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  1. No they haven't, only about 50% of the time. I'll try your volt meter check when lowering the jacks. Thanks
  2. Thanks Bill. I wasn't aware that the jack system drew a lot of current. We do leave the engine running while operating the jacks, thanks. Looks like we're going to keep doing what we've been doing until I do some testing on the wire size.
  3. The voltage at the batteries is 13.6V, but I don't know where the pump motor is located.
  4. I have a 2021 Forester 3011ds. When setting up in a new campground I get a “low voltage” display when trying to drop my jacks. I have to plug into shore power or run the generator to operate the jacks. I just replaced the lead acid batteries with AGM batteries but the problem persists. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  5. Does anyone have advice for traveling I-40 in temperatures over 100 degrees? The recommended tire pressure on our 2021 Forester is 80 PSI, which we maintain, and we tow a CRV. The first leg of our route will be from Clines Corner to Amarillo. Thank you.
  6. My 2013 Honda CRV is flat towed with the Blue Ox and Patriot braking system. I make sure everything is turned off upon departure but the CRV battery was dead after towing for about 4 hours. I purchased a new battery. Can anyone give me advice on disconnecting fuses to protect my new battery while towing?
  7. Four weeks after I picked up my new, 2021 Forester 3011ds in October 2020, I found this firm bulge on the side. There’s another one on the other side, also firm. Since then, more flexible bubbles have appeared on the sidewalls but none on the slides. I also found this area on the front cap that looked like it had not been painted. My appointment with the dealership was on March 1 when all the bubbles were photographed, documented, and sent to Forest River. After weeks of back and forth communication between FR and my rep it was recommended that I take it to a dealership in my state that was approved for this kind of repair. That appointment was April 1st. After my motorhome sat on the lot for around 5 weeks FR determined that it was too expensive to have it repaired locally and picked it up on May 26 to return to the factory. Between serious chassis steering problems, which I won’t address in this post, and the above described issues, my motorhome has been in the shop 10 times. My husband and I love this unit but now wonder if it’s time to consider, for our protection, the Lemon Law procedure for our state. I have been documenting everything since November 2020. Thank you for any advice.
  8. We are no longer near that dealership but will call others in our vicinity.
  9. Thanks Richard. We bought our class C from Motorhome Specialist in Alvarado Texas. I don’t think they do anything with the engine but I will contact our salesman for recommendations. The Ford is under warranty but finding a dealership that will take a motorhome is the problem. The closest Ford dealership to where we are now is in Pueblo Colorado, 141 miles away, but we’ll call around.
  10. We made it to the campground so we’re safe, for now.
  11. We are in the Texas panhandle, just crossed into New Mexico, and we’re having trouble controlling our three-week old, 2021 Forester 3011. This model has the new V-8, 7.3L engine. The dash cluster reads “service advance trac”. When this comes up we lose cruise control, traction control, hill start assist, and most importantly, the steering becomes loose and wobbly, making it hard to stay on the road. When we stop and turn off the engine, the sensor resets and everything returns to normal. But when we get back on the road, in these Texas winds, it reverts back to the “service advance trac” message. We took it to a Ford dealership that services RVs and they said it might be the “steering angle sensor”. Right now the crossbar on the steering wheel is in the 8 and 2 position, rather than 9 and 3 (o’clock). The engine performance isn’t effected at all. We’re just trying to get to our next campground. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deanie (white knuckled)
  12. Thanks for your additional information. We also considered disconnecting the toad on mountain passes. We have an Outlaw, a Class C toy hauler. Our first trip into the mountains was without a toad and we managed 45 mph on a steep grade, not too bad. If we get the Forester, we’ll just line up with the 18-wheelers and the gas RVs in the slow climbing lane. The Outlaw was fun, loved the deck, but we carried no toys. The Forester has the exact floor plan we’re looking for.
  13. Thanks for your advice. We’re going to change our focus to the super C. Years ago, we towed our 5th wheel with an F350 diesel dually. It easily cruised through those mountain passes.
  14. How does a class C motorhome towing a Honda CRV perform in the Rocky Mountains? I am considering the 2019 or 2020 Forester 3011ds with the Ford E450. I’m concerned with the elevation and mountain passes.
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