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  1. DBenoit

    She said,Lets get a Motorhome

    Welcome. I remember when my wife said that also and it's been nothing but enjoyable since, except when it's cabin fever weather in the Northeast.
  2. DBenoit

    Using MH as a back up

    Ok, had to drill to 450 ft for 5 gal/min. Having the MH as a back up is fan f tastic.
  3. DBenoit

    Using MH as a back up

    Our pump failed but the casing was junk so the pump is stuck. Won't come out or go back down. It was a better decision to drill another closer to the house. New- 50 ft., old- 1000 ft away. Going 400' down as well. I think the casing is bent because a lot of dynamite was used to clear the lots around our house. A lot of rock here. The Granite State.
  4. DBenoit

    Using MH as a back up

    We lost our water well on Friday night. Nice to have the MH as a back up for showering. A new well is being drilled as I type. Using pool water to fill the toilets. I had to go to a local CG to fill my water tank as I don't want to owe any neighbors a favor, if you know what I mean. Anyone ever have to use their MH or other camper when something in the house goes kaput? David
  5. DBenoit

    George Washington Bridge

    We took the gamble and it paid off and went right over GW without steppin on da brake. It was early Sat. morning. I don't think I would try it again.
  6. DBenoit

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    Chocolate jerky?......lol
  7. DBenoit

    Who, What, When, Where or Just Lets Talk

    I miss TX beef jerky. @#$% I'm drooling. Not thin strips but big chunks.
  8. DBenoit

    Caribou, Me CG recommendations

    Yes I did that. I thought that just maybe someone had a good experience up yonda.
  9. DBenoit

    Caribou, Me CG recommendations

    Looking for a nice campground for Sept. After searching the entire US for a good retirement lake house we ended up around Caribou. So we will be real estate hunting. Already have a realtor to assist. We needed a dock so I can just jump into the lake without worrying that something will eat me and if I stand in 6" of water I can still see my toes!
  10. DBenoit

    How do I put a name with a FMCA # ?

    I use it all the time........
  11. DBenoit

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    Thanks Ian. Now I don't have to worry about that. Next step is finding a decent campground. I've looked up quite a few.
  12. DBenoit

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    Looks like I might need to throw a dart at the map, closet campground wins. Of course need the proper set up. Preferably 50a, but looking around might be 30a. And "very close" to salt water.
  13. Agree. All I say is OK and I catch it.
  14. DBenoit

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    Still need to pick out a campground.
  15. DBenoit

    Recommendations- Nova Scotia

    That was my first time PMing and I didn't do it right......second time worked.