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  1. Mr. Know It All (not here) told me that the aftermarket one's work fine and don't know where to get an OEM. I saw a video of a test between the 2 and the aftermarket one didn't work as well. That's why I was a askin.
  2. Yes it is a Suburban. Wish it had an aluminum tank.
  3. Unfortunately our water heater uses an anode rod which I need to replace. I have heard that the aftermarket ones could possibly not do as intended and leave you with a rotted tank. So I am 99.9% on the OEM rod. Any comments or suggestions? Thanks, David
  4. My bad, this is all covered under the recall not the extended warranty. Pick it up tomorrow. It is all dried out and resealed for the summer. We won't be going out until Memorial Day weekend as we leave this Saturday for a 7 day cruise. Already got all my nip bottles packed. The Margaritas are a little weak.
  5. "If" and "may" just changed to "will". Just spoke with FR. Dealer will seal it up for the season and then it goes for a new roof in late Sept. completely empty and winterized. Kind of glad we got the extended warranty. Everything is covered. Even an oil change when it comes back around late Nov.
  6. Just stopped by the dealer to get a few tings out and they are waiting for FR to see if they are going to replace the roof. They found it wet under the rubber. Dried it out and resealed. No leaking visible inside. They said “if” it goes back they will replace it with a fiberglass roof. ???? Dealer will seal it up for the summer but come fall it “may” need to go meet its maker. Hopefully find out next week about the “if” and “may”. As soon as the mule gets here with the mail.
  7. I threw my first dart and missed the map, hmmm. We have never been in the "interior" parts of the states. Just the east and west coast and not in a RV. We are kind of ocean lovers, soon it will be time to do some land lover things. All the things Bill mentioned would be places we would like to go. We have only been to the falls. I need to look at the roads involved as far as elevations.. Was thinking of something like the Oregon trail with some deviations and return thru the southern states. Kind of why I'm starting now as I have no clue yet where to go or how to get there. Or do no planning and just wing it, lol.
  8. I was thinking a 2-3 month haul. This wouldn’t be for a few more years thou. I don’t think we will go to CA. More north. Think I’ll put my first push pin on the map today. Maybe throw a dart instead.
  9. Agree with the weather. How long did it take? I'm kind of doing a long term pre planning. I have lived in CA so I have seen almost everything there and here in New England, it's the in between things I've missed out on.
  10. Just looking to see who has made that journey. It looks like it is a little shy of 3,000 miles. I know we can't do it for a few years and then don't know if we would do it at all. So many places to see. Probably take like a couple of months at least. Anyone? Would like to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.
  11. Looks like they will be done this week!! Yahoo! Unless we have it for this weekend, we won't be able to use it for a few weeks, going on a 7 day cruise, time to put the feedbag on, again!
  12. Thanks for that info. Always learn something new everyday. Off topic- When I was in the army Alcoa was stamped on the bottom of the hull.....
  13. My tires are all the same also. I was more leaning towards the rim.
  14. For those who carry a spare, is it for the front? Or front and rears?
  15. Where are you located? I have one that was used on a 30' FR3 for i winter. Since we went bigger it doesn't fit.
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