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  1. Check out http://www.rampagelift.com/ where we are staying now there are two here both on Chevy Silverado pickups with crew cabs. One is using it for gold wing, the other for a HD trike. One man operation. BTW you will have to trade the CRV for the pickup. Hope this helps.
  2. My response was in reference to the op that he stated " a complete overhaul was needed to the tune of $20,000.00 by the Cummins shop. That I would think would be replacing everything.A Cummins shop would not leave any part to chance. I don't think a comparison of an 283 to a 600 Cummins is practical. These engines can and will pass debris from a failed cylinder back and forth to other cylinders as I have seen over the 45 years in the transportation industry.
  3. The reason is, the dropped valve face/head will not fit between the piston and the cylinder head. Thus the piston gets broken up, the rod may be bent, the bearings get mashed, and the crank becomes questionable. Further, the liner Is damaged, the head destroyed, all that debris is pushed out the exhaust and intake holes and swallowed by the other cylinders and I can't tell you the damage to the turbo and the intercooler as well. When you look at all the damaged parts most failures leave you with an undamaged cylinder block. Hope this answers your query.
  4. Yes, 84 to 684 to 87/287 then take 287 into NJ. Follow 287 south to US 9, then onto Freehold. No NYC at all, you'll be crossing the Tapppen Zee Bridge. You know about the expensive tolls right? Safe trip
  5. We have an Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter on an 05 Travel Supreme Envoy 38 DS04. last time we had it on inverter the voltage on meter that plugs into one of the outlets was off the scale, way over 130 volts. The same meter pluged into same outlet is 120 volts when on shore power or the gen set, or when at home port on 30 shore power is also 120 volts. We only use the inverter when on the road. checked house batteries for proper water level and they are ok. they are only 1 year old. This has only come up on our last trip. Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks Gary
  6. When going thru Ga. on I95, the best is the Ga. Pig, on US 17 right off 95, just south of Brunswick Ga. Little shack type place but the best.
  7. Planning a trip in August to the Outer Banks. Any suggestions for a place to stay for a week?
  8. We had our home up in the Pocono's and I would tell you that the trip on 209 above I80 is a 2 lane, low speeds 25 to 45 max all the way to I84. It takes you thru The Water Gap National park. I agree with the route of I81 to I84. I would not take 209 if you wanted to make time. Just another opinion.
  9. Interesting, based in the middle of the "Bible Belt" and can't understand why a chapter would have religious overtones attached to it?
  10. I'm wondering why a tire would burst when filling with air? Did you check it for a defect: bubble, bulge, etc. was the tire driven on for a distance with very low or no pressure at all? If a tire has been run with as little as 20% less then normal air it should be checked by a pro before it is used/refilled again. When a tire is run low it suffers very severe construction abuses, steel cord fatigue or breakage, side wall flex/separation, etc. This Is info I have gained from over 40 years in the trucking industry, and too many hours spent in truck tire seminars/trainings sessions. Just my thoughts, Gary
  11. Thank you all for your very informative responses. The glowing recomendations have also helped me to make a decision. I will let you all know which one I choose and why when I make the puchase, thanks again and Happy New Year to all, Gary
  12. Thanks Gary for the reply. I will continue the research on this as I think it is a very important system that should not be looked at too quickly. Gary
  13. Thanks Dean & Herman. I will look into the the M&G systemas well. It is a bit cheaper and being from the trucking industry, I kinda like the air brake system installed in the toad. Thanks again, and any more replies, pro or con will still be welcomed. Gary
  14. Happy Holidays to all. My question is this: does anyone have info/experience with the US Gear braking system? Sounds like a more extensive type of system and maybe a bit more control. Any info would be welcomed. Thanks Gary
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