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  1. We joined about a year ago but there are so many crumudgeons (for lack of another much more disrespectful term), I haven’t even been able to post. I was looking for a way to get our rig weighed and found a post of a guy laughing at someone who pulled to a truck weighing facility, calling him a number of names implying that RV’er was an idiot. (Other posters backed up the ridiculousness of the post, still, others laughed and had something to add to further embarrass this person.) I don’t remember the actual name he called that person but it was enough to intimidate me not to ask my question. We get a weekly newsletter and more often than not, some veteran RV’er, who knows better than everyone, posts about another person’s mistake and berates them. Last week? A guy posts about his frustrations trying to navigate a huge rig pulling a long trailer through a gas station. His proud post explained how when someone got on his way, he violently pushed him against his car! (Many condemned him but enough “understood” where his frustration came from and didn’t take issue with the attack.) These are not isolated incidents. We were told IRV2 was a friendly forum but after being a member for a year, I haven’t posted once because it feels like FB and I’ll get hanged up on for asking a newbie question.) Too many other helpful forums that don’t demean for being a newb and some even take pleasure in helping!
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