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  1. Maybe I'll just stick to the propane bottles and charcoal.
  2. I get confused with the connection hose from the MH quick disconnect to the grill as far as a regulator goes. That why I still use charcoal. I like that Weber.
  3. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    The cover is off. Took a ride down the driveway and parked it in it’s strategic get out town now spot. All systems good.
  4. DBenoit

    Texas winter weather

    Hmmmmm...Texas has a winter?
  5. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    They must be tasty! Actually I just looked it up after all these years, they travel like that looking for females who could eat them or mate. What a choice????
  6. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    I won't jump in until June. Grand kids don't care I've seen them jump in early May. Whats with the march of the Tarantula's. When I was Ft Hood, one night cruising drinking we saw all this black things moving in the road, we stopped and looked and it was mega T's all going the same direction. Kind of creepy,
  7. DBenoit

    Inflatable boats in MH

    Welcome! So do carry the 14' not inflated in your RV? How about the motor? I've seen them mounted on the rear ladder on a bracket.
  8. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Can’t remember, are the mosquito’s like the ones in Jumanji?
  9. DBenoit

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    I’ll have to look into measuring the output. Hopefully with a multimeter. That will be my morning search.
  10. DBenoit

    Hitch Drop for tow dolly

    I’ll have to hitch up and load at the road as the driveway goes down hill at a slight decline. Have to back MH down. I’m moving the MH to the driveway this weekend so I will do the measurements just to see if it’s close.
  11. DBenoit

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    Controllers is where I will mess up.
  12. Very confusing looking this up, does this seem right: Measure from top of MH receiver tube to ground (A) With tongue of tow dolly leveled, measure from bottom of coupler to ground (B) B - A=C If C is negative I need a drop, if C is positive I need a rise. I know it will be negative. Does that calculation sound about right?
  13. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Don't forget the crawly things that bite also.....OMG Tarantula's on the move...like thousands, black widows, scorpions, and them nasty inch worms or should I say them 6 inch worms.
  14. DBenoit

    I Am Not Solar Savvy

    Thanks for your input. The solar firm we were using for monitoring offered to "take them off our hands". Now I know why. I need to move them quickly and have no storage available. We'll see what happens in the next few days. We are having a new roof installed so they had to go and they are not interested replacing them, too bad.
  15. DBenoit

    Traveling with Cats

    Glad you got reunited. Did the chip have any use? We have one in our dog and registered with Home Again.