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  1. Ok we survived a wind storm last night that's very common for this area. We are leaving here for Quartzite Sunday morning. Hopefully we can order and get the shades then. For $50 per window x 10 we are going to install them ourselves. We don't like the black screen so we are going with single rollers that is a cream color that matches the interior. I can see how to get the old ones off without pulling the valance but may have to pull the valance for the new ones. We will be in quartzite until the 24th. Afterwards DW wants come back here to Sam's Family Spas until the 10th of next month. Then she wants to go to Vegas, NV for about a week and then to Death Valley for our last stop.
  2. No matter what procedure you use, it will not work until you enabled the module. The key fobs from your old lincoln may be incompatible with the vehicle you want to use it with.
  3. That area is where the cord for the MW goes through the right side cabinet wall. Have to keep DW safe. Once panel is back in place I can screw up to a 30 inch long spice rack to it. Then I will have cats doing hang ten. 😂🤣
  4. I would replace the flasher with an electronic flasher. Then you won't even have to worry hooking up your toad. Be sure to verified 2 or 3 terminals. https://www.zoro.com/grote-electronic-flasher-44690/i/G2329004/
  5. I looked at a Tiffin Phaeton that was only a couple years old with peeling seat covers and rejected all Tiffin coaches after that.
  6. I just tether my Sprint phone to my laptop when needed. Works the same with unlimited 60 gb without slowdown.
  7. Usually when the turn signals blink fast it is a lack of resistance or bad flasher. Bad bulb or LED bulb use comes to mind. If LED bulb is use you have to add a inline resistor for each bulb. If that isn't the problem try using a heavy duty electronic flasher.
  8. You do what your manual says to deploy the slides then do the reverse to bring them in.
  9. Wow, 2 weeks without a toilet, glad you got it fixed. You can go now.
  10. When HR hung the MW it appears that the filler was made to one size. They are going to make it fit no matter what.
  11. Got some updating going before Quartzite the first is to organize soda cans These racks organize 48 cans all together. DW like it so much that she wants some for water bottles. Sorry these are for cans not tall bottles. The microwave/convection oven started tilting down at the front and had to be relevel if it was ever level. It was down in the front 2% and 1/2 brought it back to level. I installed brackets where there was none. HR thought shooting a couple of screws underneath was good for down the road. Now the filler panel that goes over top of the MW needs to be cut down from 7 to 6 1/2 inch. I was going to use that space for spice rack but the cats jumped into that space twice. We had to stuff a couple of couch pillows into that space to keep them out. You can't turn your backs on them for a second.
  12. huffypuff

    Inverter Died

    I don't know if it's a stand alone or network version you have but mine requires the RCS50 control panel and ME-AGS auto start network module. Then everything programs from control panel. It all depends where the auto start module is weather or not it will be easy to wire.
  13. huffypuff

    Inverter Died

    Also for the PSW to work you may have to upgrade the RC50 as it may not have the right programming in it. May be better to go with ARC50 if you want to install auto gen start later.
  14. huffypuff

    Inverter Died

    That means I saved almost $400 last summer and I used the saving to install autostart with cash to spare. 😎
  15. Instead of getting new tires covers at the Western RV rally I got them from Amazon for only $30 for all 4. Delivered and installed today. Reflective aluminum skin. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GSWKYZ3?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image
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