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  1. You need a course for a boating license in NH that is required. I have all the safety items on board and then some. ++ on the life jackets! 21' Whaler, 20' + breakers and life jackets locked in cabin = pack clean shorts. Oh ya DW and daughter on board.......I prayed.
  2. Our 1st weekend out was wicked awesome, so good we booked next weekend. Nice all around @ Strafford/ Lake Winny South KOA. Put the Marg machine to the test, hours and ingredients. DW has been promoted to “expert”, she kinda took over. I was the test subject....
  3. Strafford/ Lake Winny South KOA. Since they opened last weekend almost all campgrounds are booking fast. Hampton Beach is still closed, which is our fav. Getting the boat ready tomorrow, so can always go fishing. Squid are moving in with the big ones right behind them.
  4. Snow tonight in NH, Really? Yes.Anyways campgrounds in NH finally opened, NH residents only, booked next weekend.
  5. For some this is automatic for others like me, sometimes forgotten. Probably a good time to check if you haven't. I changed out the rod. Not the worst I've seen.
  6. Update, Figured it out.........should have but didn’t check oil level, feel kind of embarrassed. I was looking at the oil level switch and then called myself an idiot worth a few swears (again, lol). Checked, filled to level and it didn’t stall. Sometimes the most simplest gets bypassed. Add that to my list. ;’
  7. DW and I visiting the all the grand kiddies yesterday
  8. I have dreams of Chinese Buffet. I run for it in slow motion but it keeps moving away........ Then I wake up and have oatmeal with a banana and yogurt.......
  9. Now they all want margaritas tonight...i need to take a trip to the state liquor store..NH thing.
  10. Nunya....jk. They got married about a year ago and saving for a house. He works 2nd shift where I work, he still has to be there. Our daughter is a nursing assistant but she had the baby in Facebook and hasn’t’t gone back yet. She is scared to go back Edit—— not Facebook but February
  11. They're testing me! The winter cabin fever is already a big drag, and now having to work from home...... which I have never done and with my mom, DW, daughter, her husband and out little granddaughter all at home.......😬1 bourbon 1 scotch 1 beer😣 I don't like Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! either
  12. Did that with already the SeaFoam. No change. I just got the fuel filter in the mail so I will try that next. Have to wait though. Have a freaking snow pile on that side of the RV. David
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