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  1. Amen, I can't believe they have survived...Although we still have the 'Norcold' fridge, we no longer have a Norcold Cooling Unit after a failure and near fire! Robert 2000 American Dream 40' DS
  2. Thought we would share our experience replacing our failed Norcold 1200LR Cooling unit for a brand-new Amish built unit. Our Norcold to Amish Built Cooling Unit Change-out YouTube Video Hope it helps others, Robert & Shelly 2000 American Dream Full-timers Class of '06
  3. We too installed Black Magne Shades on our coach. They made a huge difference and have been happy with them. I guess our only complaint would be that it's hard to see out at night and especially when it rains. However, I would assume all of them would be the same. As mentioned, I believe the standard Magne Shade install puts magnets on the inside for the windshield and outside of the rest (because of magnet cost), BUT we ordered stronger magnets from kjmagnetics and installed all on the inside. We have been in some pretty good winds here in AZ and no issues so far. Robert 2000 American Dream Our Norcold to Amish Built Cooling Unit Change-out
  4. Thanks, I think, LOL! Our Norcold to Amish Built Cooling Unit Change-out Robert & Shelly 2000 American Dream
  5. Are they even sure it's the cooling unit? Have you tried one of the inside 12v fans, like these: http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1423.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/...=item3a6b243fff Don't get me wrong, we are SOOO glad we got rid of the Norcold cooling unit but..... Yeah I can't comment/stereotype on ALL Amish units available out there but RV Cooling Unit Warehouse (owner David Force) sure has a good reputation. I believe his units are pruduced by Pines RV Refrigeration, LLC in Shipshewana, IN. Also, keep in mind that many Shops/Techs don't install the Amish units correctly. They think they should ALL be installed like Norcold which isn't correct. This is why Mr. Force told me that he many times would rather the end customer install them than techs. 'Customers' tend to follow the provided instructions, have attention to detail, take the time and do it right. Oh and make sure they are taking about 'Brand-New" units, not refurb. Our Norcold to Amish Built Cooling Unit Change-out Robert 2000 American Dream -currently in Tucson, AZ
  6. We finished our Amish Cooling Unit install a couple weeks ago and the fridge is now working great! It was big job but we did it and learned much along the way. David Force from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse was great to deal with and was very helpful! We have created a YouTube video of our experience changing-out the cooling unit, check it out: http://youtu.be/EyCh7aXveow?hd=1 LOL, I know we're not up for a OSCAR but we hope it can be of help to others! Robert & Shelly 2000 American Dream 40' DS Full-timers
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