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  1. I am interested in jumping onto the TechConnect AT&T plan. However, I would appreciate knowing beforehand if the AT&T Moxie can be tethered to the WifiRanger GoAC Router with a USB cable. Has anyone done this and what was your experience? Thanks!
  2. There is actually more info to add to my original post above. The LCI Level Up Manual does not provide "clarity" for the "Manual Override Procedure". What the manual doesn't tell you is that for the "un-initiated" people like me, there are four valves on the pump assembly, one for each jack. With the pump assembly facing you, the two valves you see are actually for the front two jacks. The valves for the two rear jacks are behind or opposite the two visible valves on the front! The instructions only tell you to rotate one valve with a 5/32 hex tool and then power the pump with a hand drill. That only moves one jack up front. Just beware! There are some good videos on YouTube.com that show you the manual override procedure. One is from Thor Industries, and there are more from LCI. Just search on LCI Manual Override and you will find them.
  3. I like living in Florida! Just a sales tax to pay at the time of sale on any vehicle. My Florida tag fee for our coach was about $65 this year. I turned down a job offer in Virginia two years ago when I found out what Virginia was going to do to my wallet for the "privilege" of owning a motorhome! No thanks...Virginia is for Lovers....not motorhome owners!
  4. We use an Aukey HD Dashcam in our coach. Mounted center on the windshield, it captures nearly 180 degree Field of View. With a 64GB MicroSD card, it records hours of video in 10 minute files, before it loops back over the older files. The reason I got the Dashcam was because of the idiots out there who hate motorhomes getting in their way! I have had many cut me off and do the "brake check" thing in front of me to scare me, or get even with me for getting in the way. No worries, it is all on video and can be used as evidence. I also have the GPS attachment/antenna hooked up to record lat/long, elevation, speed, and direction.
  5. Curious about drone operation on the Georgia Fairground property. Nothing mentioned on their web site about drones, nothing mentioned by FMCA. I am well versed in drone "rules" and do have an FAA Registration on file for my drone. The convention site is well outside the 5 mile arc from the nearest airport (Warner-Robins AFB)...actually about 16 miles away! If there isn't any rule prohibiting the use of drones on the property, I would like to fly mine and get some video and stills from the air.
  6. Doug, we need a "FMCA Perry, Georgia 2021" Sub-Forum established!
  7. Thanks Doug! Limerock is really Starbucks....
  8. I received my "Confirmation Package" yesterday. I was reading the instructions for arriving into the 30/50Amp Full Hookups area. When I turn south from Golden Isles Pkwy onto Elko Road, we are supposed to turn right at "Starbucks Road/Lane". Google Maps does not show which one is Starbucks! I attached a snipped photo of the Goggle Map, and labeled two unnamed streets as "1" and "2". can someone tell me which by number which is "Starbucks"?
  9. Have you checked on Toyo? I have two that came with my coach on the front axle and they are really nice tires. They cost probably half what you pay for a Michelin.
  10. f474120

    2016 Winnebago Adventurer 37F

    Our 2016 Winnebago Adventurer 37F
  11. We have AT&T TV which uses the internet to stream pretty much the same channel lineup that is offered by AT&T DirecTV. The small box you get from AT&T TV can connect to your hotspot wireless or with a wire. Also, you get an app on your smartphone that you can use to watch AT&T TV on the phone or by connecting the phone to a tv. On my iPhone 8 +, I use a HDMI adapter cable to connect the phone to the TV and essentially the iphone APP becomes the TV tuner.
  12. I just wanted to post this to the "knowledge base" for someone to benefit from in the future! My problem is solved! Last weekend, we went to a local RV Resort just to get some use out of the coach. I leave the jacks down while the coach is in storage (makes the coach a bit harder to steal if you don't have the keys to raise the jacks!). The LCI jacks raised up without any problems. After arrival at the RV Resort, I parked and hit the "AutoLevel" button on the LCI panel. The jacks started to lower and then I got a bunch of blinking on the panel with a low voltage error and the panel went dead. Sometimes, after turning the coach engine off and cranking it up again, I would get a flicker of life from the LCI panel only to go dead again. I checked all fuses I could find under the dash, and in the outside cargo bay near the door. No fuses appeared to be popped and needed to be reset. Only one jack had lowered, the Left rear jack. The other three jacks were still up. The "Chassis" battery was putting out 12.9 volts, adequate to power the LCI Jack System with the engine running and the parking brake set. A guy next to me walked over and asked me what was wrong. I explained the problem to him and he told me that sometimes these LCI Jack Systems need to be reset, simply by unplugging the power cable to the pump and reconnecting it. He showed me how to do it and the LCI Jack System came alive, the left rear jack raised itself back up. All is now good! So, the solution to a dead LCI Control panel might be to disconnect and reconnect the power cable next to the pump. I will try and get a photo later to illustrate where to find this cable next to the pump. I am driving a 2016 Winnebago Adventurer 37F.
  13. Stay at West Yellowstone, MT in one of RV Parks there. You are just outside the West Entrance to Yellowstone, a beautiful morning drive along the Madison River to the Geyser Basin. Then. you can leave northbound on US-191 into Montana on your way to Glacier.
  14. Here is a news flash.....Dish and Directv might be merging! I recently read the FCC would not object to the merger. It may be up to DOJ now to decide next.
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