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  1. Sounds like spilled oil to me.
  2. Many high end motor coaches use Spartan chassis. Entegra, Newmar, NeXus RV, Foretravel and now Jayco started using them. If you want a motorcoach with comfortdrive, steerable tag and the best riding air suspension go with Spartan.
  3. Entegra Coach Owner Association is having a rally in Spearfish, SD right before FMCA Gillette rally which I'm confirmed for both. They are forming a caravan with a wagon-master on July 6 to arrive at Gillette at 11:00 AM. Please be warned that will be a bad time for you to arrive. I probably will be in that caravan.
  4. FL shops are authorized to do Spartan work as per CS at Spartan. I has a local FL shop do yearly maintenance as well recalls, TSB. They did TSB, Recalls and warranty work for free. They also have separate park for rv's and can stay in it if needed. Last MH I had a Roadmaster chassis and they service that also. The one before that was a Oshkosh chassis and the service that also. Bottom line is they are truck/bus chassis and service by most truck shops if they are willing to work on RV's. That includes Cummins repair shops.
  5. You can take a Spartan back to the factory for service and they do a great job for both warranty and paid jobs. I just done so for mine. The same goes for Entegra as they will go out of their way to make it right.
  6. In my coach it's always 5:00 o'clock Friday evening.
  7. I'm going to FMCA rally in Gillette, WY this year. I hope to meet a few from here if possible. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by then.
  8. I done my dishes while driving and it done a good job before I arrive the next stop.
  9. I got both shots of Pfizer last month. I would like to think I'm immune.
  10. True, Entegra factory is having a hard time getting refrigerators and furniture. Glad I got mine before the pandemic.
  11. huffypuff


    How many definitions can you find for run?
  12. Yes, but they must have access to the military's rv park. I would ask in the office if there is anybody.
  13. Yes, people will pay thinking they getting faster transit at the same speed limit.
  14. Thumbing through ads would take so much time out of our hands just to view someone post. I'm glad this forum is keeping it as separate area of market and not in the middle of our post.
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