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  1. I'm still having this problem and have not figured it out yet. ...Ron
  2. Help. When filling my fresh water tank it should flow out the overflow vent once filled right? It would always do this. Recently when I filled it now it starts to expand the tank and practically lift it off it’s rest. Water does not flow out vent hose. I tried blowing into the tank thru the vent hose and it feels not plugged. I felt no restrictions. What could be a matter ? As a note my vent hose comes out of tank at the top on the passenger side end and then goes up about 12” around some parts of RV before coming back down thru a hole in floor. This is on a Forest River Berkshire. Thanks…Ron
  3. I have a question on air tire pressure. I have Michelin XRV 255 80 R 22.5. I read my chart that at 105 psi I can carry a total of 29,040 lbs. I'm I reading this right ? (9370 lbs each on the duals and 5150 lbs on the singles ?) Also what is meant by the cold air pressure? Is this when I should be checking and adding? to ensure I have a true 105 psi ? Thanks...Ron
  4. I'm from Canada. Does the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program apply to us as well? Thanks. Ron
  5. Problem fixed. It was a bad air dryer purge valve like you said. I ended called up Freighliner and hit the right person on the phone that day who basically told me what it was likely doing (two other tries had people on the phone saying other things as well). He gave me the part number and $15.00 later I'm back in business. The valve was about the size of my thumb and easy to change. Thanks for all you help. It was excellent to narrow in to my problem without costing me a arm and a leg. And to boot F/L even was going to as good will fix it but it would of cost more in fuel to drive it to a service center. ...Ron
  6. Well everyone, I finally solved why my coach batteries were not charging sometimes. It was a loose marret on a wire in a junction box at front of coach. Taking all your suggestions and possible causes we kept trouble shooting. The problem as we documented it seemed to be that 90% of the time it would only happen when the gen was switched on. Several tests on the auto transfer switch said it was doing its job from using shore power although we still did not have the rear air working. We then started tracing back from the generator. The gen was producing the proper power coming out of it. Tracing the wires from it to a junction box on the firewall near the gen we opened it and as soon as we moved the wires in there bingo the problem found. Seems part of these wires going to the transfer switch were also wired to run the rear air conditioner etc. This wiring set-up thru everything also sent power to the inverter/convertor to charge the coach batteries. So as we traveled in the coach the loose wire would bounce on and off with its poor connection and sometimes work and sometimes not. Anyhow we are as back in business and I can't say enough thanks to those whom added their input on this forum. By having others add opinions to a problem it challenges one to think and rethink. Again thanks. Ron
  7. Thank Sailwing. Yes for for the cost would be a quick fix and or a part to rule out if it continues. Now a dumb question. Where is the D2 governor located ? I'm fairly sure I can change it once located. When having to crawl under the coach its hard to see things from having to look up. Would it be located on the dryer itself ? Thanks Ron.
  8. I spoke to Tom at Haldex in Kansas City MO.(the air dryer manufacturer). Tom claims I have either a bad compressor unloader and or a bad governor. He said that the air dryer is only doing what it should do when it rec air to it and that is to purge it off. He thinks it's working fine when I explained what it was doing. He said he would check these 2 items first. Does that make sense Brett? You mention a bad air dryer purge valve/check valve. Are you meaning the same as what Tom said? (I have a Haldex Purest Air Dryer OEM # N4253J.) Thanks...Ron
  9. Thanks Brett. I intend to have it looked at now. Ron
  10. Thanks Brett. Yes I do still have 120 volt power to everything in the coach except the rear bedroom air cond it seems. The only thing going on is the batteries not charging but when running a jumper they will charge. This occurs on both shore and gen power. Recently when checking it over it started working for about 20 minutes then quit again. Between myself and my brother yes we feel safe working aorund 240 vac. Thanks Ron.
  11. I have a 08 Forest River Berkshire. Twice in the last 6 weeks my house batteries were not charging. The charger comes from the Magnum Energy MM-RC 1212 convertor/inverter the unit has next drawer to the house battery drawer. What seems to be happening is that the Magnum is not getting AC power to it. I used a jumper (ext cord) and by feeding AC power to it from another source it charged. This leads me to believe the MM-RC 1212 is working fine and that I might have problems with my transfer switch (IOTA ITS-50) Has anyone else had this happen? I’d hate to spend $ on a another transfer switch if there is a easy fix here. I took it to my dealer and of course by the time I got there it was all working fine. They played with it and found nothing wrong and charged me $298. One thing to note here is that when I had the problem twice now I also have no rear air conditioner working. Forest River people think I have a bad coil in the transfer switch however over the phone and everything working fine it’s hard to trouble shoot. FR also said something about my air and that it would not work. Appreciate any feedback on this. Thanks...Ron
  12. As I drive down the road in my 2008 Forest River Berkshire (XC-R chassis - Freightliner Custom)it will sometimes (recently only) blow off air at about 10 times around / and seconds apart. The unit should always blow off some air while driving under normal conditions. However recently it will go about 10-15 times and within seconds apart. While driving and hearing the air blow off I do not seem to be losing air as the gauges are at normal (about 125 psi). I drain the tanks monthly. If the unit sits a week etc the tanks don’t lose much air. I'm thinking it might be the air dryer ? The maintenance on the (Haldex Pure Air Plus) it is every 36 months for a filter change. I have not done a filter change yet as my mech (retired diesel mechanic) said due to the low miles and my driving conditions etc it is still ok. He was planning to change it next spring. I think I will change it in short order and then see what conditions still exist. Has anyone had this happen or heard of it? Appreciate any input. Thanks Ron
  13. Are there dealers for M&G systems in Ontario Canada ? This unit sounds very effective and easy ?
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