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  1. I just replaced the noisy aluminum mini's in my rig with day/night shades from Camping World. They were expensive believe it or not they were the least expensive on the net from there..that I found. Love love these..had them in my last rig and wouldn't trade them!
  2. Ernie looks like he knows his stuff! Wonderful photos. I didn't find anyone who did it in my area so put in the allure vinyl flooring from Home Depot with very good success. Easy to install, flexible and weather through our climate well.
  3. I too am searching for another flooring solution. My husband doesn't want to replace the carpet but it has stains from where the previous owners had that sticky carpet runner down. Everything has creeped so far but I was thinking about buying a carpet remnant and cutting it to fit all of the flat area in the coach as one large piece. Has anyone done this and with what success?
  4. Just bought this little beauty..am working on updating it. Would love to connect with others with similar rigs..
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