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  1. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Opps I almost forgot.....Go Patriots!
  2. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Another Texan bragging about their weather.😎..........lol. I used to hang at Lake Travis in the 70's. Hippie Hollow! Is that still there? The only whine I'll be having is from the DW.
  3. DBenoit

    Inflatable boats in MH

    I'm searching for a used inflatable now with like a 3-5 hp outboard. They ain't cheap. Then I need approval from my 1st mate, she always tries to be captain.
  4. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    It is 21 deg. right now, but it is a dry cold so it's not so bad.......lol. Let's see if we get buried with snow this weekend.
  5. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    I would be pushing 65'..... 38' MH, 21' Whaler, the rest is tongue and outboard. Oh ya and the extra 20' of paranoia.
  6. DBenoit

    Proof motorhomes don't float.

    I once saw a new truck do that at the ramp. Lucky I just finished loading next to it. Good thing as the DEP closed down the ramp to contain the petro. OH and also the boat trailer jack knifed under the dock and trashed the motor. The dudes in the video didn't seem as worried as the dude I saw that was using his brothers truck.
  7. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    I figured out why I got the fever so early. I need to spread out the parking in the backyard next year or NEXT WEEKEND. I have the pool winterized, the MH parked behind it with the boat alongside. Look out the deck slider and you see it all grouped together. I immediately think of swimming, RVing and fishing at the same time. That is way to much for my brain to comprehend...lol Then I think of backing my boat down the ramp with the MH....NOT
  8. DBenoit

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    Crap!! I caught it again, early too. Doctor says "put the lime in the coconut".
  9. DBenoit

    Inflatable boats in MH

    Anyone carry one around in their RV? I am thinking about it. I once saw a small outboard mounted on a rear ladder bracket for transport. Maybe around 8 ft long with a 4-10 hp. We do have room to store it. We do have a 21' Whaler but I can't pull that with the MH nor would I back it down a ramp. David
  10. DBenoit

    Bevo vs. Uga

    You got that right. Bevo made that enclosure look like it was made of paper. Shasta is eating beef tonight!!!!!
  11. DBenoit

    Bevo vs. Uga

    Most likely they will ban altogether live animals as mascots at sports games. Some teams already have. I'm glad the bulldog bolted pretty quickly. This could have been worse.
  12. DBenoit

    Bevo vs. Uga

    I'm most certain that you Texas guys and girls, even me, loved that the Longhorns won the sugar bowl. What was even better is when Bevo the Longhorn went after Uga the Bulldog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jyFNKxH3xg Musta been the red sweater
  13. Off Topic: Story about bolts and glue....I was working on a machine one time and the head of a bolt just came off with hardly any pressure. Seems that the bolt was broken and someone just glued the head of the bolt on...lol. PIA to drill and tap that one out.
  14. DBenoit


    I had everything laid out for August. Now the "queen" just mentioned PEI instead. Geez, she's killing me here.