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  1. And don't forget those batteries....I just found all mine dead this weekend. Sucks trying to climb in with no steps
  2. Imma into day 10 of quitting smoking. Everything is a PIA.
  3. Three One easy step to joining an FMCA chapter: Go right to step 4 Find a chapter that interests you using the Chapter Search and request information from the group. NO WAY TO REQUEST INFO FOR CAPE CODDERS Check the Association Calendar for dates, times and locations of upcoming chapter rallies, and then visit a chapter of interest to you. Most FMCA chapter rallies are open to all members. NOTHING LISTED Contact FMCA's Chapter Services department by e-mailing chapters@fmca.com or calling (800) 543-3622 to learn more. DID THIS BEFORE NO REPLY Start your own chapter even if you are the only member.
  4. We "were" scheduled in April on Carnivals new Mardi Gras. Guess it will be old by the time we get the chance again. We are going to wait until next year to book. Looks like the only cruising will be in the bay.
  5. We kind of expected it and it happened, this years cruise got canceled. That's 2 in a row. We got $600 on board credit last year and another offer for another $600. We decided to get the 100% refund this time and spend it else where.
  6. My wife, Lucia, is from Santo Espírito, Santa Maria. She was born and raised there. You never know maybe the queens are related somehow. Let me know if you ever head this way. We know of some good Portuguese markets, bakeries and restaurants in Fall River. We stay stocked with all those goodies.
  7. She was raised in Santa Maria Acores, almost all of there food came from the ocean. They know how to eat and cook it in everyway possible. I don't eat the heads though but have fried up dozens. When she is done you can't tell that was 1/2 a fish...lol. Most all in her family can separate the bones in their mouth and spit them out later, then bring the shellfish into it and you need wet weather gear. btw....I have cabin fever bad.
  8. Funny thins is that I cannot bring home fish without a heads, wife is Portuguese, or it will be mine in the frying panela.
  9. Imma going to do the "Tog and Hog" this weekend. A Buzzards Bay saying. Tautog and Quahogs. Tautog feeds thru the winter and eats mostly crab so it is an excellent tasting fish.
  10. 1 peck or basket is the limit. Need to gauge them also. Our "hogs" never make it to the stuffin stage. Wife is always smashing them together to open almost as fast as imma diggin.
  11. https://www.savebuzzardsbay.org/news/how-to-dig-for-quahogs-in-buzzards-bay/ If you need to know what quahogging is.
  12. Big time scramble. Talk about anxiety to the max Everything is in storage. The cape has a fold out table, plastic chairs and a blow up mattress also a Christmas tree set up that was left in the shed. The queen and I will be hiding out there for the holidays. I even got all the equipment to go quahogging and stay dry and warm. Christmas blessings to all.
  13. We sold the main house in NH about a month ago. Big score on that one. The MH and the boat are at the cape. We put a ridiculous price on it and got full price offer in a week, closed 3 weeks later. Ching ching!
  14. Pre retirement location. When it's time (3 yrs) we will not be there in the winters. Come spring we will have 3 locations. The temp. apt. in NH. MH will be seasonal in NH and the cape house. We will move out of apt. and live in MH while cape house gets nuked! We just go there now on the weekends.
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