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  1. huffypuff


    Good to hear. Get well soon.
  2. huffypuff


    Get well soon, we will pray for you!
  3. huffypuff

    air bags

    Are the airbags already inflated since they didn't dump?
  4. Turn chassis and house disconnect to off and the to on in 10 minutes. Maybe it needs a 12 volt reset.
  5. A good rule of thumb for enough hp is total weight divided by 100. example, 45,000 ibs / 100 = 450 hp and will put out about 1,300 ft pounds of torque . It will slow down on mountain climb but will give the best mpg for the weight.
  6. I would replace those 8 years old batteries. They don't owe you anything anymore.
  7. Forest River should have the spec on towing. Give them a call.
  8. And Thor owns Jayco. Entegra is their Cadillac.
  9. Both Newmar and Entegras are great and I would own either one of them. We caught the Entegra on sale. I think Entegra has more bells and whistles but Newmar has more quality. Now that Winnebago owns Newmar hopefully the will stay true. Customer service for Entegra is second to none.
  10. Sorry I didn't see all the replies. I been busy as we have contractors over repainting the house. When spraying I had to move the coach to the street. Hopefully the painting will be done before the visits. Next time out, 08/08.
  11. Dear Wife is never at fault.
  12. We should be in the area in 2022.
  13. Don't forget water pressure. Always use a pressure regulator to keep water pressure below 40 psi.
  14. Getting the rig cleaned up for trip and visit from family the first week of August.
  15. You don't need help, DW already gave it to you.
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