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  1. I was recently at the Entegra factory and first it was refrigerators now it's furniture on back order. I'm waiting for a rear axle to be made.
  2. I use to have a 2006 HR Ambassador and you had to choose the mode on the thermostat. If it don't work there may be a reset for the thermostat. Looking at your thermostat, it looks like a remote. Do you have one on a wall somewhere?
  3. Well at least everything will be hunky dory with the news media and dw can shut the news off.
  4. They already have Jayco and Entegra, hey LOL
  5. You beat me by 6 mins https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/thor-industries-acquires-tiffin-motor-homes-and-related-companies-for-%24300-mln-2020-12-21
  6. I have a Ram truck and it's shutter is electrically closed only in cold weather. The purpose is to speed up the warming of the transmission then the shutter opens afterwards.
  7. 3-IN-1 does 3 things, cleans, lubricates, and protects in 1 product as per its name.
  8. You are under warranty, call Entegra Customer Service.
  9. Does it smell burnt? Upper left has a spot on the other side.
  10. I had a 06 HR previously and the rocker is just momentary that kicks on a constant duty solenoid I believe it's back by the batteries but the best way to find out is have someone work the switch on and off until you find it. Then try replacing that solenoid. It also can be in compartment below drivers window outside.
  11. Roadmaster never let me down in all the years I used them. I travel coast to coast every winter with it.
  12. huffypuff


    Good to hear. Get well soon.
  13. huffypuff


    Get well soon, we will pray for you!
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