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  1. We'll be by ourselves Herman. To the extent that there might be a luanch service, I would head in that direction otherwise, it looks like I'll be giving it a shot.
  2. We're heading out to Lake Mohave for a 4 day weekend and plan on towing/launching a 23 foot Scarab (about 4,000 lbs) with our 38 Dutch Star DP from the back. I've seen it done and it appears to be a reasonable proposition if done carefully. Saw this at another (boat) forum as well. https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/need-advice-on-launching-a-boat-with-a-motorhome.131679/ Applogies if I'm inappropriately cutting in on this thread.
  3. Well, just got off the phone with Amazon. They said they would give me a full refund or, if I want to keep the tires, a partial refund of $500. I took the $500.
  4. Thanks Wolfe, you're right. Looks like October 2017. I'm likely going to look for some partial recompense however, I really need the tires and am inclined to keep them. Thanks.
  5. You are right Jim, it's a Newmar Dutch Star model number 3894. Thank you. The Michelins are shot regardless of the age. There are cracks on all of them. I ordered the new tires and they came today. Will have them installed this weekend or next. Local tire guy I've been going to for years will do it for $240, including the balancing. Got another quote from a bigger shop nearby and they want $300. Unfortunately, I ordered the new tires without much thought to the date code. The last 4 DOT numbers are P627. I'm assuming 2017 but am not sure. Regardless, I bought them on Amazon so, if I'm unhappy, there may be recourse. Any thoughts?
  6. Hi, Mine is a 2001 38 Newmar/Dutchman pusher. Bought it late last year and not entirely sure what the model number is. Older Michelin 275/80/22.5 tires currently on it.
  7. Im going to give these 275/80/22.5 Pirelli Driver IIs a shot as well. When shipping is taken into account, it looks like Amazon (prime) is the better price. They will deliver 6 to your door for $1,800 with 5% off if you use their credit card.
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