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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate the input... Since most Class A's don't carry spares, how much on-site value (from RA) would you actually see if you in fact had a flat? Seems like the best alternative is to get towed, flat and all, to a repair facility.. Am I reading this correctly?
  2. Greetings All; My wife and I are embarking on a new Class A journey. I've read a lot of material on this forum regarding Roadside Assistance and there seems to be a few good options out there. My main question and concern is tire service... If we get a flat or worse yet destroy a tire on the road, do these programs provide: 1 - The road side call? 2 - A replacement tire or tire/rim? 3 - Changing the bad tire/rim? I can deal with a lot of RV stuff, plumbing, electrical, etc. but as the most of you, we do not carry a spare and do not have the tools necessary to change one in the field. Who is the best for this kind of issue? Thanks! Joel
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