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  1. Okay, thanks for all of the advise. Just to be clear, because I think that I was not, I am not using the coach air power to inflate the tires. I have a separate Portable compressor but it does not have a 120v Plug. It has alligator clips because it is designed to work off a 12v battery instead of plugging it in. I will just run my engine to ensure that I don't drain my battery.
  2. Hello, I am curious about whether or not my Chassis Batteries are being charged when connected to shore power or if the Alternator is the only way to charge them. I have a 2018 Integra Insignia and I have been camping for a week plugged in to 50amp shore power. I want to top off my tires before we leave on Saturday and the compressor I have runs off batteries via cable clamps. The compressor instruction say to ensure that the vehicle is running so you don't drain your batteries. I was wondering if in my case this is necessary to fire up my coach to inflate the tires or if being connected to shore power I will be fine to run my compressor. I would hate to find I killed my batteries when its time to leave! Thanks for any help. I am new and still learning so I have a lot of questions!
  3. Thanks for the replies. No currently I don't have a computer system. Just a new Entegra coach and I bought the Tire Minder system for it to monitor the tire pressure.
  4. First I apologize if this topic has been covered but I searched and didn't see anything. My question is about Dual Rear Wheel equalizer systems for valve stems. I have seen these available from a couple different manufactures and was wondering if there were any opinions on these. Are they worth it? Do they work well? If they are worth it is there a particular brand recommended? It seems to me to make sense to have only one valve stem to inflate both tires and maintaining equal pressure between the tires also seems like a no brainer but I thought i would look for some opinions before I made any purchases. I also run a TPMS sensor system on my rig and currently only have 6 sensors, I put them on the front and drive wheels but need to buy two for the tag, if I run one of the equalizer systems it seems that I will only need 6 sensors so I will save a little on sensors if I get one of these equalizer set-ups. Thanks in advance for any advise.
  5. Hello, I have a question as a beginner that I was hoping somebody could answer. I just took my new diesel morothome out for a week long trip and visited a coupe of different campgrounds. My coach is equipt with a Lippert Automatic leveling system. As expected some campgrounds have very level sites and some not so much. I stayed for a night in a gravel site that was just a little lower in the front than in the rear so my front jacks were extended more than the rear, however we were completely level. I noticed the coach next to us with a similar site drove the front of his coach up on blocks and then used his jacks. When I walked around the campground I saw some similar situations. My question is, why? If I am correct the jacks will still have to retract the same amount if the coach is up on blocks. IF the blocks were under the jacks I guess I would understand but under the tires? Is it maybe better for the suspension and bags to not have to hang as far? Well, I am a little new to this coming from a fifth wheel so I thought I would inquire. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. Yes, mine is a 2018 but I bought it new, I am the original owner and got a great deal because of the year. I’m sure it’s working properly but I have to bring it in soon for something else and I’ll ask. When it’s running and at ride height there is about 2” between the top of the tire and the fender but when I shut down, soon after the tier is inside of the fender. Is this supposed to happen? Not sure as this is my first coach upgrading from a fifth wheel. I might be overthinking some things but unfortunately that’s in my nature. 😀 thanks for all the replies.
  7. Hello, I have a question regarding my new Entegra Insignia. This motorhome is my first Diesel Coach so this is all pretty new to me. When I shut down my Coach and get out I hear the airbags start to deflate slowly and within about 10 min the motorhome has lowered with the tires inside of the wheel wells. Is this supposed to happen? I imagine that overtime the bags would deflate but should it begin as soon as I shut down or are they supposed to stay filled for a while? The reason I ask is because I will want to do some of my own maintenance and I would not fit under if it is not aired up. If this is the case then I guess my only option is to do any work underneath while the motorhome is on the Jacks? By maintenance i mean small things like lubricating the Drive Shaft and small items like that. Just want to make sure things are working as they should before I go back to the dealer looking stupid. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. With mine when it’s in Neutral and the parking brake is off it buzzes regardless if I have my foot on the brake or not. I can leave it in Neutral with the PB on and it stops but when I have it in Neutral and release the PB even with my foot on the auxiliary break it starts buzzing. Maybe I have to press harder or maybe this is the way it’s supposed to function but I’ll take the advice below and make sure my brake lights are functioning for sure!
  9. Thanks Manholt. I did a little more research and found this in my owners manual. Looks like anytime the trans is in neutral and the parking brake is not applied there will be a buzzer and anytime the vehicle is in drive and the parking brake is still applied there will be a buzzer. Looks like I will just have to get used to it between changing from park to drive.
  10. Hello, I have a question that may sound totally stupid but its been bugging me. I just bought a new Entegra Motorhome and coming from a Fifth Wheel I am still very green and learning. My question is about the Parking Brake and the warning signal. When I start the engine and prepare to shift into Drive I step on the brake, release the parking brake and select the drive option. My concern is that as soon as i release the parking brake the warning buzzer starts going off. As soon as i select drive it goes away. Is this the way its supposed to work? I would think that as long as my foot is on the brake pedal I wouldn't have to deal with the buzzer in between the Parking brake and selecting drive. Makes me feel like I have to rush and hurry after releasing the brake and selecting drive. If this is normal than thats fine but I was hoping for some validation that I was doing things correct and there were no issues with the rig.
  11. No not during the PDI, after delivery I had somebody go over the rig, not a dealer employee. Either way problem resolved. I had brought it back for another service concern and one of the mechanics got it off. Loosened the cap and pried like heck with the rubber end of his pliers. He said he never had one stuck like that before. thanks for all of the advice
  12. 2018 but never sold. It’s new even though it’s a 2018
  13. Great, thanks for all of the helpful tips!
  14. Thank for the help. I will give it a try!
  15. Hello, I just purchased a new Entegra Motorhome with a Spartan Chassis and a Cummings ISL 8.9L Diesel. I had somebody going around it with me to go over some safety items and when we opened the engine bay and went to inspect the Hydraulic Fluid for the Power Steering Reservoir the cap would not come off. It would turn and turn but as it did the metal bolt in the center of the cap seemed to get continuously more loose. After a few turns I tried to pull off the cap but no good. I am assuming this bolt is the Dip stick but the gentleman helping me said that he would not try turning anymore for fear of this falling into the reservoir. Has anybody experienced this before and is it okay to keep turning?
  16. Okay, thanks Rich. That makes a whole lot more sense!
  17. I have a couple questions about torquing my lug nuts. I just bought a 45ft Entegra Insignia and the owners manual says that the lugnuts should be torqued from 450-500 every 50-150 miles. Is it really necessary to torque them that often? Seems unreasonable unless I misunderstand. Also, what is the cheapest tool I can purchase to accomplish this? My torque wrench only goes up to 200 pounds Thanks in advance for any help or advise.
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