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  1. Jaxon

    Cummins Service

    Anyone have experience with the Cummins Sales and Service facility in Albuquerque, NM? My RV has a 450 M-11 and I'd like to get everything checked out and serviced. Is this a good facility with trustworthy service?
  2. We have never received squat from Fiat (surprise??). We did add the wiring harness and battery charger, go through 16 steps to prepare for tow and detach from tow (that's 16 times two). Had we known of this issue, we would have gone with another vehicle or kept our '98 Wrangler... This is on top of other issues with this Jeep and poor workmanship... Fiat has indeed bought Jeep and made it a... uh, a fiatsco... remember the K cars...? Revisited.
  3. Not to mention what you would be doing to the person who's buying it - baaad karma! Check out what your legal options are.... and document everything!
  4. We went through all the same routine from the dealership and even Jeep corporate. We finally got our wiring harness installed and added a battery charger (powered through the #6 pin of the umbilical cord from the coach). So... we're set up with an AirForce1 braking system and RoadMaster tow on our '17 Jeep Cherokee Limited. The cost of all this and the aggravation not only in making sure we have all necessary components to tow but more so, in the steps required to hitch up and unhitch, make me regret selling our '98 Wrangler. All we had to do to tow it was wire the lights/brakes and hook it up (using BlueOx). Because of it's weight, we didn't need an auxiliary braking system... hitching & unhitching was easy-peasy...
  5. Our vote would be to keep FMCA "Motor Coach".... or... "you dance with them that brung ya". Towables, as we all know, are very different than a motor coach which I'm assuming was one reason the organization was started in the first place. If the issue is membership then come up with marketing strategies to address that. Changing the basis of the organization is certainly an easy way to temporarily increase membership but in my mind, it also changes the organization - membership-wise, mission & objective and purpose-focus. But then, we become just another RV group competing for the same market.
  6. Have heard several people changing to the Samsung both with Foretravels and Country Coaches - much better refrigeration. Keeps contents cold while on the road due to superior insulation. Main benefit is no need to worry about the potential fire hazard and the frequent recall of recalls Norcold’s famous for. Pay attention to Brett’s post.
  7. We got the R-M GPS about a year and a half ago and have been less than satisfied with it. The RV or car option, shortest route or faster route options don’t seem to make any difference as often times, on the shortest route, rv option, it has taken us on a long, circuitous route that had we simply traveled a little further forward, then turned, we would of been in the same place. It is as if they combined together several different data bases but did not integrate them well at all. On one occasion while traveling in PA, we had the GPS on RV option but yet, it took us on a country road with a bridge 2 feet lower that the coach height - fortunately there was a side street we could get off on. It OFTEN TIMES gets the location mixed up as to what side of the street the business is on... As mentioned, we have had it for over a year and have had no updates - have checked but none offered. When will be shopping around for another GPS unit.
  8. Has any one had experience with Iron Horse RV in San Antonio, TX? We’re in need of some body work and understand they have a paint-body shop in addition to general RV maintainence. Thanks! Bill
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