move back home. I had used them before but it was for 19 months and it was from my house to a house in NV - I had to change some addresses back when I moved back but I don't remember any big issues with most mail making it back to me in my home State. But this will be for a much shorter time - AND YES I have most of my bills paid via the internet or auto payments but not everything yet. So there might be a few things in the 4 months that I need to receive so I can either send a check or call them for a CC or Debt payment. Not to mention getting the FMCA magazine. I don't have anyone near that can send me my mail - because my neighbor is going to FL too. So my question is for a short 4 month stay in FL would you use USPS or some other forwarding service? ONE nice thing about using USPS is my mailman told me they don't forward junk mail.
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