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  1. Thanks for your additional information. We also considered disconnecting the toad on mountain passes. We have an Outlaw, a Class C toy hauler. Our first trip into the mountains was without a toad and we managed 45 mph on a steep grade, not too bad. If we get the Forester, we’ll just line up with the 18-wheelers and the gas RVs in the slow climbing lane. The Outlaw was fun, loved the deck, but we carried no toys. The Forester has the exact floor plan we’re looking for.
  2. Thanks for your advice. We’re going to change our focus to the super C. Years ago, we towed our 5th wheel with an F350 diesel dually. It easily cruised through those mountain passes.
  3. How does a class C motorhome towing a Honda CRV perform in the Rocky Mountains? I am considering the 2019 or 2020 Forester 3011ds with the Ford E450. I’m concerned with the elevation and mountain passes.
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