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  1. I thought there was a benefit connection to a health insurance provider that was not tied to a home location, but I don't see any info on that. I know there is FMCAssist to get you and your stuff back home but that's not what I'm asking about although it's a primary reason for why I'm a FMCA member. So if there is no connection via FMCA, what do the rest of you do? Thanks Michael
  2. mwking

    Road Atlas

    I got an email this morning about the new edition of the Road Atlas, and that sounded like something I should have, so I queued one up in my shopping cart, for the reasonable price of $17. Then I discovered the least costly shipping is $17.72 - $0.72 MORE THAN THE BOOK. Sorry, but I don't think it's a $34.72 value in today's world.
  3. I am using a Rhino hose, so I will check those dimensions. Not really interested in a big project to build something - the joy of this Valterra gizmo is that I just have to screw it on. This is for a Class C, so there's no pass-thru bay to put this in. Also means I don't have to worry about any drips since this is going under the coach. I do always rinse, but still... Thanks for the thoughts!
  4. My Coachmen Leprechaun (33' 319MB) on an E450 chassis does't have any secure (ie NOT the bumper) place that looks like it's designed to hold the sewer hose. Why companies don't build that in is a puzzlement to me since we all have one. I have a small storage compartment I have dedicated to all things sewer-related, and that works ok but not great. I see Valterra sells just what I think I want - EZ Hose Carrier (http://www.valterra.com/product/adjustable-ez-hose-carrier-50-94-white-boxed/?pcat_id=1747), So now the trick is where to put it under the coach. Is there anyone who has done this? I'm curious where you put it (looks like there's a place behind the rear wheels), and how you liked the result? Or do you all just use the square bumper tube? Thanks!
  5. I got the recommended spray (thank you Amazon) have done the lubrication process, just like the guy in the video described. Also did the retiming process. Could be the placebo effects, or inhaling a bit of that lube spray working on my brain, but seems like the slides go in and out more smoothly now. Part of my problem was probably the facacta space I was in when this started - nice county park near Phoneix, but the space had a huge slope back to front, more than my jack system could deal with. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi, Working at catching up with some small maintenance issues - one of these is for my Quadra Big Foot (Leprechaun 319MB Coach) leveling system. The "manual" (more like a pamphlet) says: "Limit Switches Maintenance: Spray clevis pin with Teflon Spray or apply grease again. You should annually detach the limit switch assembly and re-grease the ball." First, I"m not sure what they mean by "Limit Switches" - maybe those are the devices that detect the jack being fully raised? There are no pictures, and nothing around what I think are the limit switches that looks to me like a "clevis pin." but there is a small rod that comes down from the electrical part of the limit switch that the jack foot touches when it's raised. Are they telling me to spray that rod, aka clevis pin, annually? If not that, what? Thanks!
  7. Sounds like a good tip - thanks Bill.
  8. Hi, With about 12,000 miles on the chassis, I've started having some problems getting the larger slide in my 'living room' (Coachmen Leprechaun 319MB) retracted, and occasionally extended. Generally, the rear drive seems to bind on something and freezes, requiring me to work it back and forth a time or two. Seems to have something to do with how level and evenly supported the chassis is, but I've not doped out exactly what makes it work or not work. I've found the Lippert/Schwintek YouTubes on lubrication and resynchronizing/retiming, I have ordered the right lube, and I'll do both of those procedures shortly. I've also learned I have not been holding the button down long enough when extending - OEM manuals & PDI were useless in this area. So questions: 1. The lube procedure didn't say anything about lubricating the tracks. I know you wouldn't want to use something gummy that would trap dirt/grit, but what about some dry Teflon lube??? 2. Anyone else had this happen? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks, Michael
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