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  1. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    But it is a dry heat........I spent 2 yrs at Ft Hood. I never B & C'd about the heat, just the crawly things.
  2. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Mention the Texas temp say in 2 months...lol
  3. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    All I got left to do is the cover, but it's been raining like forever. Those Texans...always mentioning the temp. there throughout our winter season. Still need to cover boat and put plow and chains on tractor. Geez, we still got green leafs on the trees in my area.Should already be bare. Also the deer are like crazy running around, they do it all the time just before hunting season, then poof.
  4. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    No apologies needed RAYIN. Enjoy and embrace life with your loved one. I found my favorite flashlight in the compartment under the HW heater went I did the bypass. Been there since spring. Sorry DW for blaming you on taking it.....
  5. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Oh Ya, she reminds us all the time. I'll have to look into Brookfields. We are all over the place. Family was like rabbits.
  6. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    Get well RAYIN's DW. Don't do ice fishing. Fell through when I was a kid (6), cousin grabbed me, yanked me out then stripped me because she read it in her girl scout book. So there I am balky bare on some pond shivering until someone got there with a blanket. The only ice I will do is "on the rocks"
  7. DBenoit

    And so it begins.....Hybernation

    I think the clock is slowwww. 4 more years , lol, does that sound familiar?
  8. Ahhhhh. That time of year in New England. Plumbing all blew down, anti freeze going in tonight. Cover after that, then it's time for another cabin fever thread. David
  9. DBenoit

    New England snow & ice corrosives

    Yes. And they eat everything.
  10. DBenoit

    Something to avoid

    Definitely American Steel!
  11. DBenoit

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Back to Texas bugs. I found chiggers the hard way at Ft Hood. Then it was flea collars around the boots. My question is: What is with those locus bugs? I remember them everywhere at a certain time of the year. Then they all die and are piled up everywhere.
  12. All of you that have tow dollies....Do you have a spare tire for it? Just would like to know where you put it. In the toad? In the RV? Imma going to put it in the coach for now. There is not really a good place on the dolly itself. If you do have it mounted on the dolly, let's see a pic. David
  13. DBenoit

    She said,Lets get a Motorhome

    Welcome. I remember when my wife said that also and it's been nothing but enjoyable since, except when it's cabin fever weather in the Northeast.
  14. DBenoit

    Using MH as a back up

    Ok, had to drill to 450 ft for 5 gal/min. Having the MH as a back up is fan f tastic.
  15. DBenoit

    Using MH as a back up

    Our pump failed but the casing was junk so the pump is stuck. Won't come out or go back down. It was a better decision to drill another closer to the house. New- 50 ft., old- 1000 ft away. Going 400' down as well. I think the casing is bent because a lot of dynamite was used to clear the lots around our house. A lot of rock here. The Granite State.