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  1. We have had Good Sam for three years. First year, we like you, didn't need their services. Second year I had my tires rotated and rebalanced at a local shop on a Tuesday. Following Saturday after the wife had packed the coach for a weekend trip I discovered on my pre-trip inspection that my inside rear dually was flat. A result of the tire guy not replacing the cross over flexible air valve extension on properly, thus letting all the air out of my tire. Well, I called GS as we were dead in the water and after about an hour I was told I would have to wait until the following Monday for repairs to be made. Furious I asked why the delay and I was told no local assistance could be found on the weekend. More furious by now I asked "What if I were stuck on the side of I-40?" They stated because my coach was in a secure location i.e. my driveway that that is how it works. Granted the person on the other end of the phone was very courteous and professional with me but none the less I was not getting what I was promised when I signed up. GS said they would continue to search for some help for me which eventually did happen about another hour and a half later. By then I had luckily gotten the local tire guy on the phone and they as a good will gesture sent their roadservice guy out to rectify my (their) problem. Of course I had to get furious with them as well for presenting me with a $165 bill after I had already paid them $268 for the alignment and rotation/rebalance. The tire guy relented on the $165 bill to keep my business. As a footnote, after complaining to upper management with GS they gave me 6 months of free membership for the inconvenience. I did have a blow out this past summer on the way to the beach, called GS WITHOUT any problems and was on my way within an hour. I have since purchased a new set of tires for the coach. Will I renew, yes.
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