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  1. Hi Arthur, Actually, on your Google map Starbuck is labeled Limerock. I'm not sure why. The grounds considers it Starbuck. You'll also find that Google considers Larry Walker Parkway to be Golden Isles Parkway on its maps. I'm not sure who is in charge of naming roads down there. We will have plenty of signage on the road to make sure you turn in the right one. We ask folks to follow the directions we provide instead of Google maps or other directions apps because we have run the routes and know the street names as you will see them driving in. If you have other questions, send them to convention@fmca.com or visit FMCA.com/Events and click on the Information Central tab. Have a great day! Doug Uhlenbrock Director of Events
  2. This is my first post on any blog. I have read the thread and I think it is all like what Shakespeare said,,,,,, “Much to do about nothing”. As your President I have read and know our Constitution, ByLaws, Policies and Procedures, and Employee Handbook from over to cover. Everything pertaining to the redesign of the FMCA magazine was done properly and legally. Your Association has very clear policies and rules on what decisions staff, Members, Executive Board, and the Governing Board can do. I guarantee tp all of you that everything done at FMCA is done “by the rules”. If any member, chapter, or Area thinks something is not done properly there is even a lawful process to handle that. We even have and I endorse this blog......but just keep it on track and civil. Jon Walker. FMCA President
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