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  1. Lmao...it's seasonal. I need a beer and a shot. A few of those and it will look like paradise mirage.
  2. Nice....not. No picnic table, fire pit or cable. If I go any higher on the dump side it won't go uphill. Let's see what happens in the next couple of hours. Stopped at office on my way in. Waiting for someone to show up. We are not impressed.
  3. Geez, no answer either way. DW wants to go there this afternoon. Hopefully we can come to a resolution and just level the site.
  4. I just sent them an email and DW is going to call later today. She will tell them how it is, yikes. DW would just swing it in my direction. I don't duck as well as I used to.
  5. Probably stuck in traffic in NJ.......
  6. Imma going with a $@#%load of 2x10's under the tires on one side. Have to lift the tires off the ground just for a few. Yikes!!
  7. If I shake my head there may be a few in there!
  8. lol @ Framingham Bill. I spent a lot of nights passed out in the car there. The route 9 experience in the 80's.
  9. We have a FR GT XL369. Only issue was a roof replacement under a recall. Other than that the "nut" can't be tightened behind the steering wheel.
  10. Shovel work.....how vulgar, lol. I wasa thinking that. It is on the option list. As far as lifting I was a little concerned lifting the rear off the ground for a spell. Then the bottom step is like a foot off the ground. Ahhhhh.... KOA's......
  11. Quick question...I think. So weesa got a seasonal site in Maine that is wicked uneven. Can I raise one side of the MH (passenger side) so that the wheels are off the ground then shim it up and lower it back then auto level? What a PIA! Thanks, David
  12. That must be freaking awesome flying in and looking out the window!
  13. Are you ready to go? Is your route planned? We plan on doing this in about 2+ years. My GPS always says "You can't get there from here".,.......... DW says just floor it!
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