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  1. Oh ya! And I love the condiment (beer) as well, I don't think you could balance that meal any much better. btw...nice claws
  2. I thought I smelt armadillo on the lawn....😛. That's where we stayed, at Parkers Cove....lol. The pic at the beginning of this page was across the street from the lobsta place.
  3. That's a good feed., We loved Digby, went there a few times. If in that area again we found this German restaurant in Annapolis Royal called the Sachsen Cafe. Good food and bakery, I got to speak a little German with the owners. Jagerschnitzel and Gulasch soup was fantastic. https://www.germanbakery.ca/
  4. Anybody see or have a set up like this?
  5. This is different. I like it. Too bad our boat is bigger. I think once the toad is off the top section lowers.
  6. I hope she likes Tequila!
  7. If anyone is interested there is a great seafood festival at Hampton this weekend. We be there doing the field thing.
  8. http://www.kancamagushighway.com/ In NH.
  9. Is this an annual event? Cook extra pork chops next year.
  10. I seemed to have missed the date and place for the cook off?? The menu is looking goood!
  11. It was very nice. We stayed at Ocean Cove Campground. Right on the bay and very quiet. Closet town was Digby which we visited a few times. Best scallops anywhere. Learned a few road tips: Never sleep at a service plaza on the highway, always take the ferry when available and the 2 Walmarts (Moncton NB and Augusta, ME) were good stops for the night. Glad I got towing the toad on the dolly for the 1st time done. Now thats what i call a low tide.
  12. Leaving NS on the ferry tomorrow morning. Very nice here.
  13. Left NH last night instead. Stopped for the night at a 24 hr service plaza outside Augusta. Towing the toad for the 1st time. I'm ready to rock.
  14. This Saturday morning. I have a couple of "important" questions: Where to buy beer and wine? In NH it's at a grocery store, gas stations, etc. Where to buy liquor? Here it's at a NH state liquor store. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the intel report. I'll probably need a day at the final destination to flush out the caffeine.
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