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  1. Pete

    Cummins Service

    Thank you, for the information Herman! I had contacted the Wichita location previously, and the receptionist indicated they didn't work on RVs, But I will call the Tulsa location!😀
  2. Pete

    Cummins Service

    Currently in the southeast corner (Broken Bow), but planning n eventually heading up I 35 to Wichita KS.
  3. Pete

    Cummins Service

    Hi Folks, Noticed the string and wondered if anyone had recommendations for getting my 2005 Monico with a Cummins 330 ISL Serviced, I am currently traveling in Oklahoma and would like a reference if anyone has one? Thanks, Pete
  4. Thanks for the responses, the fuel consumption went way up( less miles per gallon) there was no noticeable loss of power, it ran fine, the coach has 84,000 miles on it, I don't have a copy of the records.
  5. I have a 2005 Monaco Knight with a Cummins ISC 330 with a Allison 3000MH 6 speed Transmission. I had been traveling for about 6 hrs towing a jeep liberty when my fuel consumption went way down and my Turbo booster gauge needle began bouncing all over the dial, All the other gauges looked fine, the coach was handling normally, I got to a good stopping point and set up for a stay, any thoughts on what I need to consider? I am new to running a diesel coach so I would appreciate some advice. Thanks! Pete
  6. I know this sounds a little bit anal, but I wanted to be sure that when I mix up the 6 + gallons of bleach and water for a 100 gallon tank and pour it in to the tank to sanitize the system, my tank should be full of water to get the correct 50 ppm? Thanks again for a response😁
  7. Just a update, and a word of thanks to everyone who commented, problem solved! I was able to clean out the pump filter and solved the blockage, and I am in the process of sanitizing the fresh water tank. Thanks again! Pete
  8. My first time using the forum, hope I am doing this right! I am new to Motorhome RVing, we bought a nice 2005 Monaco Knight, and noticed a strong odor from the water being used in the coach after filling the fresh water tank in a RV Park and began using the water, we then traveled on to another Park, since we were in a new campground I used the pump to drain most of the water from the then 1/3 full fresh water tank and then refilled the tank. (Probably not the best idea to use the pump to do this?) On entering the coach we began running water through all faucets to "clear the old water from the lines, and immediately noticed the water pressure begin to dwindle down until now it is running at about 10% of the original pressure! I would appreciate any suggestions as to what has happened and how to approach this? I assume it is either a blockage from tank residue, or a damaged pump? Thank you in advance for any thoughts!
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