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  1. huffypuff

    Michelin X Line Energy Z

    I been running the Michelin XL Energy Z since 2014 and love them compare to the One years (Goodyear) that was on the coach.
  2. huffypuff

    Cummins generator

    There is a plate on the right front of the generator to check to outgoing power. If no power there you have problems and have to pull the generator from the coach to repair. Happen to mine and cost 4k to repair as internal inverter with attaching wiring harness burnt up. Most covered by xtraride .
  3. huffypuff

    Making it Personal - Do you have an RV Motto?

    As posted before, "Our Holiday Misadventure So Far" something always happen.
  4. huffypuff

    Year allison started with Transynd?

    Like I said before it is stated right on the dipstick.
  5. huffypuff

    Year allison started with Transynd?

    When I worked fleet I seen it happen and the person that do it gets lot of teasing. Well that goes for all oil spills.
  6. I kind of wonder why I see so many pickup trucks with travel trailers flipped. Maybe it not a great idea to tow 12k even if the truck is rated to tow 12k
  7. huffypuff

    Year allison started with Transynd?

    Be ready to clean up a big mess. LOL
  8. huffypuff

    Year allison started with Transynd?

    I have a 06 and it has a Transynd tag on the dipstick and also printed on the dipstick. It's best to buy a 5 gallon bucket of it and pump it in after you drain and change filters. If you going to flush this may be just enough.
  9. huffypuff

    Cummins 6.7L overheating issues Forest River Berkshire 2009

    If you do it yourself at least you know it's done right as the shops don't care if your out of $10,000 with nothing to show for it. Limp it home and start removing pieces of the rear of your coach until you get the rad and cac out. You can have the rad tested at a radiator shop and clean the air cooler yourself. After that the fan hub will be easy to get out. Stop paying the big shops that don't care.
  10. huffypuff


    The drop screen on our coach drops about 3 feet that is enough to zip the 6 foot extension to it. You unzip the extension and the three footer rolls up in the carefree awning no problem. There are 4 tie downs to keep it tight. I got away with using two 5 gallon buckets on each end.
  11. huffypuff

    A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    It's what ever the clean air act 609 wants for the giving time. In 1995 I had to be certified 609 r-12 and r-134a. Now I just had to be certified for r-1234yf. We are not allowed to say freon anymore since 1995, it's refrigerant.
  12. huffypuff

    A/C Charge on '02 Freightliner

    If you think things are complicated with r-134a, wait until you have the deal with 1234yf.
  13. huffypuff

    Power sun shade

    What I was asking is where you disconnect the motor, are the terminals the same on both wires at the motor. I think it would be easy to reverse them there.
  14. huffypuff

    Power sun shade

    When you took yours out, did the wires look reversible? I need to reverse one as direction not the same as driver side. How was it mounted?
  15. huffypuff

    Airbag Leaking When Sitting

    Those parker fittings are know to vibrate loose. Press down on the plastic piece and remove hose. Then clean the hose, put a little rubber lube on the end and press back in the fitting until it stops. Tug on the line the to make sure it's seated. Then test again. Others talked to you about safety so I won't go through that again.