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  1. My neighbor just took out a washer-dryer out of his RV. Good shape, will give it to some one that can use and will come get it. He lives in Pearland, Tx. Name is Bruce Hughs,409-392-1862. He is going on a trip soon. You may call me. Carl Peterson, 832-385-3760.
  2. tybutler- I am facing the same decision you made about flying. I'm 83 and about to give up flying because I don't enjoy it like I used to. MY 172XP is up for sale, but haven't given up on RVing yet.
  3. I have a RV cover that I bought for my 30ft. Fleetwood Flair. Good shape. Used less than a year. If you want it, its free U pay the shipping. Carl Peterson 8323853760
  4. Brett- thanks for your in depth answer to all technical questions. We all appreciate your answers. Carl Peterson
  5. I have stayed twice at the Pecan Park Riverside- 50 Squirrel Run- 512-396-0070. Would stay there again. good access to San Marcos.
  6. Doesn't surprise me. Honda made no effort to replace a failed transmission on my 2011 fit that failed while being towed. Simply said no even though it was still in warranty.
  7. bilcain, Thanks for the info. I'm still fighting. I like the Fit for a dinghy, but if I can't tow it, I'll get something else. I have also written to Hotline of Motorhome about this also.
  8. Follow up on my problem. Last week a Honda rep. called and asked what I thought would be a fair settlement. I said lets spit the $2000.0 bill since I contend that I followed correct towing procedures, they said that can't be verified. He thought that was fair, but called yesterday and said that the claim had been denied. I will never buy another Honda for a dinghy. My suggestion, if you buy make sure the dealer will back up any warranty claims. I didn't have the option of going to my dealer since it happened on a trip. The Honda Dealer in San Marcos said he would support my position, but apparently crumbled when Honda called. Buyer Beware.
  9. See my entry on Honda Fit transmission failure.
  10. Just spent a week at Ft Meade in MD. Good park.
  11. I think their response was generic. They asked how can I prove I followed the instructions. My response was in my first post, but unless Honda changes their response to this, I will never buy another Honda, because their warranties appear to be worthless. I have followed check lists for 60 years, so I know I did the correct procedures before leaving. Besides, my wife always checks me also.
  12. My refrigerator worked fine before all the recalls which I faithfully followed. Started having problems immediately. Last time a mobile RV repairman took all the wiring off and I'm back to the original configuration and It works fine. If it goes up in flames, at least the refrigerator will be cold. I'm not suggesting that any of you should so the same.
  13. I have a 2011 Honda Fit which suffered a transmission failure after towing to San Marcos Texas well withing the 8hr procedure for towing. The warranty is 5 yrs. and 50,000.00 miles, I only had 43,000.00miles. Honda refused coverage because they said proper pretowing procedures were not followed. I have been flying safely for 60 years so I follow checklists religiously, so I assured them that I went through the proper procedure before towing. I felt obligated to make all owners and potential owners aware of this, and have written all RV organizations that I belong to. I told Honda I was doing this, and would follow up with results, good or bad. So far, all bad. The Honda dealer in San Marcos originally said the warranty should apply, but later changed their story after American Honda turned down the warranty. I will follow up with any updates.
  14. Brett- I opened up the back where the burner and exhaust tube are, all I saw was a black cylinder. I guess the burner is inside, but couldn't figure out how to get to it.
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