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  1. Anyone tailgating in their RV this weekend?
  2. pann25, How did you make out finding a driver?
  3. I got the t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat and an empty bottle of Tylenol and Tequila!! lol
  4. When your MH is somewhere between point A and point B and you have no idea where, that can be a bit stressful. I know.
  5. Thanks for all yer input. Guess I'll pass and get a disco ball instead. We like to dance when RVing.
  6. If it was very noisy I don't have a use for it either. It must help with the fumes though?
  7. https://www.campingworld.com/camco-gen-turi-generator-exhaust-venting-system-14041.html Would like to know how good it works.
  8. I launched from a ladder using one. One if the reasons for an electric. Small jobs, don’t need excessive psi. Saw some at lowes today that looked ok. What is too much pressure? Looking at 1500-2200 psi, adjustable.
  9. DW said get a power washer for the coach. Then she adds all the other items, shutters, deck, etc. I was looking at the smaller electric ones. Gas is out of the equation. I saw some on amazon that look pretty good. Nice and light and easy to move around. Bombard me with suggestions.
  10. I didn't get a chance to wash, cover or park in it's winter spot. Other than that they fixed everything and more. Roof looks great they even installed the extended gutters, the cameras finally work all the time so far. The couch extension roller was replaced because of a shoddy weld. They put down a piece of carpet under it, I guess peeps were complaining that the roller eventually started leaving marks on the floor, can't really see it. Then I completely forgot about 2 cabinets pistons that were ripped out because they were too tight. They replaced those. When I did pick it up the door piston was snapped off but Campers Inn fixed that. Except for communication it went well. I can finally sleep at night knowing our investment is in the driveway, maybe sleep through the winter.....ya right.
  11. Then there are the lackas: LOM- Lack of motivation, I suffer from that often LOI- Lack of intelligence, usually the other driver
  12. So the coach made it to NH and it's waiting for an oil change. Geez what a cluster @#$% trying to find out where it was. FR wouldn't give me the transport company name until I said Imma gonna report it stolen. Then Isa called that place and they knew nothing, then isa called Campers Inn and they called me back and said it's here. Oh what a relief it is. Yard is clear to park it due to rain and warm temps. NOW I can go into hibernation.
  13. What stinks is we have about 14" of snow that's now pretty much frozen. I have to deal with where to park it.
  14. They would have to sleep on the couch or floor as I removed the mattress before it left NH.
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