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  1. huffypuff

    Warning light on 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor

    Can you give us a clue what the light looks like?
  2. huffypuff

    Monaco production video pre bankruptcy

    The defected trailing arms are on the RR4R or R4R with the 4 bag suspension. see link below. https://sourcerv.com/RoadmasterR4R_FMC1109.pdf
  3. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    Run, before it's too late. jk
  4. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    It's will be what makes DW happy, I'm just the driver. 😅
  5. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    There isn't any seals so it would leak out and make a mess under the bed.
  6. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    I use the red stuff in my shop but I'm not going to take apart the new gearbox for it. It's great for wheel bearings and all greasable joints.
  7. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    What shaft seals? They only have nylon bushings.
  8. huffypuff

    Grand Canyon

    I stay there in the dead of winter, boy was it cold.
  9. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    But the new one will have more space to place the coffee pot. She been wanting new floor plan doesn't include rearranging the furniture.
  10. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    Everytime something breaks DW wants to sell and buy new. I keep telling her it's cheaper to fix it. Guess who going to win that argument.
  11. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    I'm halfway there anyway. 🤣
  12. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    I believe if it was oil filled it may last longer. No to repacking so often as to much trouble to R&R.
  13. huffypuff

    Bedroom Slide

    As promised, here is a picture of the worn out gear made of brass. This will be sure to break again grade 8 bolt or not. Didn't I say above the I got a new one coming?
  14. huffypuff

    "Urban Delivery" not appropriate for RV use

    What I said if different refer back to tireman
  15. huffypuff

    "Urban Delivery" not appropriate for RV use

    A tire with a better speed rating design for highway use would be what I think he means.