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  1. What got better mileage, the toad or the coach. JK
  2. I fly old glory and pow mia flag in front of my house 24/7 everyday .
  3. I use that in my shop and is also great for making tight hoses slip on easy. I remember Ford had a plastic bottle of stuff called mini lube for the sliding vent windows on Lincoln in the 70s.
  4. What year is your coach and does it have a tag axle?
  5. For my Spartran chassis the cap makes it easy to check the oil level in the front and tag hub. For all wheels including dual rear you have to remove nut and large cap before removing wheels.
  6. Good deal, if it was a car or light truck 1234yf would be what it have. Yes it would work but lots of cars would have flaming crashes.
  7. When I got certified on the new refrigerant we also had a class and a test to be certified. If you top off a A/C unit with r134a in a r1234yf unit you contaminate the system which is illegal. Please read number 6 in the link. https://macsworldwide.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/keeping-the-facts-straight-on-r-1234yf/
  8. 2016 hmmm Did you put R134a into a R1234yf system? Also where is the condenser. If in the rear 40 feet away the efficiency is loss from that distance. If you got cold air while driving, consider yourself lucky.
  9. I'm with you on that, I think Entegra copy lots from Newmar including their confort drive. I think Entegra is calling it E-Z Steer.
  10. I don't count on any gps keeping me out of trouble. Looks for posted signs as you travel and they will give warning of low overpass, trucks not advised at this exit and truck route.
  11. Ha I meant to post the same link. That's what happens when you post before coffee. Lucky for me they put the Aquahot next to the edge of the bay with the cord reel and electronic for both. easy service except for the diesel filter and antifreeze fluid reservoir is up high. The cable for tv is in there too.
  12. Service don't look hard at all. You can find the manuals here for all models.
  13. I looked up the manual and got some answers. The Aqua-Hot System is powered by TribridHot™ technology and uses one or a combination of the following sources: 1. The 120 Volt-AC Electric Element: When plugged into shore power, the electric element lets you use the power you are already paying for to provide heat and meet your light duty hot water needs. 2. The Diesel Burner: This is the Aqua-Hot’s most powerful heat source and provides all of heating and hot water needs in cold temperatures or dry camping. 3. The Vehicle’s Engine: When driving or idling, the engines surplus heat is transferred to the Aqua-Hot providing interior heat and limited hot water without burning any other fuel. Tempering Valve The Tempering Valve for the Aqua-Hot mixes the heated domestic water from the boiler tank with cold domestic water at the present ratio to reduce the risk of scalding. This valve is located in the back of the Aqua-Hot unit. Reference page 7 (part #19). To locate the Tempering Valve, remove the access cover page 7 (part #4) and then the thermostat access cover located above the burner. Reference page 7 (part # 19). The pink paint witness mark verifies that the Aqua-Hot is set at the correct factory setting and did not get tampered with during shipping or installation. Verify that the Tempering Valve is set at the proper temperature by using a digital thermometer at one of the hot water faucets. The water temperature should range between 115°F to 123°F. If the correct temperature cannot be set, please contact Aqua-Hot Heating Systems Technical Support Department at 1-800-685-4298 for additional assistance or visit our web site at www.aquahot.com
  14. I checked like I said I would and found I can set the temperature with the Aquahot on without electric or diesel and it should work for both hot water and heat while driving. If I don't need the heat on should I still have hot water?
  15. Let me be sure I got this right. While the engine is running and you are driving the coolant circulates through the Aquahot and give you heat and hot water. All I have to do is turn on the thermostat if I want heat. I have to check those setting tomorrow.
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