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  1. Today I was doing an necessary task that is performed once a year. Clean the roof so later when the sides are clean it lessen the streaks from the rain later. Strange thing I see a Galaxy Siriusxm antenna. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010F5LUOY?tag=duckduckgo-brave-20&linkCode=osi&th=1&psc=1 The coach has a Siriusxm ready radio but the satellite icon is not lit up. I don't know if it has the receiver, fuse out or something. I have to call Entegra if they put one in? RV Country call Freightliner and the have the rear brake chambers in stock and going to replace them. I'm not going to complain as it don't cost me anything. As for everything else I want to get them taken care or as we may have another month or more of many parks being shut down to travelers.
  2. huffypuff

    Unusual tire wear

    Wear like that is cause usually by bad shocks or ball joints and/or king pins.
  3. That letter came from their Fresco, CA location where their main office is so it may be a California thing we don't know about. I'm not having problems with the local dealer as they gave me a appointment Monday to send it to Freightliner. This recall is from Spartan chassis. http://www.foodrecalls.net/vehicle_recall/8798/entegra-18v687000 It's a wonder this wasn't taken care of before I got it as the recall dates back to 2018. After it gets back to the dealer, they are going to replace all 6 proximity sensors on the outside wall because of recall from Entegra. Water gets into them and causes mirrors and dash to constantly flash. Then there is a large punch list I compiled for them to go through and fix. It's maybe there for a couple of weeks.
  4. I receive this email today Hi Raymond, The Entegra Anthem you just purchased has a recall on it. This recall prevents me from registering the unit in your name. This means that you will not be able to get warranty work done until the recall has been fixed. If you bring the unit to any of our stores and let them know you have a recall, we will fix it for you. Thank you, Taylor Cantrell File and Warranty Clerk 559-486-1000 ext 152 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  5. No because this erase the access code and the dealer 5 digit code.
  6. Entegra came through, the following worked for me. 1 Hold 5/6 button until it beeps 2 Hit 7 five times 3 Hit 1 4 Enter new 5 digit code 2x times in a row 5 Hit 1/2 for entry door 6 Hit 3/4 for baggage door 7 Hit 7/8 for both They also gave me instruction for reprogramming FOB but I didn't need to do that.
  7. I'm on the west coast coast and haven't finish my java yet.
  8. Yes, mine works the same way, press one to lock. 5 digit code 2 beeps then 1 to unlock.
  9. You manual and my manual both didn't help. It goes into learn but no confirmation beeps.
  10. I can't for the life of me find the gray wired push button end in the top of the dash. My first call to Entrgra customer support is tomorrow.
  11. I also have push button start and have to use process A to reset to factory. I have to turn the key ignition on and hit the unlock button to disabled the alarm first. Then find the button in the dash.
  12. That is the number the dealer was using and must be changed
  13. Yes and was tested on myth busters. Do you think a mask protect others if you sneeze through the mask? No it don't. Myth busters did mask, handkerchief, the hand and elbow sneeze test. All failed really bad except the elbow where the droplets stayed close by. It did really mess up the sleeve by the elbow but it worked the best. What ever you do don't hug that person as you will get it.
  14. The point I made is if they have symptoms stay home but if they don't know yet they only pass it on by what they touch. That why you have to constantly sanitize your hands and not touch your face. Also follow the six feet rule and if for any reason you have to sneeze do it in your inner elbow. After one sneeze and other symptoms stay the @#$$% home so you don't infect others.
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