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  1. That stuff looks like a winner as I can coat the bottom of the slide and not wash off or attract dirt.
  2. The motor gearbox is 26:1 and the ragbox is about 50:1 that puts lots of torque to the final gear. If you hold the switch something will break in short order.
  3. I replaced the bolt with like grade factory bolt. I believe my DR slide is dragging on the nylon blocks too hard causing the hole in the square driveshaft to to longgrate until bolt brakes. Looking for solution to clean or lube the nylon blocks. As for the bolt I can not confirm if it's a shear bolt or not but that one is breaking and the others are fine.
  4. I'm thinking the clunking noise is the ragbox worm gear jumping the brass gear if your talking about the bed slide. I had to replace the ragbox because the brass gear was worn out. New box don't clunk yet.
  5. The motor stops by what we all know as overload. A grade 8 bolt is one heck of a shear pin but my dining slide manage to break it. Lots of stress on it as that 12 foot long slide rides on long nylon blocks You can't get to them to clean and lube but can only keep the bottom clean with slide out.
  6. The motor not so powerful but the gearbox is. The motor may be turning 26 to 1 gearbox and is 1/2 the size of a gas car starter motor.
  7. I was lucky that mine have a square driveshaft that I can turn with a crescent wrench until it lined up. I used a grade 8 bolt with a lock nut. I keep a spare bolt and nut with me for next time.
  8. I had that problem on my dining room slide. The rear coupler is just a 3/8 through bolt and it will bend until it breaks. Then the slide is out of sync and won't move until the bolt is replaced. I think it served as a shear pin if something jammed the gears. Check for a bent or broken connecting coupling bolt.
  9. I have flooded Duracell gc2 and they performed great. I got them for 89 each.
  10. Front grill looks Dodge the hubcap don't seem to match anything I seen.
  11. The load management must be seeing something wrong on 50 amps. check from the pedestal to the cord to transfer switch for opens. If ok there continual to the circuit breaker box for opens.
  12. We towed our 2012 SRX4 for a few years and thousands of miles with no problems. Just unlock the shifter with engine off and put in neutral. Requires starting the engine every few hundred miles to refresh the transmission lubrication. We have AWD model as FWD you have to use the tow dolly. You can't dolly tow the AWD SRX. .
  13. check to see if you have a inline screen like the one inb the link below. https://www.baldwinfiltersrus.com/baldwin-pf7994-nylon-mesh-fuel-strainer.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiIXgm7zh4QIVBMNkCh3EdQUyEAQYAyABEgILBvD_BwE
  14. If your having trouble be sure to check temperature. By pressing the tech button can check battery and two inverter internal temperature.
  15. This is a example of the settings of my ME-RC 50 Shore Max: 30 AMP Yes I have 50 AMPS but this seems to be the default Search Watts: 5W This should be set to the minimum to turn on inverter from standby Battery Amp Hr: 400 amps In my case I have four 6 volts x 110 amps each = about 400 amp hr Battery type: Flooded There is an online manual if you need more help.
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