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  1. I hope to be leaving going through there Sunday or Monday. I can easily get from my place to Seven Feather no problem then refuel there. Then I travel as far as I can into so I don't have to refuel more than twice in CA. I hope to stay at SAM'S in Desert Hot Springs for 30 days. Then we going to Quartzite, AZ for a chapter rally for a week. That will be a good start of my winter trip.
  2. To add to your confusion https://www.staroilco.net/oregon-diesel-taxes-explained/
  3. That will be a expensive piece of trim.
  4. I'm staying with GS roadside with tire and wheel protection this year. I'll check CN maybe next year.
  5. Don't fall off, that sudden stop at the bottom might hurt.
  6. I still have a fine working Norcold going on 14 years old. 😂
  7. The exhaust brake and automatic downshifting is only there to assist you to slow your vehicle down. You have to use your regular brakes if your RPM and speed gets too high.
  8. I wonder that since this is a newer coach you can try to disconnect the batteries, wait 10 minutes then reconnect to reboot everything?
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you also. I will be hitting the road in a few weeks to snowbird for the winter.
  10. Catalytic converters theft is very common as well as stealing gas at park and ride. To steal a catalytic converter one person find a truck easy to get under and cut them out with a battery powered saw all with little or no noise.
  11. I think advertising 21 security cameras and 19 were fake should open a way for a lawsuit for all expecting security. I have better luck at my home and barking dog.
  12. Be sure the charger inverter breaker didn't trip. Happen to me when there was too many ladies in the galley. OVERLOAD
  13. That was so nice of the manufacturer to put it where you can't reach. Hopefully you relocated it.
  14. If you traveling down the road with only 1/4 tank freshwater it will be sloshing back and forth allowing the pump get airbound. Once airbound it may stay like that until after you level the coach. For that reason I always fill the fresh water tanks when traveling.
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