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  1. REI60

    carfax or not

    Thanks everyone for the help
  2. REI60

    carfax or not

    Looking at Class A motor home Winnebago 2013 model year. Who do I use to do a background check on a clas A ? Does car fax do RVs? Any info will be appreciated. Thank you
  3. I tow a 2017 Equinox V6 AWD. I had the so called trickle charge on the toad attached to the 12v hot wire on 7 pin plug. The toad battery would go dead. Never had that issue when I towed a Honda Fit. Local dealer told me the ON Star system was always searching on the Equinox even with fuse 32 pulled. Old. I wound up running a line off of chassis battery to the toad. Fused it and no more dead battery on toad.We travel in a I2013 Istaca 33c. Never had chassis battery problems
  4. 1-20-20 Got Sprint hot spot 3 weeks ago. Left Knoxville Tn area for Cape Canaveral Fl area. Hot spot worked fine till we got into campground here at Cape Canaveral. MIFI8000 showed 1 bar and wanted to roam. Sprint coverage map showed good coverage at campground. I contacted FMCA and they told me as long as it showed yellow coverage on Sprint Map it was ok to say yes to the "Domestic Roaming " message. It was in coverage zone for Sprint. Once it went to roaming I was downloading at 6 meg, Not great but ok for my use. Hope FMCA guy was correct on the domestic roaming message. I have ATT in the car and it is about the same speed. Any input on the domestic roaming would be great
  5. Update Brett called just after 5pm. He had found someone at Sprint. They located the order. Arrival is tomorrow. I entered the tracking number. Shipping from Ky to me in east Tennessee. Showed shipped a few hrs before call came from FMCA. Hope it makes the few hundred mile trip.
  6. Has anyone had issues getting a timely delivery from Sprint when ordering their hot spot through FMCA? Ordered on 12/27/19. No info on who or if it had shipped as on 1-2-20. Spoke to Brett after numerous tries. They have no idea either. How has everyone else's experience gone with a Sprint order ? UPDATE 1-3-20 Sprint hot spot arrived today. Powered on and signal was flashing between 1 and 2 bars. According to Sprint map and their local store here before I ordered I should be having a max out signal. Appears Sprint coverage maps at least for East Tn appear to be generous in showing coverage. I also have noticed that the data usage says I have 9.5 g of data left. Since this is UNLIMITED is this something I need to be concerned with?? Also has anyone tried the small accessory antennas they have for these that is suppose to help in getting a better signal ?? Am going to Port Canaveral area and maps there show good connection also. Has anyone been in this area with the MIFI 8000 from Sprint? Also how about Homestead Fl area? Thanks.
  7. I had questions concerning Direc Tv standard broadcast also. Spoke with a Direc Tv specialist this morning 4/5/2019. Actually someone here in the USA.They actually called me. Told him I had a winegard in motion unit and was using a h20 receiver. I wanted to know what was happening with the standard def signals. His reply was. If you have a high def receiver you will still have tv reception. He referenced my H20 and h24 and HR24 receivers as still usable. I will find out in a few weeks when we head out if his info was good.
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