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  1. Anyone throw a dart at a US map for a destination?
  2. Sooo Herman, what's in your carriage, "Made with real peanut butter" goes with the pic?
  3. I don't know about you all but definitely no napping when DW drives and listens to Sammy Hagar!
  4. Oh Ya! Just another fine New England Day in NH..........Not!
  5. Every time I walk by the MH I see the sticker on the door that states: "This unit has been winterized" Forest River put it on when they took it. Think I'll take it off as it aggravates the @#$% out of me. That's what Cabin Fever does.
  6. Grandchild #15 just arrived. She's a cutie. Maybe we should bring them all to a FMCA event and let em loose...... I train them for chaos, lol.
  7. Oh ya...Today is just another " Fine New England Day" Snow and rain.
  8. You all crack me up....As soon as this thread is created you go right into how warm it is where you are, tff. Imma smiling.
  9. I hate that! Especially in NH when you look at it a few times during the day and think of the fun you "could" be having
  10. Our weather this year is merda! (Portuguese word). 50-60's one day and 15 the next. Jeez.
  11. It's baaaack. Sorry I am late. Boredom is futile.
  12. Big time! I'm so bored this winter we had to book a cruise for April, come back and it's RVing time. SO I gets this bill from ezpass, look up the toll and not even close. So I call and they said they will investigate. Got a call back and they said in was a MH registered to me. When Forest River took it to IN they racked up some tolls. Driver must have been listening to my "In A Gadda Da Vida- Iron Butterfly" CD that was still in.
  13. Imma thinkin like Rare Earth, The Hollies, The Grass Roots, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Edison Lighthouse, Shocking Blue, Jefferson Airplane, etc....
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