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  1. DaJoLo, If I might ask, approximately how much was the hardware for your solution? I'm unsure about investing a lot in a 4G solution when 5G is "right around the corner". I understand the 4G equipment available today would not be able to take advantage of the faster 5G network. I suppose I have the same problem with the MiFi 8800L jetpack, but through FMCA, I get that for a penny. Granted, I understand that the Verizon service costs $600/year….. In addition, my research shows AT&T is excellent on the east coast, but not so good as you move west (generally, I know!); have you found that to be problematic? Thanks!
  2. When I log into the Verizon site, the actual MiFi device only rates two stars (limited number of reviewers). It's really the only thing that holding me back from committing to the Verizon plan (I need some type of on board WiFi capability since we are going full time in November). The comments on the Verizon site reference frequent data dropouts and connection problems. As is noted in the comments above, connections are highly dependent on the number of people accessing the network at any given time. Perhaps the commenters are using the capability for business purposes that would make ANY dropout problematic. We won't be using the service like that, but downloading movies and such would be annoying if the system won't stay up. I agree that Verizon has the best nationwide coverage. Are there other solutions I should look at before committing for two years? We already have unlimited data plans (thanks to the kids....) on our phones and that service is already provided by Verizon....
  3. Both original fasteners had indeed sheared. It was not clear why they had sheared (you cite three excellent causes); I noted that the same assembly on the driver's was side completely intact. Since I recently bought this coach used, I am not familiar with how this problem developed. Note that I added 3 screws in place of the two that had sheared.
  4. Thanks for all your insight. I fixed my problem this morning. I had my wife drive the coach while I observed what was going on under the dash. What I found was that the entire sidewall of the coach was moving relative the dash frame. I crawled under the coach to assess the attach points and what I found was that two screws had been sheared where the dash frame attaches to the sidewall frame. I had to go through the engine bay to get a good look at the frames, but you could clearly see the two missing screw locations and that the two frame parts had been moving relative to each other by the chafing on the metal. I drilled new holes (3) in the two frames and used self tapping metal screws to join the two frames. See the picture attached to see the final results. I test drove over a relatively rough road and confirmed the problem is fixed. Thanks again for your help!
  5. Thanks for the reply Rich! Fortunately, I AM pretty handy. Unfortunately, it's kind of cramped to get under there (6'3", 225!!!). I already added some angle brackets between the dash frame and dash board itself; seems like it had no impact on my problem. I'm going to pull out the passenger seat so I can get in there a bit more easily. What should I look for when I get in there? JK
  6. My wife and I just bought a 2014 Fleetwood Terra coach. We took delivery of the unit in Michigan and drove it 700 miles home to Delaware. During the drive, we noticed that the dashboard is loose on the passenger side and moved quite a bit (maybe a quarter of an inch?) when traveling over rough roads. There is also a noticeable squeak from that side as well. I crawled under the dash when we got home but can't figure out why the dash isn't attached to the underframe or how to reattach it. Anyone have any similar experience? Any ideas how to correct this issue? The good thing is I'm pretty handy with tools, the bad thing is I have no experience with this type of repairs.
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