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  1. Yes, I have looked on the generator. The slot is there for the hourmeter on the control panel, but no hour meter. Nothing inside the coach either. Thought it might be in the control panel in the back, but been through all the options on the screen and nothing about gen hours there. Strange that no hour meter installed, I think.
  2. My 2006 Neptune did not come with an hour meter---at least not one I can find anywhere. The slot is there for one on the 5.5 Onan HDABK , but no meter. Anybody else have the same problem on a Neptune? If there is not one, where would be the best place to add one?
  3. I haven't done it yet, but had thought about the DC welding current. I thought it might be a good enough to just kill the master switches before I had the welding done. The bolts were welded on at one point..... I reinstalled it using the two remaining bolts and then used a couple of my heavy duty flexible duct straps to secure the other two points to the frame. It's not going anywhere. I think I just might leave it like that, and just be resigned to needing two duct straps every time I change the oil filter. Again, thanks for the support!
  4. Thanks very much for all the opinions. I've decided I'm going to find a welder and get him to tack some more bolts on the frame and I'll go ahead and reinstall it. It's there, so might as well put it back on. Again, THANKS for the help!!!
  5. That's totally what I thought. Although this unit was bought in DEEP South Texas and only has 15K miles I don't think it went to Alaska, but it MAY have gone South into Mexico. I'm going to leave it off. It sure looked jury-rigged to me the way it was attached. Since this is my first DP just wanted to check. Thanks so much for replying!!!
  6. Any Neptune owners out there... Do you have a "cage" installed under the engine? Mine has one that looks aftermarket and attaches to the frame with 4, 5/16th bolts that have been welded (tacked) to the frame. Appears the previous owner backed up over something and the "cage" got bent up and a couple of the bolts were sheared off. I just was interested in knowing if other Neptune owners found this "cage". It appears that it will help keep something from being thrown up into the engine belt and radiator. I had to remove it to be able to get to the engine oil filter and fuel filters. I attached a picture of it. Need to know if I need to get a welder to reattach some bolts to the frame and reinstall it now that I have it mostly straightened out. Thanks in advance!
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