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  1. tmoning

    Chandler, Ariz., 2017

    FMCA's ''Rally in the Valley'' International Convention and RV Expo was held at Rawhide Western Town and Event Center at Wild Horse Pass, March 7 through 10, 2017. Here are the faces, the places, the cacti, the sunsets, the covered wagons ... the fun!
  2. tmoning

    Forum Basics

    You have to go to "Account Settings," which is two notches below "Settings." You had a large image of your coach in your signature line, so it was repeated at the bottom of all your posts. I reduced its size and made it your profile image, or avatar.
  3. tmoning

    Newbie Label On Forum

    Okay, that makes sense. Anyone who posts from one to 39 posts will be a forum "Member." Forty or more posts gets "Advanced Member."
  4. tmoning

    No Signatures Displayed

    Somehow, signatures got disabled. They are back now.
  5. tmoning

    Roadside Emergency Assistance Illusion

    The FMCA Roadside Assistance Program is for motorhomes. Regarding spare tires, this language is in the contract: "If a spare tire is not available, we will dispatch a mobile tire service company who will mount a like tire. Mobile tire service is not available in in all areas. Towing to the nearest qualified tire center will be provided if mobile tire service is not available. You will be responsible for all parts & labor fees." Closing this topic, since it seems to have drifted.
  6. tmoning

    Getting Rid Of The "Newbie" tag

    0 to 9 -- Newbie 10 to 29 -- Member 30 and up - Advanced Member If anyone had ideas for new names or post increments for these ranks, feel free to suggest.
  7. tmoning

    Adding Links to Text in a Post

    Hmm ... anyone else experiencing something like this?
  8. tmoning

    IM File usage

    I changed your storage limit. See whether that helps.
  9. tmoning

    FMCA User Name Change?

    Usernames can only be changed by an Administrator. I have sent a PM to amwilson1966 to coordinate this.
  10. tmoning

    Convention Program Offline?

    It appears to be working now. For the link and download instructions (for viewing offline), go HERE.
  11. tmoning

    Fridge Problems

    To add pictures: When replying, drag files to attach, or "choose files." See attached screen capture.
  12. tmoning

    Single Status Update?

    It looks like the single status updates were imported from Facebook or Twitter. They tend to clutter the current forum topics list. I've altered that setting, so you should not encounter them anymore.
  13. tmoning

    Now What?

    What about ad blocker ... are you using any? Spell check works fine on IE11.
  14. tmoning

    Now What?

    Go to your Chrome settings and disable all of your extensions, and then see if you notice any difference. If that fixes the issue, reactivate the extensions one by one to see which one was the culprit. Or, if you have some type of ad-blocking software running, that might be causing the problem. Disable it. I'm assuming you're using a recent version of Chrome. If not, you might want to update it.