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  1. I have been using the Tow Car Shield from Coastline Covers since 2010, and this is the best investment I have done so far. My Subaru Forester 2010 still looks like new after being towed over 30,000 miles.
  2. We've been flat towing a Subaru Forester since 2010 with no problem. No special requirements with the manual transmission.
  3. I have tried to participate to your survey but I am unable to complete it because I don't have a Zip Code, I have a postal code (I live in Canada). Roch Kingston, Canada
  4. We were full timers in 2009-10 with two young daughters (12 and 10). We travelled most of Canada, West Coast of USA, Mexico for three months and we came back home (Kingston, Ontario) through Texas, Louisiana, Mississipi, Kentucky and Indiana. This is the best thing we did for our children...and they are still talking about it.
  5. PinkArnold, I have been flat towing a Subaru Forester for almost 4 years now without any problem. Go for it. Roch
  6. I have been flat towing a Subaru Forester for 3 years using the Coastline Tow Car Shield and it has worked well so far. Have a look at the website mentioned by RoryTug.
  7. Last summer, we attended the FMCA convention in Madison as first time attendees and we were really impressed by the organization, the welcoming team and the variety of seminars and activities that were available to us. No doubt, the devotion of all volunteers and FMCA staff was widely demonstrated during this event and reflected the high degree of professionalism of FMCA. We were looking forward to this year’s convention but when we discovered it was in late August (27-30 Aug), it became apparent we could not attend. Our daughters , like many other teenagers, start school on the last week of August. After speaking with many families at the convention, several of them will not be able to attend as well for the same reason. I realize that the majority of FMCA membership does not have to comply with the return to school schedule anymore but the Governing or Executive Board may want to consider that the future of FMCA rests on the next generation, our children and our grandchildren. If we do not involve the next generation more actively and /or ensure their participation, we might encounter some problems to regenerate the membership in years to come. I would like to know if we are the only one thinking that way or if we missed something in the process…!!! I am still convinced that FMCA is among the best RV associations in North America and we cannot wait to renew the pleasant experience we had last summer in participating in a future FMCA convention. We will not do it in 2012 for the reason above mentioned but we will surely try to attend in the following years hoping that the dates will be more convenient. Roch Giguere F413141 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  8. I will be heading to southern Florida after the FMCA Convention in Perry, Georgia and my intention was to avoid Lake City due to restrictions at Wal-Mart. I can now put back Lake City on my list of potential rest stop. Thank you for the updated information.
  9. Try Coastline Cover Company: www.coastlinecover.com 800-216-1664 or 909-390-5341 They do all kinds of covers and custom work.
  10. I'm also looking for a Mexico Decal Map but also for a Belize and Guatemala..!! Help. Roch Giguere Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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