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  1. Hi Folks, FMCA newbie (for about one year), and I have a question about the FMCA plates that we receive when we sign up. I'm talking about the oval black and white ones that go on the outside, with brackets, attached to the rear ladder. My motorhome is parked at my home, outside and in the sun every day. Recently the plate seems to be falling apart. What I mean, is that the paper is curling off of the plate and it looks very cheap. Next to it, I have a Good Sam plate that has been on the back, in the sun for several years, that still looks like new because it is not paper, it is heavy duty plastic. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a higher quality one available?
  2. Newbie to FMCA here. We had a beautiful Telstar 24' with a Ford 460 years ago. I had a "gear splitter" installed and it made quite a difference going up hills. What I always liked about the Telstar motorhomes was the conservative horizontal striping and exterior front shape. I'm not a fan of vinyl swirls and I wish the MH companies would go back to conservative horizontal stripping.
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