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  1. I'm saving the environment by not having 2 plastic jugs. I also think Peak can mix it better than I even though I have 55 years of experience as a mechanic. https://www.zoro.com/final-charge-antifreeze-coolant-1-gal-rtu-fxa0b3/i/G4037629/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4ecBhD3ARIsAM4Q_jFNNy_u9dYxXd23RRIPeoHsmm7CTgexE4KshKWGqlkPUij8Rb0Z3vUaAuzSEALw_wcB https://www.zoro.com/final-charge-antifreeze-coolant-1-gal-5050-fxab53/i/G4037601/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=Cj0KCQiAj4ecBhD3ARIsAM4Q_jEMvQVrU3QwapiBGYgVmzX2CNr-lKClISZjPHcSADiYuS0VRIJskc0aAuFOEALw_wcB Checking the links above, it's more cost-effective to get 50/50
  2. oops, the original statement was "You can't miss if you drain and refill with Final Charge pre-mix 50/50".
  3. Please don't tell me you're using tap water in your cooling systems and flooded batteries. As a mechanic of 50-plus years, I can tell you what contaminants in water do to them. You will still have to buy distilled water which you have to pay for just the same. My statement above is that you can't miss with 50/50 mix.
  4. You can't miss if you drain and refill with Final Charge pre-mix 50/50.
  5. I know the AWD model is towable 4 down. Someone in the Entegra group is doing so. I check mine as I recently brought a 2022 Lincoln Nautilus Black label I not going to two it as I rather have my pickup.
  6. My chassis going to have it's annual there this Nov 22
  7. I wouldn't of taken a even class C under that bridge. You know it has to be off the main road.
  8. The even brake works fine but can be a little finicky. It must have a good 12 volt power supply or it will give out false errors. I used a extension cord to get 12 power from the back of our SRX and had to get a 14 gage heavy duty cord that will work. Also if you have adjustable brake pedal make sure it is all the way up. Make sure the seat is adjusted so you can place your fingers between the front of the seat and the rear bar of the even brake. If these don't solve your problem give Roadmaster a call.
  9. The rear toilet is a Tecma macerator with pump. DW found there can be too much TP used in it.
  10. Yes, wrong color and smell. When I first saw it I was WTH???
  11. I wouldn't touch that problem until I got the rig home. Very stinky to say the least. I don't know any plumbers that eat their lunch while working . I didn't mention it at lunch because I wouldn't be able to eat just because. It was nice meeting with you and wild Bill.
  12. When I saw Robin Williams in the movie RV I thought no way that could happen.
  13. This is a update of the clogged toilet line I posted from Spearfish, SD. The rear toilet began flushing through the roof vent and down the driver side of the coach instead of the black tank. After flushing the black tank and thinking all is well and cleaning up the coach then wife flushes the rear toilet. What a mess so I call a mobile mechanic. In the meantime I call Entegra CS and ask the representative what to do. He told me that it has to be snaked from the roof through the vent to the tank. When the RV mechanic arrive he wasn't having any of that. He told me he wasn't a plumber to go into the pipes. He told me that he can only plug off the 1 ½ vent to plunge and flush the clog out. It didn't work and I only had to pay a service charge. Since RV tech don't work on plumbing I called several plumbers and guess what plumbers don't work on RV. That pretty much had me stuck with on figuring out how to unplug it myself. I called Entegra CS the next day and got them to email me the diagram of the drain plumbing for the rear toilet. It basically looked like a upside down T with the vent running between the bathroom and bedroom with about a six foot pipe coming from the toilet. Also had a longer pipe that goes to the black tank. Because of the clog these pipes was full to the roof line with sewage. There was no taking the toilet out to clean because all of that nasty would end up in the bathroom. With the rear toilet off limits we went ahead to Gillette, WY FMCA rally. I will tackle the problem when we get home. The first thing I found is the snakes I had was too short. I would need a 25 footer minimum to get the job done. I picked up a hand crank ¼ x 25 snake at ACE hardware. With it I able to pull a little TP out of the clog 20 feet out but not able to break it loose. After much trying the cable started to kink so I had to quit as it wasn't going any further. Again I went to ACE hardware and picked up a bottle of rid-x made to desolve TP. I had to wait 24 hours for it to work after adding it. At least I get to install the bling I got at Gillette. The next day I tried plunging the clog from the roof followed with 20 feet of snake. No joy so I have to try something different. I then went to Harbor Freight and picked up a electric hand held snake. The cable was a little stronger and with a bigger corkscrew on the end. It was made for 1 to 2 inch pipe. I tried it a few times and pulled plugs of TP out a few times and pushed the clog until I ran out of cable. At this point I was getting frustrated. The last thing I tried had a big risk involved. The pipes was full of sewage to the roof. The toilet had to have a check valve to prevent back flow. I already tried to plunge the pipes from the roof. I had a bladder that gets hooked on the end of a garden hose and water pressure should push the clog the rest of the way. It works from 1 ½ to 3 inch pipes. The bladder expands inside the pipe to hold it in place as water put pressure against the clog. The question was if the check valve was strong enough? I decided to test it first. I set it up and turn the water for 10 seconds. That did nothing but at least no water came into the toilet except a little that was in there before. Then next time I decided to do it for 20 seconds and right before the time was up I hear a whoosh sound from the rear bathroom. I quickly turned the water off and ran inside. I expected to see the the rear bath flooded and was surprise to find no water anywhere including inside the toilet. I check the black tank level and found it went from 0 to 11 percent. I filled the toilet near the top and gave it a complete flush and it all water went out to the black tank. The tank level went from 11 to 18 percent. No damage done. In summery, the rear toilet flushes down a long 1 ½ inch black PVC pipe. It can't handle very much TP at once or it will clog.
  14. We are here at C41 parking. Oops sorry It's lot M 37th Street then C-41. 😂
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